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Hey! I saw your post about how kids are not expencive I was wondering, do you have any advise for affordable childcare? I'm pregnant with my first child and me and my husband are separated. I only make like 1500$/month after taxes and everything and every daycare I look at is $200/week minimum and I don't think my husband is going to help me pay for it. I feel very anxious because I don't know how I'm going to work when child care would cost over half my wages. Thank you.

I’m really not sure of your location, but daycare can cost between $2 dollars-$15 an hour. Our state helps cover the cost of sitting up to $10 an hour, which is quite a bit. I imagine you would easily qualify. Most states the school district has preschool programs that began at 3, and if your child has any milestone delays it can be from the time the delay is noticed. I would ask other working parents, interview day cares and schools, ask all of them about low-income discounts.

Devos might have gotten confirmed, and that’s BAD, but don’t think your efforts have not been worth it. Because of your actions:

  • Devos confirmation got pushed back as much as possible
  • two GOP senators defected
  • Mike Pence had to be the tie-breaker, something that’s has NOT happened for a cabinet confirmation and the Trump Tower is already whining about it

While it is likely all other cabinet nominees will be confirmed, because of protests and calls from the public and actions taken by senate democrats, these confirmation hearings have been taking longer than previous cabinet confirmations. And just because they’ve been confirmed, the fight does not stop. 

Put your senators who voted for DeVos on notice and that they’ll pay for their vote in 2018, thank those who voted against her. To keep fighting Devos, pay attention to your local school board. They are your best defense against her and many municipalities will be voting for a new school board this year. Make sure you vote then, or even consider running. If you know someone qualified to run, convince them to run. We all know someone who is a teacher or an educator, and I bet that you or someone you know in the education sector is infinitely more qualified than Devos. Attend school board meetings as well. 

Vote for a democratic governor and state legislature. 

If there’s some silver lining, maybe now we will continue pay attention to public education outside of an election year, and make it hard for Devos to push any of her agenda.


I just remembered something from ages ago and wanted to share it with the world. Years ago, when I was in elementary school, I qualified for the state competition in mathematics, and it was took place at a really nice island in Croatia that is a popular tourist spot as well. I think I ended up 21st? Less important to the story. The morning that we were supposed to travel back home, a couple of friends I met there (who I was rooming with) and myself went to have breakfast at a fancy hotel, as a final memory of our time there. I don’t remember what food I ordered, but I distinctly remember that I ordered hot cocoa along with it (I love drinking cocoa early in the day). They delivered it with a bonus inside: a dead fly. The waiter took it away with a pretty loud sigh and an eye roll after I told him what happened, brought me a new drink, and charged me for both. Actually, overcharged me for both, since they were so damn expensive. Amazing service. I’ve never seen cocoa the same way ever since. THAT FLY WAS FREAKING HUGE. I TOOK A SIP OUT OF A DRINK WITH A HUGE DEAD FLY IN IT AND I STILL HAVE NIGHTMARES ABOUT IT.

Black history month day 12: economist and political philosopher Thomas Sowell

Sowell was born in Gastonia North Carolina on June 30, 1930. His father died shortly after his birth and his mother was a housemate who already had four children. So his great aunt and her two adult daughters adopted and raised him. When he was nine years old he moved from the Charlotte area to Harlem as his family sought better opportunities. He qualified for Stuyvesant High School, a prestigious academic high school in New York City, and he was the first in his family to study beyond the sixth grade. Unfortunately he had to drop out at 17 due to financial and home life difficulties. He was drafted into the Marine Corps during the Korean War and due to his photography experience, he became a Marine photographer.

After his discharge from military service, Sowell got a service job in Washington DC and took night classes at Howard University. His scores or so impressive that they gained him admission to Harvard, where he graduated magna cum laude in 1958 with a bachelors degree in economics. He earned his masters from Columbia the following year.

