quality is blurry on this one because of the original video

This is something I really have to say, as several posts of the last few days really shocked me. Please, all you Cumberfans out there, please help me to rehabilitate my faith in this Fandom. This post is an appeal to some so called fans out there, who literally have started a campaign against Sophie Hunter and in the end against Benedict himself. Please, please, please… listen to your heart. Do you really think it is right what you are doing right now? Come on! Cumberfans are clever people. You are no people who do this kind of cyber mobbing against the family of your idol! But hey… let’s start from the beginning. A few days ago I found this picture on Twitter (The red wording I have added myself, but the white ones are from the original poster). The picture came with a very unfriendly rant against Sophie, saying that it is all her fault because Benedict looks like that. Well… to be honest, it might probably not be easy with her right now, hey, she’s pregnant! Have you ever been with a pregnant woman? Believe me… that’s hell! On some days! ;-) But that’s absolutely normal. What is not normal, is the fact that there are people out there who think they can judge the life of a complete stranger just by the look at a blurry picture. So why does he look like this? Well, in the first pic he was wearing proper MakeUp. In the second one, too, but he is in caracter! Sherlock is a pale and thin person. A rosy face colour just does not work for this character. Also, the picture was taken from meters away and then enlarged afterwards. Not a very good quality. And in fact, if you have been following the shedule Benedict had during the last days (and I’m sure you did, as you are good fans), you will know that the Sherlock Scenes were filmed during night and also in the early morning. But at the same time, Benedict had to attend the Bafta Events. So he probably did not get a lot of sleep during the last weeks. But not because of Sophie… No! Just think a bit, do it, because you don’t have “funny little brains”. I know you are clever people. He looks tired, because of his shedule and because of the fact that he’s attending these celebrations to please the fans. He’s filming Sherlock, because people keep complaining they have to wait too long for the next season. But at the same time, they are also complaining that he’s turned down the role in “Lost city of X”, or they are mad because they have to wait so long for the Doctor Strange Movie. And people are complaining when he’s not attending all red carpet events. In fact, they are even booing and laughing at him when he’s in a hurry and just can’t please everyone, because he has appointments with the press (because people demand interviews and newspaper articles). Today someone posted this video and well… what can I say. I’m truly sad and shocked about this. Fans don’t behave like this! They don’t hoot! The people in this film are just part time fans who want to have their autograph or selfie at any cost. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYL9zzuaqAU&sns=fb&app=desktop  

Yes…. this is really, really shocking and just so so sad. What do you think Benedict will think of you now? What will he think about the whole fandom now? Would you come back to these kind of people and be kind to them after what they have done to you? Think about it. You woul not, because you are proud people, just as our Benedict. And in addition, what would you do, if you would find out about these anti Sophie Campaigns in the Internet, which are also basing on most rediculous facts (she’s looking at us like at pesants! Sorry… what?!?!? When you are standing 20 Minutes and longer in the flashlight, of course some pics of the 300000 Photos don’t turn out very well. Especially when you set back your hair. Yes, then your chin rises up a bit. Give it a try! But does that mean you think that other people are your pesants?).If you would find these comments about the person you love the most, what would you do? Yes, you would defend this person and you would hate the haters. Can you see what you are doing? Come on, you are clever! I know it! You are pushing Benedict further away then ever bevore. You will see. I’m sure in the future his contact with fans will be less and less. But it’s not because of Sophie, it’s because of the fact that some just don’t respect him as a human being and treat him like their own property. Please, please, please… think about it. Please stop doing this. There is so much hatred in the world, don’t be a part of it. 

And if you think the same and want to show that the Cumbercollective, Cumberfans and Cumberbitches are respectful fans, then like or share. Please spread the word. We are no maniacs, we have brains and we respect others peoples lifes. Especially the lifes of the ones we like. Benedict I like you! And I’m sure 99% of the Fandom is behind you and also behind Sophie and your family. <3  


Hey everyone! Rachel (adoringezria) and I have come up with the idea of a project for Ezria, to show our love and support for them.

Our idea is to make a video full of Ezria shippers showing their love for our favourite couple!

There are just a few things you have to do:

1. You can either take a picture of yourself holding a sign saying, ‘I love Ezria because…’ (for example: I love Ezria because they are cute.)

Or, if you’re artistic and you enjoy drawing Ezria, them send us some of your fan art! We’d love to include these, too, so if you’ve a picture of Ezria you’ve drawn, then either take a photo or scan it and send that in too! (Please note that this is only hand drawn photos, no digital edits).

You can do BOTH a sign and a drawn picture if you want :)

2. Then, send the picture to this e-mail adress: 
ezriaproject@hotmail.com with EZRIA PROJECT as the subject :) or you can post it on Tumblr and tag it with: #ezria project
Also, don’t forget to put your url in the e-mail as well so we know who you are!

When we have received all of the pictures, we will:

1. Look at them all and decide the sequence. Please try to get your picture to be the best possible quality. Pictures that are blurry or hazy, or ones where the sign is unreadable will unfortunately not be included.

2. Then we’ll begin to put the video together! It would be great to if you guys could send either me or Rachel song suggests for the video. Anything that reminds you of Ezria or anything that you think fits to Ezria and their story is great :) Rachel and I will look at all the suggestions and pick our favourite!

The conditions:

1. It has to be a picture (please try to keep them unedited) of you holding a sign saying: ‘I love Ezria because…’

Please try to write clearly (you could always type and print out the sign if you want) and like I said above, try to get the best quality of picture possible :)

2. If you’re sending fan art then please make sure that it is your own, ORIGINAL work. We don’t want stolen work from other people.

