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✿Send this to 10 other bloggers that you think are wonderful. Keep the game going, make someone smile!✿ ily, Stefy, chatting with you makes my day, your sense of humor gives me life, and your sims are the reason I am a fangirling mess. Oh, and I always look forward to some quality memes you post

omg not gonna lie this made me tear up a bit, I love chatting with you too Airi❤️🌚 I can’t wait for more of your content and I’m still waiting on more story spoilers and ok now I’m talking too much ILY

A sort of a giveaway.

I have this extra deck wallet that I made, that doesn’t look very good.

We had a fight.

And since I don’t want to take it apart, I figured that somebody might not be as picky as I am and still want to use it! 

And some of my favourite crystals to compensate!

The wallet works perfectly fine, it’s just not a quality that I could sell, and I don’t have a use for it. As you can see, it has adorable snails on it.

See what a mess I made when I was trying to sew it? When it’s all closed up it looks good, I just struggled a bit too much here, haha.

So, if you would like:

  • This not-quite-perfect deck wallet
  • and some crystals!

Just reblog this post, and I will pick a winner to send these to! Rules, because I like rules:

  • International winners are welcome
  • don’t tag as giveaway
  • don’t reblog more than once a day cause that’s super annoying
  • only reblogs count
  • You have to have your ask box open
  • Only reblog if you actually want it okay?
  • I think that’s it.

We’ll let this last for a week. I will pick a winner on April 19th!

*deck not included*


So this is something I’ve been working on over the weekend. It’s dirty so if you don’t like spanking and dirty talk, this isn’t for you.

WARNING: Mature content

You were being ignored and you were also extremely horny and needy which didn’t go good together. Harry was in the home office doing god knows what and you had barely seen him all day apart from the quick breakfast together this morning and then he had locked himself in those four walls. You had agreed with yourself to give him time to do what he needed and then you would interrupt after a couple hours. You had given him plenty of extra time to deal with business and now you were just growing increasingly impatient by the second. You had checked your emails, read a book, cooked- everything you could think of but nothing could take your mind off the throbbing discomfort between your legs.

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Hey here’s an illustration I had done for an exhibition about the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales. Yeah it’s a bit creepy:) I wanted to go for a painterly look with this one, I’ve been inspired by Goya’s wonderful paintings (the image is really big so tumblr messed up the quality).

It comes from a tale called “The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn what Fear Was”. Here’s the part that inspired me: “And as the wind knocked the hanged men against each other, and they moved backwards and forwards, he thought to himself: ‘If you shiver below by the fire, how those up above must freeze and suffer!’ And as he felt pity for them, he raised the ladder, and climbed up, unbound one of them after the other, and brought down all seven. Then he stoked the fire, blew it, and set them all round it to warm themselves.”

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Why is that image cursed tho?

when that image was first going around, a tumblr user started making little fake screencaps for it like it was an animated show called “miss officer and mr truffles”. the drawings were so popular on tumblr, that they decided “hey why not try to make a show about this”

they started a kickstarter to create a pilot that they would pitch to studios. 

but looking at the short animated segments they have, the quality is pretty amateur and not fitting for a television series. 


this is probably because the person behind it was just a teenager, and another bit of drama involving the animators. animators claimed they were were treated like shit, terminated and not paid for not having a fast turnaround despite having other full time work.

basically the whole thing was a huge mess and now is up there with dash con in the category of: “when someone says ‘lets make this a real thing!!!’ in a tumblr post, dont fucking do it”


Frank Iero and The Patience | Acoustic Set | Baltimore, MD | 4/22/17

-Frank talks about singing “25 Minutes to Go” to Miles until he realized it’s kind of a messed up song to sing to a child

-The Patience trying to play playing a bit of “2.5mg Just Ain’t Enough For Me,” and Frank being sassy when we applaud.

-A fan asks about the EP coming out (I THINK), and Frank gives an estimated release date. 

(I’m so sorry the quality is shit. I was trying to film without looking and, ironically enough, the acoustics for the acoustic session were AWFUL). 

S. M. I. L. E.

Title: S. M. I. L. E.

