quality art except not at all


Centre International d´Art Pariétal Montignac Lascaux in Dordogne

The Vézère valley in Dordogne, France, is a mecca of prehistory. It contains about 15 major sites, all on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Lascaux cave has one of the most important groups of Paleolithic rock wall art, both by its number and by the exceptional quality of its works. The Lascaux IV project designed by Snøhetta in collaboration with Associate Architect SRA Architectes and exhibition designers Casson Mann, is in line with the decades of reflections and initiatives focused on reconciling the safeguarding of a heritage that is unique for the history of humanity.

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Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Final Rate: S
Cry-o-meter: 4/5


+First of all, holy shit
+The protagonists are extremely likable, well-written, and complex. 
+I’ve never been more invested in a cast of characters 
+The villains are also likable, well-written, and complex. I can’t believe this show threw the most irredeemable ruthless killer at me and then made me cry over him.
+A well paced, slow-burn story that starts deceptively lighthearted and then gets dark and violent and genuinely upsetting
+Stellar character development. Everyone gets a turn to be the antihero and I fucking love it.
+Actions have actual consequences and the show isn’t afraid to kill off characters
+Intense and creative fight scenes
+The Phantom Troupe arc was dope as all hell
+Kurapika is the accumulation of all of my least favorite tropes but it’s played completely straight and he’s my favorite 
+The art gradually increases in quality. It starts off kinda mediocre but by the end of the show it’s great
+It progresses almost like an RPG. The characters start off level one, with not a whole lot of skills or punch, and by the end they’re level 100 or so. The main characters don’t start off powerful (with maybe a small exception to Killua).
+The characters train? They actually train to get better? This is such a little thing but you can actually watch their progress.
+That *iconic* shot when Killua goes full-electric mode for the first time
+It’s not cheesy! it’s not! It seems like the show that would be really cheesy with a lot of angry screaming but it’s not!
+No filler! Everything is plot relevant!

-It’s been on hiatus for a while because the creator is dealing with back problems and people aren’t all that hopeful about it continuing 
-I need more Kurapika! The last clip of him at the very end just left me wanting to see more of him. The next arc in the manga is actually focused on Kurapika and Leorio but it won’t be animated for a while…
-The Chimera Ant arc probably could have been cut down in length, and a lot of the character designs were goofy. It changed and became better, but still. 
-The Alluka mini-arc didn’t really do it for me. She didn’t have any character depth, she came out of nowhere, and it didn’t make me feel those sweet sweet emotions the show usually provides
-Hisoka pops a boner for a 12 year old 
-”sorry but you take second place to alluka lol” b i t ch after everything you’d been through together?
-Unfinished, for now.

Final Comments: Holy fuck I wasn’t expecting to like this show as much as I did. Easily joined my list of personal favorites. I honestly can’t even say anything but if you love that slow burn frog-in-a-frying-pan type of show then you’ll love it. The pacing is so good, I love everyone, honestly please give it a chance and don’t get turned off if the first few episodes aren’t your style. 


*send me a DM on here or twitter or something! my twitter is @axolotlpop

*im basically the worst person and will draw anything! NSFW is def ok, with exception of poop. pls no poop thaats all i ask

*(if u want, i can send u more of my art for examples!!!!)

*all payment needs to be done through paypal! if ur request is more complex, i might need to bump up the price a little if thats ok!

*you’ll need to have an e-mail i can send the final product to, since tumblr messes with image quality.

even if you can’t commission me, i would greatly appreciate a reblog to help signal boost this !


Image descriptions in the captions.

This is why I pay Adobe $30 a month for Photoshop. 

Pretty much all of these puns were made by the amazing @ace-pergers-pigeon. All of the art is by @disasterscenario, with the hopefully obvious exception of Miasma, which was drawn by me. (Why yes, I do go to art school. Glad you noticed the years of training  that went into that painting.) 

BTW if you want to print these out and give them to people for some reason, if you click on them to enlarge the original files are 4x6 at 300 dpi for your high quality low-res printing pleasure. 

A picture ft. All the stationery and art supplies I have collected over the span on last year. I have some of these since quite a few years but I haven’t used them (yes, it’s the notebooks).
There’s no such thing as too much stationery. XD

Also, Tumblr, ThankYou for ruining the quality of my pictures ALL THE TIME!!!!!! 😭
Taken from my ig: @nerdyign .

Disclaimer: Guys, I’m not flaunting in any way. Tbh, except the Staedtler ones, nothing else is even expensive. So yes. Just wanted to get this out of the way.