In his 20s Sowell considered himself a Marxist, but his experience working with the government as an intern in the 1960s changed his philosophy to more free market economic theory. His writing from then on has been from a libertarian conservative point of view. Sowell received a PhD in economics from the University of Chicago, published numerous works on economic and political philosophy, and serve as a professor at many universities including Cornell. He is currently a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University.

Guess who’s going back to school this year??

Hint: It’s me!

I got my acceptance letter from my university a few minutes ago letting me know I’d been accepted to their induction program. Which is fancy words for I was accepted to their program that lets me clear my teaching credential. I’m super happy to be getting this done.

This is the last year my university is offering a one year program to clear the credential. As of all of the following years, it’ll be a two year program. Dodged THAT bullet!! Whew!

Clearing my credential, then next stop, grad school! Yuckkk.

I’m equal parts very happy and upset about this. I’m very happy to get into this program and officially being done getting my credential. Yet, I’m also dreading the fact that I am going back to school. I actually hate going to school and it is one of my hugest sources of anxiety.

And so continues the chronicles of the teacher who hates being a student.

Qualified - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request - “Can you do an imagine where Jeff graduates from high school and another one about his graduation party afterwards?”      

A/N: I wasn’t sure if you wanted reader involvement or not so i just kinda went for it? Also as I’ve mentioned on previous writings I am English and we don’t do High School Graduation over here so apologies if it’s incorrect.

The day you’d been waiting for for four years had finally arrived. Graduation. You were over the moon to finally be leaving school and never having to see half these people again. For the first time, you could properly stretch your wings and do anything you wanted. Standing in line waiting for your name to be called was nerve-wracking.

“Jeffrey Atkins.” Called Principal Bolan. The boy you’d been crushing on for almost the entire time you’d been at Liberty High. The boy who barely knew you. One of the only people from high school you’d miss. Sure, it would be sad, but maybe it would also help you eventually get over him. He smiled that stunning smile and took his diploma. Damn. You thought as he looked around the room he caught your eye, but you were probably just hopeful. You’d have to savour that smile in your brain.

The names were called and called until;

“Y/N L/N.” You walked up to the stage and shook Principal Bolan’s hand. You saw your parents waving enthusiastically and smiled. They were as happy as you about graduation, seeing you grow and develop as a person made them feel amazing.


After the ceremony, you went to find your parents.

“Well done sweetie! We’re so proud of you.” They ran up to hug you and hand you a bouquet of your favourite flowers.

“Thank you guys, these are beautiful.” You inhaled the scent.

“It’s all over now, kid.” Your Dad shook your shoulder.

“I know, it’s weird.” You drifted off into your thoughts about the past four years, and what was to come. A tap on your shoulder interrupted your daydreaming.

“Y/N? Hey there.” Jeffrey Atkins. Even better close up.

“Oh, Jeff! Hi.” You tried to play it cool.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. L/N. I’m Jeff.” He shook your parents hands.

“Hi Jeff. Look, Y/N, I just remembered that we need to put some more money on the parking ticket, we’ll be back in about 10 minutes, you okay?” Your Mum was such a bad liar.

“Okay,” you laughed “I’ll see you in a bit.”

“So, anyway, I’m kinda having a last minute Graduation party… you in?” Jeff fiddled with the tassel on his hat.

“Woah, you’re inviting the whole year?” You couldn’t think why else you’d be invited.

“Yeah, pretty much.” He chuckled, soaking up your face.

“Okay, sure. Is there a dress code?”

“Just look as cute as you always do.” He smirked. You blushed. “Text me and I’ll give you the details.” He handed you a piece of paper with a number on it.

You just got Jeff Atkins’ number. Jeff Atkins just called you cute.

“Cool, thanks, I will.” again, you tried to play it cool, but you ended up grinning just a bit too hard. With a wave, Jeff left.