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff/F!Reader

Additional characters: Wanda Maximoff, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Clint Barton, mentions of Vision and Laura Barton

AU: No superpowers/superskills; Everyone lives a normal life

Word count: 6,300+ (oops)


Additional tags: Barton!Reader. Athlete/Runner!Pietro. Jealous Pietro. Bucky is a dick – albeit a really helpful one. Wanda (and Steve!) ships you and Pietro REALLY hard.
Summary: Pietro wasn’t jealous. He’s really not. He just didn’t like the fact that you seemed a bit more keen when Bucky flirted with you. Mostly Pietro’s pov.
Prompt: “Stop smiling at me. I can’t stop messing up my words when you look at me like that.”

neurotic a/n: I’m sorry this is so late! Also this is my first time writing xreader story/one-shot (which suffered a lot of rewrites), so I apologize in advance for this tale’s quality. Pietro may be ooc…? I don’t know anymore. *is sweating bullets*
(proper) a/n: This is for @bionic-buckyb​‘s 5k AU Writing Challenge. Hope you like this, Kait!

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10 Things Only SEVENTEEN Stans Understand

Calling all Carats! Can you believe that it’s been two whole years since these 13 beautiful boys debuted? Ever since we all slipped into the diamond life, it’s been a pastel-inspired, laughter-inducing, inescapable rollercoaster ride. And quite frankly, I don’t think any of us want to ever leave. Here’s to the all the happy memories with SEVENTEEN!

1. “Dino, whose baby are you??”

Literally any chance he gets, Jeonghan will torture Dino with this line, and will continue to do so until Dino reaches his thirties. I know they say a mother’s love is unconditional, but this is taking it to a whole new level.

2. Joshua’s epic freestyle raps

Although he may be in the vocal unit, it’s obvious that Joshua was born to be a rapper. But because nobody in the hip hop unit can match his flow or his rhymes, Pledis was forced to make Joshua a vocal for the sake of group cooperation. So until the day that his mixtape is released, Carats should watch this glorious video to tide themselves over.

3. How so many of the members have doppelgängers

Jun really resembles Super Junior’s Heechul, Suga of BTS could be Woozi’s father, The8 looks like a cousin of GOT7’s Bambam, Vernon might be the long lost nephew of Leonardo DiCaprio…need I go on? It’s like they were all cloned from the same lab or something.

4. Hoshi’s undying love for SHINee

Hoshi has been acknowledged by an idol who inspired him, something that any fan dreams of. This is proof that with enough hard work, your idols can be your rivals. Bless this interaction, and bless Hoshi’s adorable fanboy heart.

5. That iconic picture of Woozi with the guitar

Despite his…compact stature, Woozi is not to be messed with under any circumstances. Warning: his aura alone is enough to have men much taller than him cower in fear. See Exhibit A above, featuring a distressed Mingyu.

6. Vernon’s incredibly quotable one-liners

“Kidney function is not a right; it’s a privilege.”

7. Their high quality English

With two fluent English speakers in the group, it’s only natural that the other members might pick up a bit of the language. Watch as SEVENTEEN hilariously tries (and often fails) to put their English skills to the test. In all seriousness, they’ve shown a lot of improvement in their English since their debut, and I’m very proud of them.

8. Germy Mingyu

Mingyu’s sneezing has been chronic since his predebut years, yet he has shown no signs of recovery. Whether he’s sneezing into his hand or in the general direction of the other members, Carats couldn’t hold back their concern about Mingyu’s health. I hope he at least has hand sanitizer now…

9. Logos constantly covering Jun’s face

Please don’t let him be the idol version of Mike Wazowski. But since Jun has been getting more opportunities to shine in 2017, I’m inclined to let this one go.

10. Wonwoo’s impressive acting skills

Although Jun may be the child actor in SEVENTEEN, Wonwoo could easily make a name for himself in acting as well. He may seem quiet much of the time on broadcast, but the moments when he does speak are something to behold. Also, I would like to sign a petition for Wonwoo and Sohye to star in a drama together, please and thank you.

Happy second anniversary to SEVENTEEN!


23 of My Favorite Korean Movie Recommendations

This is Esther, also known as areumdw, at your service!! Although it took quite a while, my movie recommendation list is here~ I TRIED to pick movies that are less well known, and I also TRIED to mix up the genres and release years a bit. I know I’m lacking in some areas, but please take a look and choose a movie to indulge in! I promise they are all worth watching! If you have any questions feel free to message me, and I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT if you could send me a message after watching a movie I’ve recommended. Well then, have fun~~

1. 과속 스캔들 (Speedy Scandal) 2009 : Comedy, Family

This movie is one of my favorite movies, as it is my go to comedy! The storyline of a top star having a hidden child keeps you on the edge with thrill, yet the love within the family warms your heart like no other~ (the interactions between Cha Tae Hyun and Wang Suk Hyun are just hilarious)

2. 광해: 왕이된 남자 (Masquerade) 2012 : Historical, Drama

I remember when this movie was on it’s way out, I just couldn’t wait. The storyline isn’t something new (a commoner taking the place of/impersonating a person of the higher social level), but the Lee Byung Hun’s flawless acting of two different personalities just won me over. It was really hard to believe that the two different characters were played by the same man.

