quality blog theme

Changing my theme- take advantage of the hot hot HQ pixels while you can.

I chose this theme because it displays photos at larger quality than most.

I highly recommend you check out the following posts on my blog and either screencap, save or drool over them while they still appear in this quality. 



Newt 2

Colin in The Beguiled

Puppydog-eyed Graves

Intense bedroom eyes

Less intense bedroom eyes

Extreme close up of Credence

Colin in Miss Julie

PJ Graves

He bites his thumb at you

Tag for color-corrected stills

Tag for HQ stills I paid for

Tag for cosplay reference photos

Posts include Queenie, Tina, Credence and more. Some of the posts in these tags are worse quality because of my blog theme, many are much better quality.

i quite enjoy being a rainbow tbh. ० ٭०ֻ̊ ॰՞˳ֶ̊✩