Obviously, you’d been to parties before, but you’d never been to a Jeff Atkins party. Honestly, you were incredibly nervous. As heart-fluttering as Jeff’s comment about the dress code had been, it hadn’t made your decision any clearer. So, you picked out something Hannah had complimented you on at school the other day, and went on your merry way.

It was exactly how you’d expected it. Kids-turned-adults holding their drink of choice, dancing, laughing, and generally being drunk. You’d managed to navigate yourself outside to the garden, where there was a large banner hanging reading; “HAPPY GRADUATION LIBERTY HIGH 20–”.

There were some beers and ciders over by a table where some people were playing beer pong, so you went and got yourself a drink.

“Y/N! Hey! You came!” There he was again. That boy who set your heart in motion.

“You sound surprised.” You sipped at your drink to hide your nerves.

“Well, I am, I mean, I just wasn’t really expecting you to come…” He scratched at the back of his neck, you could sense his discomfort.

“You didn’t want me to come.” You realised.

“No! No, that’s not it.” He shook his head violently.

“It’s fine, I’ve had a few pity invites in my time, I can leave.” You focused your eyes on the floor.

“Jesus, Y/N no, please don’t.” He reached out to grab your arm. “L-look, come play beer pong with me?” His hand squeezed your forearm slightly. “Please.”

“Jeff, feeling sorry for me is worse.”

He chuckled. “Where that idea came from I’ve no idea, and I have a lot of emotions surrounding Y/N L/N, but pity is not one.”

“Fine.” You sighed, even if he was lying, it’s not like you’d see him again.

The beer pong table was mostly filled with guys, but Jeff stuck by you.

“Alright, team switch up!” Stated Montgomery. “Atkins, over here.”

“Looks like you’re gonna have to try and beat me this time.” He smirked, before switching sides.

A few rounds passed, and then it was your turn. Versus Jeff.

“Give me your best shot L/N.”

You bounced the ping pong ball off the table, landing it in one of the cups. Your team cheered and you beamed as you watched Jeff down the contents of the cup.

“Nice play. Can you handle this though?” He teased, holding up the ping pong ball. You were beginning to feel a buzz from the alcohol.

“Try me, Atkins.” You snickered as he threw the ball, and missed. “Impressive.” You mocked.

“Fine. I give up!” He threw his arms up in faux frustration and left the table. Except, upon passing you, he grabbed your arm and pulled you with him.

“Where are we going?” You laughed nervously.

“It’s a secret. Don’t worry, I won’t take you to a hidden location and murder you.” He flashed you his winning smile, which you couldn’t help but feel eased by.

“This is…your room?” You purveyed your surroundings upon reaching the place, which was in the separate summer house type building at the end of the garden. Pictures of Jeff and his friends or family were pinned to a cork board, and there was various baseball paraphernalia. You sat on his bed, hand hovering over his duvet.

“Ding ding.” You could feel the nervous energy spurting off of him.

“So… why am I here?” You pulled at the bed slightly.

“Well, no one’s really allowed in here, so you’re special.” He shrugged, looking at his feet.

“But why?”

“Okay, so, because it’s graduation I thought - fuck it.”

Your eyes told him to continue.

“S-so, because I’ll likely never see you again, I have nothing to worry about when I admit that I’ve liked you for the past four years.” He stammered, playing with the hem of his shirt in much the same fashion as he had with his hat tassel earlier in the day.

“You’re…playing a prank on me right?”

He sat down beside you.

“Do these eyes look serious to you?” His stunning green eyes bore into you.

“I’m not sure?” You stuttered, nervous and excited.

His words from earlier rung in your head; ‘I have a lot of emotions surrounding Y/N L/N.’ What did he mean? Was this it?

He leaned in ever so slowly, giving you the opportunity to move away if you wanted, but you didn’t. When his lips hit yours it was a long dormant volcano which erupted and set your whole body on fire.

“Am I being serious now?” He whispered into your lips after breaking away.

“Try again, I need to double check.”

