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bromanceshmomance replied to your post “How do we know that they shared a milkshake?? Are there any receipts?”

i believe that the woman who served them at the window told her daughter (who was a fan) that louis had ordered the milkshake or at least took it from her and drank out of it and then passed it over to harry.

we’ll get that Tour Experience all over again only this time it’ll be to stay up until ungodly hours watching harry sing his heart out through bad quality livestreams where he’s just a blurry speck and liveblog the concerts and have a million new photos and videos to reblog every day

The1OO s4 & Clexa, aka Do NOT watch the1OO live

Theloo is about to return and it’s business as usual, total media blackout, no hashtags no attention (good or bad). Even more important, DO NOT watch live on thecw/stream it on their site/stream on netflix/etc. If it’s legal it’s helping them. If you believe the ‘bait’ (more on that on a second) and must watch, there are several quality livestreams that will be passed around before the show airs.

Any scenes (if they exist) where they mention Lexa/Clexa WILL be uploaded within minutes.

On to the bait. I’m bringing this over from twitter:

Remember all those spoilers about Clarke mentioning Lexa? They may or may not be true, but what is certain is that they’re bait for Clexa shippers to watch. Remember in season 1 when Clarke&Lexa’s first kiss was spoiled in a promo? (’Peace talks’). And in season 2 when apart from Clexa being heavily hyped, Clarke & Lexa’s first time was also spoiled in a promo? (Not a coincidence, a pattern.) We knew Lexa would be in the finale MONTHS in advance, apart from the queerbaiting, we knew many Clexa shippers would tune in just to see Alycia as Lexa one last time.

Same thing happening here. The1OO doesn’t have anything good going for it that would make a good case for renewal. Izombie is as good as renewed, and theoriginals has good things going for it if they want to retain their tvd viewers now that that show is ending. What does the1OO have but bad ratings (not abysmal…yet) and heaping piles of bad articles by reputable media outlets. (It made Variety’s worst shows list…heck, even the United Nations for Women had an article about the BYG trope with Lexa as its face).

Meaning, they are on the chopping block, one step from cancellation. The only thing they are hoping for is great ratings, and for that they need people. Clexa shippers were those people, and since they threw us out like trash along with Lexa, what do they have left? Baiting. “Of course Clarke will say she loves Lexa in the first episode. You’ll finally get to see her grieve!” If you give them views for the first eps you’re letting yourself be fooled and guaranteeing the same people who mocked us, called us bullies, told us to get over ourselves, baited us, and for a whole year played with our feelings for monetary gain, another season. And no one wants that.

Do NOT watch live.

Do NO stream on their site.

If you want to watch, there are HD LIVESTREAMS online.

Don’t give Jason a season 5.

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do you think it's the quality of the livestream that's making his voice sound weird??? he literally sounds like hulk and i'm scared

no, liam has been talking with another voice / accent since the promo started. i think the only time he spoke with his voice was when he was with grimshaw


Kiyoharu AmebaFRESH!Studio show 「新 ・清春ノ帰ノ為」
livestream from September 2nd

Guest: Arimura Ryūtarō (Plastic Tree)

Thanks to Delkmiroph for recording and providing the clips.
Gifs made by me (Jellyfishromance) ~

Don´t delete the caption. Thank you!


Haikyuu!! | Team Karasuno