Please reblog and spread the word around tumblr! We want this to be a really great video, showing how much Ezria love there still is despite how tough season 4B has been!

If you have any questions then don’t be scared to ask me or Rachel on our blogs and we look forward to seeing all of your pictures!!



anonymous asked:

hey baelor, what are some tips when it comes to gifmaking in general?

idk let me just list my pet peeves about bad gifs?

  • if a gif looks bad don’t post it……………. like i have not posted gifs before because i couldn’t make them look good
  • brightness/contrast, color editing, # frames, canvas size, gif options can ALL affect how good a gif looks. sometimes slight tweaks to several of those will make your gif looks good and fit the 1mb size better than just being like ok let’s edit only brightness/contrast until it fits. they all affect each other
  • also only make gifs the exact widths: 500, 245, 160px nothing else..
  • some people like double sharpen or something because the sharpen-artifacts look sharpenened..
  • and shadows shouldn’t be sharpened if they are it looks like there’s a white line and there obviously shouldn’t be..
  • personally i screenshot each frame and paste it into photoshop one-by-one by hand. idk if people are lazy and have a program do it for them but sometimes frame rates mess up and you have to select which frames to use in an organic way, not just have a program pick every other frame which can select in-between interlaced frames and stuff..
  • and aspect ratio can get messed up too and that bothers me SOOO much like a gif that should look like this:
  • looks like this:
  • don’t post that shit
  • what else um omg yeah people think like they can only have a certain number of frames and stuff? you could have a gif that’s the biggest size possible and have 100000 frames if they’re all just blank.. there’s no fixed quantity you can or can’t have
  • also on the topic of frames don’t take EVERY frame take every other frame or every third frame.. that way you can fit more of the content instead of just having a character’s mouth saying one word in like slow motion and the subtitle is a pararaph..
  • and on the topic of frame rates, make it natural and matching the original video speed of motion.. it’s usually 24fps or 30fps, not like 3 frames per second
  • every gif will look kinda grainy because of dithering so you should try to get rid of graininess before making the gif……….. which can be helped with increasing the contrast
  • lol when something leaks in bad quality don’t go making bad gifs of it………………………….. wait for good quality to make gifs
  • and honestly don’t watermark your gifs unless it’s your own content you’re gifing…………………………………………………

omg and ready i’m about to unleash some hate on the fake 3d gif trend that still explicably comes back every once in a while

  • we’ve all seen them
  • (source) FAKE 3D GIFS ARE MEANT TO BE AN ILLUSION. it’s supposed to look like a normal gifset until something crosses the white bars and you’re like OH THAT’S COOL IT LOOKS LIKE IT’S COMING OUT OF THE PHOTOSET
  • but the most important thing is you retain the ILLUSION.
  • so the bars HAVE to be exactly 1/3 and 2/3 of the way across (or exactly ½ if you’re making it look like two gifs instead of three) AND THEY HAVE TO BE 10PX WIDE!!!!!!!!!! i’ve seen too many where the bars aren’t in the right spot and aren’t 10px wide SUCH AS
  • that doesn’t look like a real photoset that something comes out of, it looks like a bad 3d photoset and there is no illusion
  • next, photosets are automatically expanded whereas single pictures are not. so if your fake photoset is uploaded as a single picture, and looks like this on people’s dashboards:
  • and you have to click to expand it….. you guessed it, THE ILLUSION IS BROKEN
  • finally, it’s supposed to look 3d, meaning this:
  • makes no sense. the bars could not physically be in that position both behind and in front of the car and road, so don’t make a gif of it.. it only looks good when there’s a purpose like this:
  • (source) and it makes physical sense BUT PEOPLE DON’T kNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING SO STOP LOL

no one outside of tumblr makes good gifs

finally it’s pronounced gif not jif and the fact that you have to spell it jif to indicate the wrong pronunciation proves this

i hope you enjoyed those unbiased, eloquently-written general beginners gifmaking tips (:


Hawks convention, day one!

Photos - so normally I would have deleted the especially crappy ones, but they feature Kaner or Sharpy looking hilarious despite the blurry, shitty quality, and they paint a picture of…what was going on there, so I kept them in. SORRY. ….enjoy

Video - here’s the second half of Kaner’s Second City sketch, which was basically five minutes of Kaner dick jokes. I didn’t get the first, because I wasn’t really registering that this was, in fact, happening to me. It’s not awesome video quality seeing as how I do not have a proper camera/was busy laughing, but uh, it’ll tide you over until better videos surface, hopefully.

There was also a really nice moment at the end of the Second City sketch, where an audience member posed the question: “Will Patrick Sharp be in Chicago next year?” and the audience oooooohed. So they had to start down the line, and the first person goes: “Honestly” (I think that was the word they used, not 100%) and Kaner was second, and his word was “yes”, so they ended the sketch there. Sharpy was grinning (I think? I was staring at Kaner) and clapping, and Kaner was cracking up at some of Sharpy’s responses in the line, so maybe they have made up, if there was something to…make…up…for.

ANYWAY, beautiful first day. Kaner wore a hat, looked attractive (?!), did his own sound effects, walked all Matrix-y, the Captain took a selfie, and Kaner tweeted a picture of said selfie in-progress. That’s really all I need out of my conventions.

ETA BREAKING NEWS EDIT: I have been informed that it was ‘actually’ instead of 'honestly’.