3. 변호인 (The Attorney) 2013 : Drama, Law

Okay, I’ll be honest, I had no interest in this movie, and only wanted to watch it, because Siwan was in it, but guess what? I freaking loved it. He actually isn’t the main character, but all of the actors’ acting in this movie was on point (as were the tears). It really just takes your breath away and leaves a hole in your heart. **This movie may make you sad and angry

4. 국가대표 (Take Off) 2009 : Sports, Drama

Ah yes…this movie… This was one of the first movies I watched in a Korean theater, and I walked out with a warmed heart. The story follows a man and his national ski-jump team on self improvement, trial and error, and success, but trust me — this movie is quite heart warming (I still get the flutters in my heart when I listen to the OST). The actors were very on point here. 

5. 써니 (Sunny) 2011 : Comedy, Drama

I first watched this, because my aunt was raving about it, but soon, it was me who was raving. The storyline was originally meant to target people in their middle ages, but the actors and comical storyline soon filled the hearts of many generations~

6. 포화속으로 (71: Into the Fire) 2010 : War, Action

Yes, TOP is like one of the main characters, but that is not why this movie is on this list (mostly). Remember when everyone was crying over “Taegukgi”? Well I was crying over this one. If “Taegukgi” was about brotherly love, this was more about friendship and youth. **This movie may make you sad

7. 월컴 투 동막골 (Welcome To Dongmakgol) 2005 : Drama, Comedy

The story centers around soldiers from both South and North Korea living amongst common villagers during a war, yet the comical relief is added with one of the villagers being an insane girl (Yes, Haru’s mom!). I watched this movie when I was pretty young, but I still remember it being lots of fun~ **This movie may make you sad

8. 관상 (The Face Reader) 2013 : Historical, Drama

Did I say Lee Jong Suk? Well yes, he’s a character in this movie, but what you should really be interested in is Son Kang Ho (also the main character in “The Attorney”). All the actors in this movie are a class A, and they do a wonderful job of portraying a story of what happens when you try to mess with destiny. (Did I mention that the antagonist here is freaking scary?…Maybe it was just me..) **This movie may make you sad

9. 늑대소년 (A Werewolf Boy) 2012 : Drama, Romance, Fantasy

Yes, the typical story of a werewolf falling in love with a human girl, but even if you’re sick of it, please help yourself one last time, and watch thisNot only are the visuals like a fairy tale with Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young (also in “Speedy Scandal”), but the storyline is also heartwarming and at the same time heartbreaking. **This movie may make you sad

10. 도가니 (Silenced/ The Crucible) 2011 : Drama

Now this is one heck of a serious movie revolving around tragic truths. I originally watched the movie because of my love for Gong Yoo, but came out as a person wanting to be fully aware and educated about the injustices in the world. The movie is about trying to save hearing imparied children from being physically and sexually abused, so please refrain if you’re uncomfortable with such graphics. **This movie may make you sad and very very angry

11. 오직 그대만 (Only You/ Always) 2010 : Romance, Drama

Once again, what got me interested in this movie were the actors, and yes, I wasn’t disappointed. The melodrama revolves around an ex-boxer and a girl who starts to lose her sight, highlighting the struggle to keep the love and relation ongoing and unfading. It’s just simply a very beautiful, lovely watch~ (seeing rough So Ji Sub act all soft for Han Hyo Joo was just…really hot)

12. 앤티크 (Antique) 2008 : Drama, Comedy, Thriller, Romance

Yes, this one’s a little hard to label under a category, but never the less, it is still a good film. It’s about a man who was traumatized as a child, and as a result, opens up a bakery in order to cope (his recollections bring up the thrill part in the movie). It was based off a Japanese manga, and it really isn’t hard to tell. From the breathtaking pastries, to the scary thrill, to the awkward yet funny comedy, to the gay romance, this movie has it all (did I mention the cuties?)

