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Scarlet Savior pt.4

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Some of them said you were born gifted; you were able to magnify every single perception, from luck, to your own feelings. Others, that you were damned since the very beginning; you could also bring the worst from every single thing, every single person, even about you. However, you saw your powers as a part of yourself, a part that, like a silent virus, was infecting your own sanity. Cheating!Bucky,

Warnings: Angst. 

Words: 4383

A/N: Reader has the ability of detecting emotions and magnifying everything she wants, yet she can’t control her own feelings. I don’t even know how did I manage to finish this, I started writing the chapter from the end. My writing quality is getting worse. I’m so fucking sorry, for real. Just one more chapter to go, hope you guys enjoyed this.

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His constantly hot skin wasn’t planned to be pressed against yours. He wasn’t even supposed to be there lying next to you but on the bone breaking couch across the room. Yet, Bucky was sleeping by your side like a little kitten, finally finding peace and fullness while having you between his arms. He got you back. He got to feel you again. A soft smile was decorating his features, making him look 10 years younger. Making him look like the day he realised he didn’t have to hide from nobody anymore. Making him look like the cheeky man who sat opposite you the day he took you out just to declare his attraction to you, figuring out it was reciprocated afterwards.

Yet, you felt nothing. Of course there was this numbing after sex sensation that calmed your muscles and freed your mind, but that was all. You felt satisfied, but you didn’t feel the need of his presence anymore.  You just wanted that king size bed for yourself and take a long nap before waking up and kick life’s ass. But we can’t have everything, can we? So you buried your face on his chest and nestled your body towards him like a teddy bear. It was so natural, so meant to be done when you both were together. For him, you were the little kid that made the soldier feel loved, and he was the brave man who had the duty of making you feel safe.

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RvB Rec Day: June

I’m usually only selectively angsty, but we’re hitting a new grimmons renaissance in season 15, and the theme seems to be angst!

Here are some of my favorite fics from May.

The Things We Left Unsaid by @anneapocalypse - When you can’t ask the questions that matter, you aren’t going to get the answers you want.

A follow up to the infamous episode 6, Simmons tries to talk to Grif into going with them, but Grif doesn’t want to talk. Pain. 

You, I quit by @piratesimmons - Simmons doesn’t want to make a decision, but it looks like Grif and the others are forcing him to.

This fic explores what might have been going through Simmons’ mind in the moment when Grif quit the team. Beautiful character study. 

consequential by @bloodmulch - “Listen, Grif, do you… not like us. Me. Did you mean it?” He repeated, voice going squeaky, just slightly.

Another follow-up to 6, this one starts with the idea that Simmons stole a ship to go back for Grif. Every line hurts and it’s going to be three chapters. Quality emotional angst. Both of them are really hurting.

Offer Me Your Hand by @riathedreamer - …and I’ll take your whole arm.
Grif and Simmons have an argument. And, somehow, things get far worse from there.

If you like whump and hurt/comfort, this fic has it in spades. Grif and Simmons are captured and stranded in enemy territory. Injured and exhausted, they have to rely on each other to get back home. There’s a close call every chapter. I love it. Poor Boys. 

Pillow Talk
by Yin -  A collection of assorted Grimmons one shots.

Some fluff to soothe all the angst. And a few S15 tag one shots as well if you’re like me and can’t get enough. XD