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  • Plebe: But you CAN'T, cannot, can not, are unable to look past What Leroux Described ® so please, Phangirls, shut up.
  • Me: Son, I've spent enough nights awake contemplating this damnable obsession, so let me tell u I'd gently pet and console a mouldy, ill-tempered sack of potatoes if it was my Erik.

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Priyanka always tells the story of become Miss India/Miss world like it was a surprise.... Isn't pageants a long process of training, pictures, speech etc. Her mom apparently just happened to send in pics and she won.

Well yeah, it’s a process and there’s definitely a lot of work that goes into it so no one “accidentally” wins a beauty pageant lol

But at the same time, you’re competing against x amount of other equally qualified, equally beautiful girls, so no matter how much you’ve trained for it, you’re bound to be a little taken aback when you actually win the thing (or, in PC’s case, place high enough to move on to an international pageant, which she then won).


When asked, Noctis will always say that he has a complicated relationship with his father, the late King Regis. King Noctis, however, will quickly clarify and point out that he will always love and cherish what memories he has of his father - and yet qualify that those beautiful memories are very, very few and far between - and that Regis was actually much more known for his absence in much of his only son’s life. 

As a child and a young boy, Noctis had wanted nothing else but his father’s time and attention. Regis did his utmost to be there, but there is no point in denying that having inherited a war-torn kingdom and faced with inexperience as to being a proper parent, Regis had undoubtedly bumbled his way through much of Noct’s crucial years. He made it a point to get his son what he liked, but ultimately, material things can only fill so much absence, and not for long. 

It was also difficult for Regis to accept that his son - his only son, the only gift left to him by his late queen Aulea Sabina - was the Chosen King; that Noctis was doomed even before he could understand what his own life was. Regis struggled with his crumbling kingdom, his duties as a father, and preparing his son for his ultimate destiny - that he was meant to die.

Miscommunication characterized father and son. Regis had brought Noctis to the oracullum to try hint at his life, but he was never good with words himself, and Noctis only misconstrued his father’s silences and sad looks whenever they visited that particular room. Noctis then got the idea that somehow, he caused his father sadness - and ultimately, this would be one of the many factors as to why the prince turned to substance abuse.

As Noctis grew older, Regis mishandled things badly. Instead of explaining to his son himself about his fate, Regis turned to his duties - ultimately abandoning Noctis. Noctis sought to cope on his own terms - he soon found the regimented lifestyle in the Citadel far too constricting, and this led him to rebel, almost killing himself in the process with his substance addiction. His father aided him in picking himself up, but nothing really changed. Regis was still mostly absent, and Noctis wasted away his days in ennui and disinterest. 

Miscommunication too, abound between father and son when NIflheim proposed its unilateral treaty. Noctis always maintains his old man never really explained shit to him - just that he had to be kept safe, and had to be shipped to Altissia post-haste, and there get married. Noctis had wanted nothing else but to stay in Insomnia at that time, as he already had gut feelings against the treaty. But the prince has to obey the king, and so Noctis left with his companions, albeit with all the reluctance in the world. 

As a grown man nowadays, Noctis remembers his father with an ounce of fondness, a barrel of regret, and an even greater weight of disinterest and nonchalance. He has always gotten by on his own, when he looks back. He had to figure things out on his own, often the hard way, because the one person who could have eased much of his burden did not know how to talk to him, and ultimately, prepare him.

David Luiz and Luca, Kaka’s son, during Brazil NT’s training session (10.11.15)