13. 집으로 가는 길 (Way Back Home) 2013 : Drama

I first watched this movie, because my parents suggested I should. The plot seemed a bit too much on the boring scale to me, but I was wrong. It was my first time seeing Jeon Do Yeon acting, and she did a wonderful job of portraying the heartbreaking story of a woman trapped in a foreign country without a way home. Being an immigrant, I could highly relate to this frustrating plot, and it made me realize how important having your family by your side is. **This movie may frustrate you

14. 비상 (Flight/Fly High/Emergency) 2009 : Romance, Action, Drama

Okay, either you’ll love this, or you’ll hate it. In my opinion, it’s a really nice romance with the right amount of action and tragedy. Being a person that loves all things sad, I loved the storyline of an innocent guy falling in love with a girl at first sight, and tainting himself as he tries to help the girl recover from an accident. If your favorite character from “Boys Over Flowers” was So Yi Jung, you will most likely fall for this movie (like I did). **This movie may make you sad

15. 7번방의 선물 (Miracle In Cell No. 7) 2013 : Family, Comedy, Drama

The plot of this movie revolves around a quite serious issue relating to the false conviction of a mentally impaired man, but it is done with the perfect amount of comical relief, that you have to remind yourself that it isn’t a comedy movie. The flashbacks are done so seamlessly that they blend in perfectly, and I don’t even have to go into how amazing all the acting was. Each character has such a big impression that my family and friends were imitating them for weeks after the movie. **This movie will make you very very sad (This is the famous movie EXO was crying to during Showtime)

16. 클래식 (The Classic) 2003 : Romance, Drama

Ah yes, this is quite the classic of Korean romance movies. The storyline is of a girl who one day coincidently opens up a box of her mother’s love letters, and discovers the story of her first love. The setting constantly switches from present to past, but what’s really cool is that both the mother and daughter are played by the same actress. The twist at the end is just immense, so go ahead and watch the so-called Korea’s version of “The Notebook”!

17. 명량 (The Admiral: Roaring Currents) 2014 : Historical, Drama, Action

Walking out from this movie, I felt like I needed to be very proud of being Korean. The levels of my patriotism skyrocketed, and the same happened to all those who had also watched. Having been oppressed by the Japanese back in the days, Korea highly respects General Lee Soon Shin, who played a major role in battles against the Japanese. This movie perfectly outlined not only his wise tactic and strategies, but also his great qualities as a leader. The tension is great in this movie, as is the visuals and amazing cast!

18. 크로싱 (Crossing) 2008 : Drama

This story is the story of a father and son, whose paths keep messing up. A North Korean father leaves to find money for his family, but while he’s gone, his wife dies, leaving his son to set foot on his way to find him. Although I watched this movie quite a while back, I still remember the heartbreaking moments that were reflected in the film. Although it’s probably not nearly as much, this films shows a small bit of the hardships of North Koreans. **This movie may make you sad

19. 말아톤 (Marathon) 2005 : Drama, Family

Following the personal journey of an autistic man, and his struggle to overcome his illness, “Marathon” does a great job of touching your heart. For the main character of this movie, running is his life. The film takes you on a life journey, and takes you behind the struggles of a man, who eventually overcomes his setback, with the support of his family and his coach. Although this topic can be a bit heavy and sad, the director does a great job of adding in the comical relief, and the acting skills of the actors are sure to have you sucked in.

20. 어린신부 (My Little Bride) 2004 : Comedy, Romance

Some people have fantasies of arranged marriages, but unfortunately in this movie, it’s a nightmare. The main character (who is still in high school) is forced to marry a man in his twenties, because of a grandfather’s wish. The poor girl goes to hide the fact that she has a husband, and even tries to date a fellow senior at school, but slowly she begins to realize that she actually does love her husband.

21. 아저씨 (The Man From Nowhere) 2010 : Action, Thriller

I’m sure many of you know this famous movie, but I just wanted to include it incase some of you don’t. I personally love it when men go through a bunch of obstacles and hardships to protect/save women, and although in this case it was a little girl, it was still more than satisfying. Won Bin’s actions were beautifully justified in this movie, enough that almost everyone was aching for an ahjussi in their lives after the release of the film. On top of his acting, Sae Ron also did a fabulous job on her part, amazing me how well such a young girl could act. 

22. 오싹한 연애 (Spellbound) 2011 : Romance, Horror, Comedy

If you haven’t realized already, the one genre I cannot do is horror, and this movie is as close to horror as I will ever get. The main character constantly sees ghosts during a day to day basis, which prevents her from having a normal life. She loses the joy in her life, yet goes to see a magic show regularly, hoping she will find some joy. Here, the magician putting on the show is left to wonder why this woman never smiles, and let’s his curiosity drive himself to her. This movie does an amazing job of combining the three genres of romance, horror, and comedy, perfecting the thrill with the jump scares, and the laughs with the comical reliefs.