Hey-o everybody ❤️ 💙

I was looking at my past art recently, and for some reason it just really got me down. I feel like half of my art is really on the low-quality end, and it’s been making me really insecure about all of my art.

I sorta did a redraw of a cotton candy garnet piece I made a year ago… except more like, melancholy - to match my mood I guess. This is my way of showing myself that I’m not all bad, and I am improving. But idk, it’s still hard to be happy with any of my drawings anymore :/

all reblogs/likes/commentary is very much appreciated  💖

NaruSaku Fandom Breakdown

Hello everyone. Here I am with a bit of interesting ‘news’ I’ve come across.

I manage various NaruSaku things across the web and monitor many others. Due to my monitoring and the statistics I’ve gathered, I think I can conclude a few things.

#1: NaruSaku is not as popular in majority English speaking countries

So far on various fan pages of mine, English speaking countries, such as the US, is not ranked number one. It tends to come in 3rd and 4th. If we take into account that the creators of Naruto wanted to appeal to a ‘western’ audience (AKA, the US), it makes sense that NaruSaku wasn’t chosen. The NaruSaku appeal stretches farther in other countries other than the US, though even still we were a minority among hardcore fans.

#2: Without a doubt, most NaruSaku fans are from majority Spanish speaking countries and Indonesia. 

Indonesians currently dominate the NaruSaku fanbase on sites such as Facebook, Fanfiction.net, and various other websites. ^_^

Most NaruSaku fanfiction posted today is only in Indonesian and Spanish. There are almost more fanfictions about the NaruSaku family (Shinachiku and Hanami) in Indonesian than there are in English.

Spanish speaking countries come in second in terms of fanbase spread. Then the other notable ones are the US, the Philippines, Brazil, and Peru.

#3: While the pairing wars have settled down here on Tumblr, they still rage on in many other places such as Facebook.

Compared to other sites, NaruSaku fans here on Tumblr have it much easier than other websites. On sites such as Instagram, crosstagging is the norm there. It doesn’t matter if the pairing you tagged is not related to your post, you tag every single thing on instagram.

Cherish your time spent here with a relatively clean tag. You won’t find it anywhere else except maybe Deviantart.

#4: The reason why our plea to stop art theft and respect artists doesn’t reach very far is because our posts are all in English, art theft posts are probably glanced over or missed completely.

On facebook, art theft is rampant. It’s very sad not only because they are taking art without credit, but they often post lower quality ugly version of beautiful NaruSaku artwork

And that’s all I have for you today. What things you have noticed about our NaruSaku fandom?

heyo guys what is uP I have commissions for quickfire portraits open! These ones are done within 24 hours of payment!! (I can also ONLY open for portraits at this time bc my queue is still at least 45 hours too long)

My rate is $25USD/hr and payment is upfront through paypal invoice only.
Portraits start from a minimum of 2 hours ($50) heading up to a maximum of five ($125).
All the above examples are 2-3 hours, with the exception of the Feraligatr being 4. I work fast, to high quality, and they’re print-resolution! 
Terms of Service is here.

Email me at KullenArt @ gmail .com if you’re interested! 
What I need: A reference, how many hours you’d like/whether you need a quote, and if you have any particular expression in mind!

