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✧・゚Hey everyone! ・゚✧ I recently reached 400 followers and I finally got around to making this bc I wanted to express my love for the people who make this such a great experience! Idk what to say besides thank you! Everyone I follow is so kind and funny and make a really welcoming community - especially when I only became a fandom blog around a month ago! I am so humbled! 

(Also, I’m only leaving my writing/imagine requests for only a short while aso send requests while you can! )

Here are some of the beautiful people who make tumblr as great as it is (mutuals are bolded):

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anonymous asked:

do you have any blogs you would recommend? trying to find some new content!

uk what….i’m almost @ 400 followers nd i need to release a followers gift for like every other milestone,,,so,,,here is my 400 followers gift!! a follow forever!! all these blogs are gr8 and u should rlly, rlly check em out!! and follow if u aren’t already! i hope i won’t forget anyone, but if i do i’ll just edit it later! 

@soleilsim // @maxvillareal // @cinemasims // @ratboysims // @bratsims // @butternutgnocchi // @aandidas // @winterbjorn // @peonypyxels // @vodkasims // @ghardenia // @kismet-sims // @keeksim // @sandy-sims // @finniepanda // @simonmars // @vensim // @surprisepeach // @citrontart // @desertbloom // @fakefleur // @malcolmlandgraab // @glitchysims // @tea-sims // @sammyshuno // @meisiu // @storylegacysims // @geekmoodlet // @strawberrymark // @complicite // @theplumbobarchitect // @kotiij // @ceiuu // @cupidjuice // @wyattssims // @early-grape // @maimouth // @lemonheadsims // @soleilsim again binch

anyways i hope that’s them all!! ik i’ve probably missed out on a lot but uh,,,i’ll edit it if i have 2!! those are all gr8 blogs tho, rlly worth the follow!! <3

hi pals, 
ahhh i don’t really know where to begin, i only officially turned this blog into a wanna one blog about 4 weeks ago and i wasn’t expecting much to be honest but i’ve been blessed with amazing mutuals and followers and i really want to thank everyone so here’s my second follow forever.

to those tagged, charmanders are red, squirtles are blue, if you were a pokemon, i’d choose you! bye, sorry not sorry that y’all have to constantly deal with my cheesy pickup lines.

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Day 95