After another few minutes of making out with the boy you’d wished for for so long, which felt like a dream, you stopped again for breath.

“Qualified to make judgement now?”

“Qualified in school and in Jeff Atkins’ lips. Check.” You bit your lip.

“Clay told me that word would come in useful.” He flipped a strand of your hair through his fingers.

“But fuck Jeff, really? I think that’s the best kiss I’ve ever had and you waited four years until we’d never see each other again to give it to me?” You hit him.

“Ow! Don’t put this on me, you could’ve made a move.” He hit you back.

“You pushed Clay to Hannah for so long, and you couldn’t even push yourself. Disgraceful.”


“You’re going to have to make up for lost time, Jeffrey.” You leaned in, and met the lips that made the smile you loved so much, once more.

#183.5, part 2. • Percy’s daughter knows ASL

• Her name is Saffi, which is a Greek variation of the name Sophia and means ‘wisdom.’

• Or Meri, which is a Finnish name that means water

• Annabeth is not one for subtle names

• They moved closer to Camp Jupiter, since they’ve got faster resources

• The don’t live at CJ though, they live further north

• In fact, they are the mid point in the journey of many roman demigods coming from Lupa.

• They live in Novato

• Annabeth liked the quieter life, and has even opted a no-speak household

• Percy shot it down.

• “The visitors need to hear us, we can’t teach everyone sign language”

• “Plus our daughter needs to speak, she doesn’t qualify for a deaf school.”

• Saffi/Meri is quad-lingual

• ASL (or, as she likes to call it, DSL demigod sign language), Greek, Latin, and English

• Piper teaches her French, though she never truly picks up on it because aunty Piper isn’t around enough

• It was sometime in 1st grade when she first signed at school

• Out of pure confusion, she forgot how to spell ‘apple’, so she spelled it in sign language.

• The teacher, for one, was so shocked.

• She’s never had a student do that before

• Saffi/Meri kept doing this for plenty of other words. She taught her friends how to sign their names out

• When they asked why she never signed her father’s name out as letters, she told them he was special like that

• Truth was, she never asked. It never bothered her.

• She asked him, but he just smiled and said ‘that’s a story for another time’

• Her aunt, Percy’s sister, knows ASL too

• She’s not much younger than her aunt, so they do play dates all the time

• Sleepovers are strictly ASL

• But, in 3rd grade, she met this boy

• He was in her class, the one with Miss Pykonne (pronounced like Pike-a-nin), and he was being followed by the lady in her 30’s

• Now, little Percabeth daughter hadn’t really been educated on the deaf culture. Percy hadn’t really gotten around to telling her

• He was too busy with his job

• He’s a self defense teacher, Annabeth is a Greco-Roman history teacher

• Saffi/Meri goes over to this boy and tries to ask him who the lady was while she was at the bathroom

• He frowned and shook his head, pointing to his ears

• Saffi/Meri was so confused.

• She tried again in Greek

• He did the same thing

• The same thing happened when she asked in Latin

• Finally, she signed ‘are you deaf?’

• And his face lit up

• He frantically signed ‘You know sign?’

• ‘Yes, my father taught me since birth’

• They instantly become friends in like 0.000000000001 seconds flat

• His name is Marleen. His interpreter is Amanda

• All the kids in her class were excited, all of them wanting to be friends with the boy who can recite the MLK speech with his hands

• Come Parent-Teacher conferences, she convinced her dad to get this particular time slot because Marleen’s was the time slot before. Mom was out of town that week

• They arrive at the school 10 minutes early, so her father and she played a game they called “What’s the word?”

• More on that game… maybe. You’ll have to tell us if you want that information. I might post it one day

• They played the game with only ASL that time

• Marleen and his father walked out of the classroom, Amanda translating what the teacher was saying to him

• Basically how his grades have improved dramatically since his arrival, that he shouldn’t be sent to a deaf school because he has so many friends and support, etc. etc.

