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“I live in my dreams — that’s what you sense. Other people live in dreams, but not in their own. That’s the difference.”


So I finally got I new computer!! and obviously the first thing I had to draw with all the new brushes I could get was the love of my heart, Neil ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

This is from @nekojitachan‘s Heartlines since I’ve been wanting to draw him with his wolves for a while (it describes them essentially like maned wolves which is rlly clever cus they look like a cross between foxes and wolves but are actually their own species which rlly cool)

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Hi! Big fan of your fics! They're always so good and make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. If you're still taking sick fic prompts, could you do “You’re not looking too hot" with Jason and Bruce please?

High fevers suck. That is all I have to say about this.

Why am I here?

He doesn’t even mean it in an existential way. For once, it’s not a question of why did I get a second chance? Why did the universe bring me back? It’s just a confused, curious question.

What am I doing in the Manor?

He hadn’t been here when he’d… gone to sleep? Gone on patrol? What had he been doing before he woke up here? Jason doesn’t like the way his memory muddles together and stretches thin over the last twenty-four hours. He’d been fine yesterday, he’s sure, and all he knows is that now he’s not.

His head is pounding, each throb making the world blur and spin a little. It makes walking down the staircase difficult, but he manages. Just. Even if he has to collapse sit down on the bottom step for a few minutes and just. Breathe. Be still.

He almost doses off like that, legs stretched out, leaning against the banister. Startles back to awareness, groaning when it cause pain to slice through his head, at the featherlight touch of a hand on his shoulder.

“Jay?” a voice murmurs. Bruce. Jason doesn’t want it to be Bruce. He wants it to be anyone but Bruce. He doesn’t want to see him. He doesn’t want to fight right now. Doesn’t want… want…

He wants. Wants his dad to make it go away. The headache, the dizziness, the way the world just doesn’t make sense. It’s almost like he’s been drinking but he hasn’t and it’s so much worse.

“Bruce?” It’s not a sob. It’s not.

Bruce has this surprising way of reacting to distress. Not like he responds to other emotions. It’s like that special combination of almost-tears and near-panicked, choked pleas hits his ears and a switch is flipped. He knows exactly what to do.

Or maybe it’s just that Jason is his kid and his kid needs him.

He tugs Jason into a hug, curls a hand around the back of his neck, stroking a little with his thumb. He says, “Shh, it’s okay, Jason, you’re okay.”

Jason shakes his head. Regrets it immediately. There’s so much pressure in his head that he thinks it’s going to explode. The pain is seeping into his nerves, spreading through his body until everything aches. “Hurts,” he says, not even caring that tears are streaming down his face and soaking into Bruce’s shirt. Something silky and expensive and utterly ruined.

He feels thirteen instead of twenty, all of a sudden, sick with the worst sinus infection he’s ever had and missing his mum more than ever. He feels fourteen and almost delirious from fever, writhing in sweat-soaked sheets and calling out for Bruce. He feels fifteen and dying. Burning from the outside in and the inside out. In so much pain and none at all. And all he wants is a parent to hold him and make it all go away.

Bruce pulls back slightly, cups Jason’s face with one hand and brushes his bangs back with the other. He hisses through his teeth. “You’re burning up,” he says. “You should be in bed.”

“No,” Jason groans because he doesn’t want to be thirteen or fourteen or fifteen, he wants to be twenty and fine. And twenty-year-old Jason doesn’t want to be here. Twenty-year-old Jason doesn’t want his dad. Twenty-year-old Jason is fine by himself. “‘M okay. ‘M leaving. You can’t… can’t stop me.”

“You really don’t look so hot, Jaylad,” Bruce says, hands rough and gentle as they card through his hair. Jason is still leaning against his chest. He wants to leave but doesn’t want to move.

It occurs to him, through the weird shimmering quality brushed over the world, that Bruce was surprised to find him here. Alarmed that Jason was half-conscious on his staircase. Which means Bruce didn’t find him like this on patrol and drag him home. Dick didn’t, because he wouldn’t have left Jason’s side. Tim would have reported to Bruce. Damian would have had to call someone big enough to carry Jason.

