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olltii livestream 9.17.17
  • he’s at hash swan’s house!! smoking hash swan’s cigs!!
  • hash swan is out of the house
  • olltii wants people to stop uploading his lives on youtube unless they pay him for it
  • he and hash swan drank a shit ton of alcohol yesterday
  • olltii took 10 mins to write the lyrics to the new song,, the CJ company told them to send the lyrics by the same day so he says the rappers had very little time to write the lyrics
  • olltii recommends watching don mills on mic swagger
  • olltii said hash swan’s dog bit his credit card and he asked if it’s ok to spit on hash swan’s computer screen
  • the comments told him not to and he goes “wow i didn’t know there were so many hash swan fans on this live.. i’m sorry.. after his dog destroyed my credit card i guess i would’ve made a big mistake to spit on his computer screen… i’m sorry.. /sarcasm
  • someone asked if olltii can tell young b to do more lives and he said “you tell him! leave if you’re gonna talk about other people on my live”
  • he said he wanted to have green hair since he was 7 and now he finally!! got!! to!! do!! it!! 
  • olltii was watching hangzoo do his interview when he said “i will give money back to my mother” and olltii started to cry and then the screen turned to the kakao pay and olltii realized it was product placement and olltii’s emotions all went away
  • during woo wonjae’s performance they kept showing woo ung jae (the parody from SNL) and olltii got annoyed
  • when choiza made soul food for team DyDu while preparing for 1/N there was apparently chicken product placement and olltii got annoyed at that too
  • But olltii says if he ever gets asked to do product placement , he will do it gladly AHAHAH
  • olltii paid for his grandpa’s cancer surgery and he’s alive!! :)
  • olltii still refuses to stop drinking and smoking
  • he called hash swan cute!!
  • hash swan arrived in the comments and told him to meet him to eat lunch
  • olltii said they aren’t secretly dating but publicly enjoying 
  • olltii said hash swan is picky with food, like a child
youngboppang 8.31.17 livestream
  • young b eating squid in his room.. where they filmed 7indays!!
  • theyre promoting 7indays;; go watch it everyone!!
  • he gets offended when someone says it looks like he didn’t wash his hair: “i washed it a few hours ago!!”
  • olltii copying young b’s diss rap

bromanceshmomance replied to your post “How do we know that they shared a milkshake?? Are there any receipts?”

i believe that the woman who served them at the window told her daughter (who was a fan) that louis had ordered the milkshake or at least took it from her and drank out of it and then passed it over to harry.


wasnt gonna post this but ok