Pro tips; high school version

-do not skip a class you have anything lower than an A in. Trust me
-do your homework, you will regret it later if you get a C in a class you could have gotten an A in all because you wanted to scroll through social media instead of do math
-it’s high school, there is going to be drama. Don’t create it, try to stay out of it. It doesn’t do anyone any good to be an instigator
-don’t lie about stupid shit to seem cool or “edgy” it’s not cool to be fake.
-don’t talk shit about people, especially your friends. Letting off steam is okay, but don’t make it a habit
-pack your bag every night, spare charger, ear buds, papers, books, binders, deodorant, lotion, pencils, markers, highlighters, extra lead/sharpener, anything you need for the next day
-it’s not odd or weird or dorky to pack lunches, but if you pack them bring extra snacks to eat because you will eat in class
-most high school teachers don’t give a shit about gum, that’s middle school bullshit
-cursive almost never comes up, I don’t know why but I was taught and retaught it seven times in my 10 school years and haven’t used it past 7th grade.
-bring gum, and snacks and pencils, and WATER you will need it
-it’s okay to not share stuff, if they didn’t bring it don’t feel the need to give them it. This includes papers, foods, drinks, pencils and pens, markers, sharpies, gum, anything
-make new friends, it’s actually really easy.
-almost every one goes into high school thinking they won’t go to college, or having some massive Harvard plan. It’s okay not to know at all, or to aim for a community college.
- try not to plan too much, life does things to plans
-work hard at classes you don’t do well in, summer school sucks, you don’t want to be there and neither does anyone else.
-smile at people, compliment them, if they are rude to you, don’t worry. Nobody remembers anything really
-study, do what study method works best, don’t watch tv while you study, or try and be on your phone as “breaks” use a book instead. So you aren’t tempted to just say fuck it and quit
-plug your phone in every night
-get a job as soon as you can/want to the spare cash is a good way to motivate you to do things.
-don’t disrespect teachers, be their friends, laugh with them about things and remember they are here to teach, not babysit
-don’t fight on school grounds or bring anything illegal unless you absolutely have to. If some one hits you, don’t hit back, if they are gonna beat the shit out of you before help arrives, then hit back.
-seriously don’t do drugs at school
-take your medicine for whatever you need
-always have period supplies in your bag and locker(s) because even if you don’t start randomly some poor girl will and nothing is better than helping out other girls
-don’t be afraid of eating alone, no one notices and if they do they will probably invite you to sit by them
-do not talk shit about your friends, you will get caught and it has lead to some nasty things
-don’t ass kiss either, it is annoying and most people actually don’t like it
-be honest not blunt
-you will make friends, don’t worry about it
-dating is not a big deal, it mostly just ends in heartache
-don’t expect anything from the world, it owes you nothing
- try and find a hobby that makes you happy, electives are good ways to do that. You like music? Piano, band, orchestra, choir etc. You like dance? Dance, drill team, cheer leading, gymnastics etc. You like arts? Art, graphic design, etc. Languages? Spanish, ASL, sometimes French or German.
-try to find one person to lean on, or many. Don’t worry about how many friends you have, it’s quality, not quantity.
-seriously, I have like seven best friends and I love them all equally and we all get along fine
-don’t be afraid to cut people out of your life, rumors die, and nobody will remember this in ten years except maybe you.
-high school is stressful, I’m not gonna lie, and it sucks a lot of times. You will probably want to quit, just remember your goals and morals, and try to find people to go through life with.


i got some coloured pencils and sketchbooks for christmas this year! so i’ve been practicing coloured pencil art! i haven’t used coloured pencils in Several Years, so it was pretty weird to try it again haha

i got two sets of pencils: a pretty cheap set and a more high quality set. all of these were done with the lower quality ones, except for the rose quartz drawing (and the non-coloured drawings, of course)

Piikki Pakuri the mischievous faerie. Name is Finnish and it translates to Spike/Thine/Thorn Chaga (mushroom). Pukari is just a play with the letters and words with his last name, it describes bully-like misbehavior.

He is my first rpg character having evil in their alignment. We’ll see how lucky I’m going to be with rolling his stats…..

All the linearts, except the faces, are done with a ball point pen, that’s why the sudden resolution/quality change (I don’t do traditional art).

Notice the silly “ear handles” in the collar, designing skills 11/10.

nick & nora, except it’s ann & dean. this took me forever, hard as that may be to believe considering its crappy quality… maybe this is still charming but i’m just numb to it right now lol

the text is context-less, but it gives you a sense of place. like i’d share the version without text but this is only funny in the sense that people are having a conversation/on the phone right next to them.

blah blah blah i stayed up all night

windows movie maker was making my recording’s quality SUPER bad and pixelated so i just did a timelapse from my phone lmao
but yeah!!! for the ppl who have been asking for tutorials on how I paint; what i use, my techniques, ect. this is just a basic portrait tutorial?? yah :-0
This was abt 35 minutes and all i used was 1 brush; except i used the airbrush tool like twice
if you have any questions pls ask!! Also the song is Faust - Gorillaz


and that rounds up the entire cast! this will be taking place in colder weather, hence everyone’s attire. except jake because it is sacrilegious to give him pants. i’m sure we’ll have more non-spoiler teasers to share down the road, just not right now.

i apologize for the quality of some of these too, an art rut hit while i was doing them. anatomy is screwy in like, all of them. but you get the idea.

kanamiade  asked:

Heya, just want to tell you that there is another blog called IF (which stands for Inverted Fate). The blog content is totally different though.

Hey! That’s totally fine by me xD I am sure there are tons of more undertale au blogs with similar titles. In fact, I remember witnessing this other tumblr blog with the exact same title (UT IF) and also with their au webcomic there as well (: (The artist was korean too. cool right? xD) Except their art quality was frikin amazing ! 

So yeah, all the better for us if there are great aus in the fandom xDD