quality brushes

Now we know where the booboo came from!

Yeah. Mort isn’t very nice. He’s not particularly interested in how he gets people in his belly… as long as they’re alive enough to squirm he’s happy. What an ass.

Speed  was the name of the game for this page, since I’ve gotten behind on  posting. I think I’ve balanced slightly lower quality, with brushes and  techniques that will continue to increase speed…
The next few pages should be completed faster anyways since they decrease in panels after 23.

I do need to go back and fix Noah’s size on this page. I think he ended up a little small… >>’

my professor, a professional artist: “oh yeah i always buy high quality brushes and make sure to take special care of my brushes i keep them in their own kit and i use special brush cleaner and i make sure they dont get frayed and”

me, a gremlin, shoving every brush i own into a plastic bag, every single one of them is stained bc i use them for acrylic and watercolor and gouache without care, every one of them is frayed and probably came from a cheap art store kit too: “what”


highlight of chapter 1128 for me tbh

Inktober 3! I think.

I loooooooove Sapphy’s hair, it’s so fun 😍she’s such a princess!


Starting my second day of painting the text for “Bobbin, the Bold”, and I have lots of help. Ninja inspects my selection of brushes and Thumper is here to remind me to not leave my brushes in the water.

I haven’t taken any courses in painting (yet), but thanks to my mom (who has taken many classes and is very good at painting) I have access to some quality brushes.

The one that’s become my favorite with the lettering and scrollwork is this 1/8 dagger striper brush. The super steep edge makes a really clean line.