• Something about the father seemed so familiar

• Then Percy sees Marleen’s father….

• Jacob sees Percy too

• And everyone went silent

• Jacob signed Percy’s name

• Percy signed Jacob’s name

• Then Jacob practically tackles Percy

• Percy, who was so stunned that his childhood friend’s son went to the same school he was sending his daughter, and that his daughter was his friend’s son.

• Marleen is confused because his dad didn’t like hearing people, but he just hugged one

• Saffi/Meri is so happy that she didn’t have to go through any awkward introductions

• Jacob is practically in tears

• Percy invites them over for dinner the week after, since that’s when Annabeth gets back in town

• Everything went so smoothly that Percy couldn’t believe it was that easy

• When he asked Jacob why he left, though, a brick wall went up and he signed ‘Long story, you wouldn’t understand’

• When Jacob asked why Percy had been wanted more than once, he got the same response he used

• Then Annabeth noticed something strange

• A marking

• On the inside of Jacobs forearm

• …

To be continued

What are the pros and cons of a formal diagnosis?
  • Pros: You can access ADHD-specific treatment, including medication and ADHD coaching, and you will qualify for accommodations at school and at work.
  • Cons: It can be very expensive and disclosing a formal diagnosis can lead to discrimination and just plain ignorant behaviour on others’ parts.
Different//Jughead Jones x Reader (Part three)

You live on the South Side with your father when he gets arrested, forcing you to move in with your mother on the other side of town.

Words: 1134

Warnings: none unless you think hell is a bad word lol

Go read part one if you haven’t! There’s literally nothing else on my blog so no need for a link lol. Hope you like that this one is a lot longer!! I’d also like to make clear that this is after the dance, after Jug gets his jacket but he ends up staying with Arch in Riverdale.

Jughead was getting grilled.

“Why did she transfer?”
“Why aren’t you friends anymore?”
“She’s a serpent? Didn’t think that was a thing”
“Did you guys ever-”

“Will you guys please shut up?” Jughead says in the middle of V asking another question.

V holds her hands up in defense, while Archie raises his eyebrows and Betty rolls her eyes.

“Look, you guys are my best friends. But so was she. And you know how that works. I can’t tell you anything because I know she wouldn’t like it,” he sighs and sips on his milkshake.

“She’s been here one day and suddenly she has you whipped?” Betty snaps.

“Whipped? Seriously? I’m not sure you guys are understanding,” Jughead sighs, rising from the booth.

“We were best friends too,” Archie defends, motioning to Betty and himself.

“But,” V butts in,”You two aren’t from the South Side. None of us are.”

“That shouldn’t mean anything, Jug,” Betty responds and leans on the table.

“I know it shouldn’t. But it does. She’s the only one-”

“Who gets it,” V finishes Jughead’s sentence for him, and he nods slowly.

“What do you mean? We don’t need to live in the South Side to understand you,” Betty retaliates.

Jughead instantly looks at Betty with an annoyed expression,”Oh really? So you weren’t looking at me like I was crazy when I accepted the jacket from the serpents?”

Her features soften,”Jug-”

“I think I’ll just go home. See you there, Arch,” Archie just nods as Jughead walks out of Pops.

“Thanks for helping, V,” Betty rolls her eyes.

Veronica’s face instantly drops, and she begins to glare at Betty,”Look, Betts. I love you and I get that you loved him. But you need to stop mom-ing him.”

Betty’s mouth drops a little,”I do n-”

“Yes you do,” Archie and V say simultaneously.

Betty slouches in her seat, wondering if Jughead actually went home or not.

He definitely didn’t.


When you got home after your first day of school, you expected your mother to try and get every detail out of you. She did that whenever you started the new school year, so you figured moving to a different school would qualify for a grilling session.

But surprisingly, she wasn’t even there when you got home. Maybe she works late, you thought.

