March 5, 2011:  "We come off the ice, and I’m screaming at (Kaner). I’m like, Pass me the **** puck! Next thing you know, he starts yelling at me, and we had about two minutes of us just screaming at each other on the bench. [..] So I’m still givin’ it to him, like, You gotta use me out there. I’m wide open, use me. The next shift we go out, […] Kaner throws one of the nicest passes I’ve ever seen, through two defencemen. It lands right on my tape, I just have to tap it in. I look at him, I point at him, I’m like, Nice pass! He looks at me, so angry, not even happy we just scored a goal, and just starts swearing at me, he goes, SCREW YOU!" — Jonathan Toews’ infamous story about him and Kaner