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Oregon is burning and I’m ducking heartbroken. Multnomah falls, historics sites, old growth forests, gone, gone, gone.

However, that’s not what’s important right this moment. We can mourn later, PDX. What is important is this number right here.

An AQI of 246 is classified as VERY UNHEALTHY. This means that perfectly healthy people can have serious health effects from this level of pollution if they do not take precautions. Children, the elderly, asthmatics, and people with heart disease are at serious risk in these conditions.

Darlings of PDX and other effected areas of Oregon, it is IMPERATIVE that you stay inside, if at all possible. I have a friend that STILL has bronchitis from the last time we were dealing with high levels of smoke and that wasn’t even this severe.

If you cannot stay inside, you need to understand that painters masks or a cloth over your face WILL NOT HELP. You need a mask rated for N99. This means that is filters out 99% of particulate that is .3 microns in size. This is extremely important because smaller particulate is more harmful to the lungs and many masks are not rated for it!

Amazon sells both disposable 3M N99 masks and reusable N99 Vogmasks, both of which can be ordered with overnight shipping.

Please, my dears, take care of yourselves! If at all possible, remain inside. If not possible, wear masks that will actually protect you.

I’m so worried about all of the homeless in Portland right now that may not have either of these options.

“Tweek x Craig” was a Gay Love Story All Along

Tumblr is rightfully spazzing over South Park’s “Put It Down,” but in light of the episode, I want to talk about “Tweek x Craig” instead. It’s not the show’s finest episode, but it might deserve more credit than I’ve been giving it.

The traditional read of “Tweek x Craig” is as follows: Tweek and Craig are shipped together by their entire town, even though neither is gay. The only adult who admits he is unhappy about the situation is Craig’s homophobic father, Thomas. Tweek and Craig are bothered by the pornographic fanart of them and stage a breakup so they won’t have to see the pictures anymore. Their dramatic breakup breaks the heart of the whole town; even Craig’s father wants the two back together. To make the town and their parents happy, Tweek and Craig pretend to be a couple, and the sun shines once again.

Read this way, “Tweek x Craig” is an unhappy story about caving into societal expectations; the parallel to this would be a story celebrating a gay man getting a beard to maintain a sense of normalcy. But this interpretation is predicated on the assumption that Tweek and Craig aren’t gay. While both boys say they aren’t gay at different points in the episode, giving the assumption credence, we never outright learn what they’re thinking. If we assume the opposite, that both boys ARE gay, “Tweek x Craig” is unequivocally a love story. Let’s put it in simple terms under the cut.

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September 2007, Willow Creek: Louisiana 

Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile 🍂🌆🌰  Part 1

So what do you get when you start listening to undertale orchestrated music-

Ahhh I really like @classycloudcuckoolanderclasso‘s undertale x south park au and couldn’t resist! Also I’m lazy with coloring and Undertale art is comforting ;w; But like idk, what if Tweek’s arrows are like Undyne’s spears but they’re all the opposite directions- you know those yellow spears she has-

I had to redraw Craig and- I’m never gonna be happy with him- what is a Craig Tucker-


I put on my mask and went down to the water, because sometimes you just need to experience things. Be a part of whatever is happening, no matter what it does to you. Sometimes you just need to feel like you’re not so completely isolated that you have no idea what it looks like outside of your own four walls and the limited views from your windows. Sometimes you just have to experience.

{to those not in the know, Vancouver is currently surrounded on all sides by enormous forest/wild fires in various parts of BC and Washington too. it is surreal and apocalyptic. not many people seem to even be paying attention. Vancouver’s air is usually extremely clean and smog free; these were taken a full 2 ½ hours before sunset, notice the position of the sun. no filters/editing.}

{please don’t remove my words}