He has no idea how he got here. Just that he’d woken in his old bedroom and panicked. Thought dad instead of Bruce and home instead of Manor. Words he hasn’t associated with this person or this place in a long time. Too long.

He starts crying all over again. Harder, this time, hands coming up to clutch the back of Bruce’s shirt. He doesn’t know why, doesn’t know where all these tears are coming from, and it just makes him cry even more.

Bruce rubs his back. Up and down along the bumps of his spine, just like he did all those other times Jason was sick. It’s soothing. Comforting. Coaxing him to relax, melt bonelessly against his dad. “You don’t have to leave,” Bruce says, quietly, like he doesn’t want to break whatever this moment they’re having is. “You can stay. We’ll take care of you.”

It’s tempting. To let Bruce pick him up and carry him to bed. To let him tuck him in and stroke his hair until he falls asleep. To let him bring him tea and soup and that disgusting cherry flavoured medicine Alfred always has on hand. To let him read to him when he can’t sleep. To let him care.

Temptation is dangerous. A setup for disappointment.

“I’m fine,” Jason reiterates.

Bruce squeezes him. “If you’re sure,” he says.

But when Alfred finds them twenty minutes later, Bruce is still hugging him and Jason is still letting him. Eyes closed and breaths even, somewhere between sleep and awake, caught between memories and reality. He’s starting to think that maybe he found his own way here. That he’s feverish and his head hurts and he wants his dad to make him better.

But Jason isn’t thirteen or fourteen or fifteen anymore. He knows Bruce can’t fix everything, can’t heal every injury or cure every illness just by being there. Jason’s head still hurts and the world is still fuzzy. He’s still confused and miserable and sick.

But. He isn’t alone anymore. And maybe that makes the rest of it bearable.

He’s still not going to let Bruce carry him back up the stairs though. He can walk.

I love this stained glass window at the end of the 1991 animated Beauty and the Beast, and how you can see the main servants (and Frou-Frou!) whom we have come to know through this film.There’s Cogsworth toasting a glass of champagne or wine to the young couple, Lumiere posing dramatically, Mrs Potts holding up a full tea tray (she’s stronger than she looks, our Mrs Potts), Chip tugging on his mother’s skirts, and finally Babette/Plumette down below Mrs Potts. 

We can share my bed (Steve Rogers x Reader) 2/6

Summary: Steve is thrown out of the flat by his ex-girlfriend and immediately “given shelter” by you, his best friend. How are things going to work between the two of you and what happens if you start getting closer?

Warnings: Fluff, Cursing, little bit of sexual tension

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader / Bucky x Reader (platonic) 

words: 995

Originally posted by lolawinchesterr

As Steve opened his eyes he needed a few seconds before he realized that these were not his typical surroundings. Turning his head to the right where he saw the picture of you and him standing on the bedside table he remembered everything that happened yesterday and threw his head back into the pillow simply groaning. 

“Good morning to you too sleeping beauty. I hope you had a delightful sleep?” 

He immediately raised his head and looked to his left where he saw you sitting at your desk probably working on a new project you had to do for college. 

“My head is hurting like crazy.”, he mumbled and sat up running his hand through his blond hair as he watched you turn around in your chair and looking at him with a grin. 

“You drank 3 bottles of vodka last night no wonder that you´re head is hurting. You´re lucky that your supersoldier serum prevents you from throwing up or way worse. Speaking of a hangover there is a glass of water and a pill right next to you and if you want something for breakfast I made some eggs and toast which are waiting for you in the kitchen.” 

You turned back continuing to work as Steve took the pill and gulped down the glass of water before he stood up and walked towards you to place a kiss to your cheek but you stopped him with a chuckle. 

“I would recommend you to brush your teeth so you get rid of all the alcohol odour first.” 

He rolled his eyes but walked into the bathroom with a soft smile playing around his lips that turned into a grin and a head shaking as he saw the little Captain America mug with his name written on it, a packaged toothbrush and toothpaste waiting next to the sink to be used by him. 

After he was done he walked back to you where you were pocking your cheek, signalizing that you were ready for a little kiss as he grabbed your face and pressed his lips against your cheek in a dramatic way which caused you both to laugh. 