23. 집으로 (The Way Home) 2002 : Drama, Family

Do you guys know of the really hot actor named Yoo Seung Ho? Well this was when he was a little boy of the age nine. Despite being so young, Yoo Seung Ho kills the acting of the spoiled city boy stuck in a country side with his mute grandmother (It’s almost as if it isn’t acting…). Although the grandmother does not say a word throughout the movie, her heart just speaks to yours through her actions, and as it melted her grandson’s heart, it will also find its way to melt yours. This story is so heartwarming, and it will help you to reflect on how you’ve been to your family, and see to it that you are grateful for the ones around you! 

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How do you keep your picture quality so good?

hiii thank you!!! 

for my interior gameplay shots i use photoshop to edit them. i don’t crop them because i don’t understand tumblrs dimensions and find it just lowers the quality if i try to! but when i put the pic into photoshop this is what i do:

  1. first i’ll change the curves by RGB, then just blue separately as sims is veryyyyy yellow and warm toned so i like to balance it with a bit more blue.
  2. then i’ll usually up the brightness just a little 
  3. i’ll increase the vibrance quite a bit depending on the picture 
  4. finally i’ll add a photo filter and switch between warm & cold to see what i prefer
  5. after i’ve messed with the adjustments i’ll just use topaz clean & topaz denoise, then a little ‘unsharp mask’ which i think is what makes my edits look high quality
  6. sometimes i’ll use this lovely action by @cupidjuice
  7. finally i just save it as a png!

if you’re curious about my sim edits i have an (old-ish) tutorial here

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can you write a jealous Newt imagine? i feel like he'd be super nervous and he wouldn't know how to handle it and just fluff!

Fluff is a common theme today. But your wish is my command, prepare for jealous!Newt
61- “Are you jealous?”
You and Newt were probably the most efficient couple in Europe. He would run off into the city to do his research, while you would answer letters about his progress to the ministry.

He would get himself scratched up while working in the field, and somehow, with you’re mediocre nursing skills, you’d always piece him back together.

Your relationship was a well oiled machine, so far without any breaks or hitches, a reputation you were both proud of.

So when Newt discovered something that could potentially throw a wrench in the engine, he tried to shove it away as much as possible.

The ministry had sent for a young man by the name of Montgomery Brown (or as you called him, ‘Monty’) to order to report on your progress and allow you two to continue. Since he was an official with the ministry, the two of you spent a lot of time around each other.

So he couldn’t help but feel a smidge of competition.

He was undeniably handsome, with his tanned skin and fancy green eyes. He was the kind of guy a girl like you should be with. Not him.
But he couldn’t help but feel a little sore whenever you would playfully touch his arm, or spend casual time with with each other, rather than him.

Of course he thought about confronting you about it, but he wasn’t exactly one to speak from the heart easily, or let anyone know how he feels. Plus, Monty was his superior, any rash decisions, and his project would be dead.

So he just stood by, and trusted you wouldn’t try and act upon the handsome new guest.
“Monty can you come in here?” You called from your paper, unsure of how to compose the next line of your report.

“You need help of any kind?” He came into view, sipping a mug of black coffee and running a hand through his hair.

“Yes, actually I’ve been rereading this document all morning and I can quite understand it enough to respond. May you take a look?” Monty, without warning, snatched up the paper and started scanning over the lines.

Incredibly, a half a second later, he placed it back on your desk and started explaining it to you.

Newt watched from afar in the living room, watching your eyes light up in realization and laugh. Oh, you had such a sweet laugh, and the fact Monty was the one receiving it, made something inside of him snap.

Newt quickly stood up and balled his fists, effectively crushing his papers in his hand. But his anger vanished almost immediately, and it turned to sheer awkward tension.

You and Monty looked over to Newt, who was obviously struggling to find something to say.
He relaxed his muscles, and let his shoulders hang instead.

“I’ll be…umm, in my workshop if anybody needs me” he barely murmured, briskly walked off to the bedroom.

“That was strange” Monty observed, but returned to the document uninterested.
“Yes, yes it was”

Something was troubling your boyfriend. Was he upset with you? Was it something you said to him?

“Was he worried about the project being cancelled?”
You wanted him to feel comfortable, but lately, as you’ve inspected, he’s been quite the opposite.

Ever since Monty arrived, he’d been a little detached, removing himself from conversation, and generally speaking less.

“I’m going to see what’s bothering him”
You walked into the bedroom, and found Newt’s open case lying on the bed.

