quality is poor

26.4.2017. // 12:43pm

I think I’ll skip the gym today and go tomorrow. My sleep quality has been rather poor in the last weeks. Might be because I’m mentally exhausted - I’ve only spent a single day at home this month. This weekend I’m also not at home, going again to the husband. If I have the opportunity, then I don’t want to miss it. But I’m sooo tired. D: We might go to the zoo tho…sold myself for a zoo visit lmao.

ANet released a trailer for episode 5. I’m so happy that the episode is coming on May 2nd, right after the weekend. (: Just pls don’t kill the lesbians, for whatever reason. ._. Keeping my fingers crossed for a second expansion <3

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I always feel like I've been cheated of my sleep when I fall asleep with the light on lol idk why, it just feels wrong

Same. Like, I know that I’ve still slept, but it feels poor quality and just plain OFF when you wake up with the light still on, and can’t remember the time, date, year, country or anything about your basic existence except confusion…

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i dont have a real reason. something to do w feeling like i know them on a more personal level if they have a tumblr, and they seem more human. it feels less like im a customer taking a random chance on a store that may just send me poor quality goods from china, and more like an exchange between two real people that arent trying to scam each other

If you’re particularly drawn to disturbing content, look up Robert Helpmann’s Daisy videos.
Discretion is advised, even from me. Unfortunately the quality is poor and the videos are short, but they’ve gained some popularity despite the faults.
Somehow that doesn’t detract from how upsetting some might find them.


I made this for my own amusement and entertainment.
Of course tomorrow the place will be plastered with better quality captures, but for tonight, whoever need this, feast your eyes on freshly Misha Collins pictures.
Even in low resolution this man is killing me.
Now, the mandatory cold shower after the manipulation of Misha… Pictures.
Ok bye


When People Don’t Believe That You’re Disabled - Rikki Poynter

“Disability does not care. You can be 25 years old and then one day you wake up and your hearing is gone, or your sight is gone, or you are just in a crap ton of pain.”

[Gif set of ten gifs of Rikki Poynter’s video “When People Don’t Believe That You’re Disabled” (5:13-6:06)]