However, you were proved to be wrong later that night.

After you had made yourself a filling dinner of microwave mac n Cheese and a pb&j, with water as a drink, you heard the door swing open.

You were in the kitchen throwing away the remnants of your food when your mother stumbled in, hanging on a police officer’s arm. You realized your serpent jacket was hanging up on the back of the front door, and hoped that the officer didn’t see it. It made situations like this a lot more difficult.

“Is this your mom, kid?” He questions while leading her to the living room.

“Uh, yeah,” you follow the officer with your eyebrows furrowed. You could’ve sworn that your mom didn’t drink.

Once you’re in the living room, you see that as soon as she’s on the couch, she’s out.

The officer looks over to you,”This is the third time this month an officer from the station has taken her home. Would you please make sure that she doesn’t do this again?”

“Yeah, of course,” you bite your lip, the officer making his way past you. You sigh of relief as you hear the door slam shut, only to be confused again when you hear a knock.

You look at your passed out mother, sighing before making your way to the door.

You open the door, expecting it to be the officer, but it’s someone else to your surprise.

“Who the hell are you?” You raise your eyebrows.

The girl sticks her hand out, and you shake it, hesitating.

“I’m Betty Cooper, a friend of Jughead’s. May I come in?”

“So I should just take your word for it? And let you in my house because you’re ‘a friend of Jughead’s’?” You question.

“Okay, I get it. But I really need your help. Please?”

“Fine,” you stand aside, letting her come in. You close the door behind her. “Um, let’s go talk in the dining room.”

She nods, following you into the dining room.


“So what is this about?” You ask, leaning back and crossing your arms.

“It’s that Juggie is having a hard time. Either because of you or because of me,” you raise your eyebrows at her use of the word “Juggie”.

“I get that it might be hard seeing me or whatever, but what’s his beef with you?” You raise your eyebrows. She looks like a really nice girl, and she came to talk to you to help J. She can’t be that bad.

“He thinks I resent him for accepting a serpent jacket and that I don’t understand what it’s like to be associated with or live on the South Side,” she responds with a solemn expression.

“Well, do you? Resent him?”

Betty looks at you and then shrugs,”I don’t want to. But, no offense, the serpents don’t have the best reputation.”

You nod your head, leaning onto the table,”It all makes sense now. Huh.”

“What do you mean?” Betty looks at you wearily.

“Jughead doesn’t just think you don’t understand, he knows you don’t. You don’t understand anything about being a serpent or living on the South Side, and you never will. You just have to accept that there are some levels that you don’t meet J on, and to stop acting like you do.”

The feeling in the room instantly changes, going from a normal conversation to something much more personal.

“And exactly what ‘levels’ are those?” Betty retorts with a snarky undertone in her voice.

“I’m not trying to offend you, alright? But J has had different experiences that you have had. You see the world differently, you live different lives. You can’t change that. You just have to accept him for who he is.”

“I know,” she says quietly. “You know, you’re not so bad. I can see why you and Jug were best friends.” She says with a small smile.

“Thanks,” you respond. “It’s getting late. You should probably get home before it gets too dark. Even if we’re not on the South Side, not everyone is nice.”

“Yeah, just one more thing.”


“Why was there a police officer leaving when I showed up?” She asks. “If it’s not too personal.”

“It’s not a big deal. I guess I’ll see you guys at school tomorrow?” You question, getting up and walking Betty to the door.

“Uh, yeah,” she smiles. “Thank you for talking to me. Bye.”

You close the door behind her, sighing. You look back in the direction of your mother, shaking your head.

Riverdale isn’t too bad.