“Mhhh smelling like mint. That´s how I like you the most.”, you joked and took a sip of your coffee as he suddenly grabbed your cup and held it in both of his hands. 

“Heeey, what are you doing?” 

“Making you another cup of coffee is the least I can do to thank you for all that you´ve been doing for me.” 

You watched him leave the bedroom and head over the kitchen, smiling to yourself  as your gaze suddenly wandered lower and lingered on his ass for a moment before you realized that you were biting your lower lip and widened your eyes, shaking your head and turning back to your work, trying to forget what just happened. 

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Is it Safe to Wash Your Makeup Brushes With Baby Shampoo?

When it comes to makeup application, brushes and tools are sometimes just as, if not more important than the makeup you are using itself. Better yet, the care and cleaning of them is more important than both combined together. Makeup and brushes are two things you’ve probably invested in, so taking care of them is essential. Many people are under the impression that because baby shampoo is safe for babies, it’s safe and gentle enough for makeup brushes, but this couldn’t be further from the truth… Just like how you wouldn’t wash your dishes with hand soap because it is anti-bacterial, or just like how you wouldn’t rub chili powder over your skin just because it’s an edible food item, you shouldn’t wash your makeup brushes with baby shampoo.

Makeup brushes are usually made out of bristles that are either natural or synthetic, natural bristles are usually made from animal hair. As you can guess the genetic make up and compound of both synthetic and animal hair is much different than the hair on a humans head.

The top three reasons you shouldn’t use baby shampoo to clean your makeup brushes:

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What is your set-up when it comes to digital art? (Love your Blog and hope you're having a nice day (^w^ )

i dont know which part exactly of my setup you requested to know, so ill basically just give a bit of everything?

right now its a bit…different from what it used to be. heres a visual on my work desk:

for monetary issues, ive had to sell my old computer and buy a cheap laptop which i use mostly for gaming. the one i’m using here (a different one that i got from my father’s work, because the gaming computer has multiple broken keys that are essential for shortcuts in a drawing program) has a 32 bit software, which gives me rather limited access to the programs i can use. ive tried to install photoshop CC and others to no avail, so i’m using FireAlpaca (which is good enough by itself, but limited in terms of filters and brush settings, and to tell the truth it is rather disabilitating on the long run!).

the tablet i’m using is a Wacom Intuos 2, its extremely old and run-down, i got it around 2009 (it was a gift from a graphic designer so it already had a couple of years on the run). as you can see, it has blue tape all over different places (even the pen is taped around, i accidentally snapped it in half one time lmao), when i leave it unused for long periods of time, it is really hard to get it to reconnect. however, it still works perfectly, i have (almost) no issues with the pressure and the size is excellent. 

in terms of the setup of the program:

i like to have the least amount of visual disturbance when i work on something. i only keep open the tabs i use the most (tools, brushes, brush size & opacity, color picker, layers & navigator), and try to make as much space as possible for the canvas. there may be times where i make the window smaller so i can fit a reference picture to the side of the screen, but thats rather occasional.

before i forget an important detail: using a large canvas!!! this is the size of the canvas i used above (zoomed out at 25%):

the canvas size MUST be at least 2000px wide (for me anyway), it may be a natural beginner thing to do to use smaller ones because it seems easier to navigate, makes your program lag a little less, and you just dont know how to handle so many pixels. well, its actually quite simple: you use bigger brushes, and at the end of your picture, you resize it to a more stable ~800px (even a very large .png file can take a lot of megabytes, so when uploading to tumblr or any site, its better to have a resized copy of your art; the website WILL automatically resize it anyway, but the result might be less satisfying than if you did it yourself).

a while back i made an example of the difference of the quality in the brush strokes when you use a 500px canvas (left) vs when you use a 2000px canvas (right):

unknowingly, even with large brushes, a larger canvas gives you more accessibility, precision, and freedom to correct mistakes, add details, etc. again, if you are uncomfortable with the idea of a large canvas, it isn’t mandatory, but verily so recommended. try increasing the size of your canvas gradually!

if you’re curious about my brush settings, i made a post a while back here!