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Damn Disney Movies

Here’s my first submission for SoMa Week 2015! 

Warning: This fic contains spoilers for Disney’s Big Hero 6. If you haven’t watched it, some things may not make much sense (I also recommend watching it ASAP because it’s a fantastic movie). Otherwise, Enjoy!

Soma College AU: Day 1, Geeking Out

It was starting to appear everywhere.

On her computer, her bed, her clothes– hell, even her phone case –the little white blob man was infecting his girlfriend’s dorm.

Soul Evans certainly hadn’t expected this kind of reaction when she and their friend Patti had gone to see that animated Disney movie a couple of months ago, especially from someone as no-nonsense as Maka Albarn. Yet, he finds himself glaring down at the little marshmallow-man plush doll nestled between the various pillows on her bed, wondering how his girlfriend thought it was “cute”.

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