My first kiss


My school does this thing every year called Rock Challenge, which is where you have to tell a story in 8 minutes with no speaking, just dance and drama. In February/ March we do qualifiers for competition in Grimsby in July. My school always qualifies automatically so we go to scope out the other schools. At the competition last July, we were on the coach and going over the Humber Bridge. Me and my friend Emily had been listening to music, her head on my shoulder and my head resting on her’s and our hands linked(we weren’t dating). Anyway, Girls/Girls/Boys by Panic! At the Disco came on I said, “As soon as I get a girlfriend, this is my coming out song’(I thought I was bi but now I know that I’m gay) and she said “what about me?” She showed me something on her phone to distract me and when she’d finished I said ‘yes. I’ll go out with you.’ She double checked and when I said yes again, she kissed me. We kissed another two times before we stopped off at the school to be picked up by our parents.

And that is the story of both my first girlfriend and my first kiss. We’re not together now bc she’s older and she’s now starting college instead of sixth form. But we’re still really good friends.

Thank you very very much from the bottom of my heart, Emily.

teachers! shidge au || part 2

read the first part here! -> x

  • It didn’t take long for their breakroom shenanigans to be a regular thing
  • Shiro introduces Pidge to Keith, the resident gym teacher and member of the Sports Board so Shiro reports to him regarding the basketball team
  • Pidge gets Shiro more acquainted with Hunk and Lance
  • Hunk is the math teacher that everybody absolutely adores and makes the subject actually friggin tolerable. Aside from the Tech Club with Pidge he helps around the Home Economics club *cough* as an excuse to get closer to Ms. Shay Balmera who actually moderates the club*cough*  
  • Lance is the Spanish teacher and moderates the Drama Club, and is therefore always butting heads with Keith because dammit the arts department needs more funding why won’t you give us a chance (these fights of course, are immediately buffered by Shiro who’s the bridge between the Sports and Arts departments)  
  • The five of them end up becoming the cutest group of friends amongst the faculty ever, always sharing a table during lunch break and messing around
  • But Shiro and Pidge have the same break times more often so they spend the most time alone together
  • Keith, Hunk and Lance totally caught on and all agree that those two have to ask the other out ASAP

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Sooooooo where have I been?

^That about explains it XD 

Just kidding! I’ve been at school (which is fairly similar to a kid pulling your wings off in some ways!) I missed you guys a ton! but as soon as the field season started about 9 months ago…well lets just say “it got real”!  My work on honey bee parasites took off in ways that really surprised everyone (including me!) turns out my hypothesis was right over and against more than a centruy of scientific thinking. And because it’s tied in so deeply with the honey bee health crisis, its received a ton of attention. I’ve basically been on a speaking tour across the US ever since. I was even contacted a few months about doing a regional TedTalk in Canada about my work! 

And that’s not even everything! I was contacted by a TV rep who was interested in having me be in an episode of NOVA on PBS! The episode idea ended up not being picked up this season by the network but I’m sure there will be other opportunities. I just thought it was so cool that at the end of our correspondence she told me, “by the way, my kids of have been singing your theme song all weekend!” 

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Since then I’ve received 3 really incredible job offers that I’m totally torn between and I still haven’t finished school yet! I still have so much to do! I have my oral exams (which I’m hoping you guys will help me study for) and I still have at least another 120 pages of my thesis to write! Needless to say I’ve been CRAZY busy! I’ve hardly had a moment to sit down and think! But for the last few days I’ve been able to do exactly that and I had to acknowledge, I would’ve never predicted all of this 12 months ago. Last year at this time I was so frustrated and upset and unsure of so much but just a few months later it was like I turned a corner when I least expected it. I’m so grateful that I didn’t just sink into pitying myself and give up. Change was soooooo close and I had no idea! I really hope that resonates with somebody reading this! Things can look like crap right where you are, it can seem like things you’ve worked so hard for will never pan out but please please don’t shut down. Even if a kid pulled your wings off at some point, you never know what you can do with that other pair! 


“ Students at Karihwanoron Mohawk Immersion School have been learning Mohawk language, philosophy and culture since 1988. But the school doesn’t qualify for adequate government funding, so it’s at risk of closing down. “