You carefully stepped in and, not wanting to make a ruckus, tip-toed down the stairs.
“Newt?” You call, weakly.

“Newt I need to talk to you” You opened up the work shop door and wandered into the forest area of the endless briefcase, finding your boyfriend with his back to you, cradling a Bowtruckle.

And he seemed to be speaking to it.
You approached him as inaudibly as you could, trying to eavesdrop on the one-sided conversation.

“Pickett, am I being massively unreasonable? I’m positive she’s upset I’ve been so aloof lately”
“Oh I’m sure she’s not” you speak up, causing Newt to jump so high, Pickett nearly went flying.
“I-I didn’t hear you come in” he fumbled, trying to calm down the Bowtruckle.

“What has you so nervous lately? Have I done something to make you uncomfortable?”
He shook his head wildly.

“No, no you could never. It’s just…personal conflicts I’ve developed.” Newt walked forward and took your hand, intertwining his fingers with yours.

“The day I agreed to be with you is the day I agreed on to be apart of your life. Tell me what’s the matter, and I’ll help”

He stared down at your hand, smiling slightly, rubbing his thumb over your knuckles.
“No really, it’s not something to concern yourself with. It’s my problem, not yours” You retracted your hands back, sending a hurt look his way.

“Newt I want to help you…why won’t you trust me?”
“When were you going to tell me I’m not worth it anymore?”
“That’s not what I-”

“I’ll leave you to your work” you bit, immediately regretting the tone of your voice, but you turned away anyway and climbed back out of the case.
You all sat on the bus in uncomfortable silence, the three of you somehow squeezed onto a seat clearly meant for less.

Newt held his case close to his chest, as if it was the only thing grounding him.
You leaned up against the window, biting your nails unconsciously.

And poor Monty was squished in between the both of you.
“So…how long until Prague?” Monty attempted to break the tension.

“Too long.” You replied simply, crossing your arms over your chest.
Monty let out an exasperated sigh and rubbed a hand over his face.

“Ok…(Y/N), may I speak to you in the back?”
You looked over to Newt, who would not meet your eye, infuriating you even more.

“Of course, Monty” you slid out of your seat, climbing over your boyfriend without difficulty, however caught a glimpse of shame in Newt’s expression.

You caught up with Monty in the back, but just as you approached him, the bus lurched and you stumbled forward into his arms.
Now a clumsy mess, you stare up at him, and notice how his arms are wrapped around you. You look back at Newt, who was holding back a scowl.

Then it all became clear.
How quiet he was whenever Monty was around.
How when you spent quality time together, he was nowhere to be seen.
This wasn’t a professional matter.
This was an emotional matter.
Newt was jealous.

You felt your heart flutter a little bit.
Newt was the last person you’d expect to be the jealous type, but here you stand corrected.
It was kind of sweet.
You pushed off of Monty and straightened your dress.

“You needed to speak to me?” You muttered, keeping your mind off your jealous boyfriend.
“I actually had to tell you that this will be my last stop with you two. I’m going to take the next stop and go to the airport, I’m taking a flight back to London. I’ve decided I’ve had enough…of your progress to report to the Ministry”

“And…we’re set to complete the expedition?”
He sighed a little, but met your pleading eyes and smiled.
You smile and brush your hair behind your ear.
“Thank you sir…it’s been terribly nice to meet you.”

“And you Ms.(L/N)”
One awkward handshake later, you were back in your seat with Newt, now feeling a tad more sympathetic.

“Newt…are you…jealous? Of Monty?” you shift so you can look him in the eye. He gave you a confused look, and fidgeted uncomfortably.
“You’re my girlfriend, I trust you wouldn’t have acted on Mr. Brown. Even if his looks are superior to mine.”

“Stop that, you are in every way superior to that man. You’re smart, and passionate, and charming” you scoot over to him and rest your head on his shoulder, hugging his arm to your body.

“Why would I lie?”
He smiled to himself.
“…I do trust you, by the way. I just…have some trouble making myself understood, especially when you’re in the balance. Do you forgive me?” He smiled meekly, as if afraid to hear the answer.
“Of course, I love you, and only you.”

He looked down at you in disbelief, realizing that was the first time you had said that to him.
“You…you do?”
“Yeah, I do”
He kissed your forehead softly, and pulled you in closer to him.
“You know I love you as well”
“Oh of course.”

The rest of the bus ride into Prague didn’t seem so long after that, and you two entered the Czech Republic hand in hand, never wanting to be apart again.