quality clothing


got my strong men shirt from @aileshops. i’ve actually never bought a shirt from redbubble before, and this is an all-over print. the shirt is kinda nylon-y like fitness clothing. quality is good. makes me feel strong, powerful, and sexy. so basically it helps you lie to the world when you wear it.

my birb isn’t feeling well right now so i’m chilling with her as she hopefully recovers.

please buy @aileine‘s stuff, she is a gift to the fandom.


This is obviously Liv and Robert being all proud Mill owners, watching how Aaron is very enthusiastically (well, the Aaron equivalent of it anyway) reviewing the results of their home improvement skills.


I read ererifanatic asking for nerd!Levi and jock!Eren and I couldn’t help to draw them. 

Not really the tutoring prompt but maybe in the future I’ll draw it haha