quality communications

the first half of that last cupcake scene will go down in history as a classic Danvers Sisters moment, and the second half will be collectively forgotten to rot in the pits of failed storytelling and characterization 


You were ‘good’ once. Why did you cross the street?”

“I didn’t. I just realized there are no streets.” 

peak quality science communication is those indoor bee hives some nature centers have where the hive is enclosed and everything and is basically like a commercial bee hive but the sides are transparent and the exit is a pipe out the side of the building so the bees can just live their lives as normal and people can watch them and ask questions. which one is the queen?? where are they going???? where is the honey??? are those things babies???? you can ask the staff and they will teach people of all ages about the bees living their lives quietly in front of ur eyes in real time. that is peak quality content right there

you know it’s possible to criticize nerd culture without praising/romanticizing jock culture right

like the whole crux of any worthwhile criticism of nerd culture is questioning that those are like, The Only Two Ways A Dude Can Be, that dudes gotta choose either football or warhammer 40k, either IRL hypermasc posturing or pretend fantasy hypermasc posturing

like the criticism should be “nerd culture actually is rife with many of the negative qualities of the sports community which it supposedly eschews” and not “jocks are good, actually,”


Diagon Alley - Store Fronts

((OOC: Remember that time I went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London? Well, I finally downloaded the pictures so prepare yourselves for a mini spam))