Kono BL ga yabai 2017

Top 20 BL manga

1. Yuuutsu na Asa - Hidaka Shoko (IM SOOO HAPPPYYYY!!! <3)
2. Yarichin Bitch Club - Ogeretsu Tanaka
3. Color Recipe - Harada
4. Zhen - Monzen Yayohi
5. Escape Journey - Ogeretsu Tanaka
6. Jackass! - Scarlet Beriko
7. VOID - Zariya Ranmaru
8. Hidamari ga kikoeru - Fumino Yuki
9. Ten Count - Takarai Rihito
9. ROMEO - Watanabe Ajia
11. Kikoeru? - Hashimoto Aoi
12. Mother’s Spirit - Enzou
13. Iberiko Buta to Koi no tsubaki - SHOOWA
14. Inu mo Kuwanai - Psyche Delico
15. Caste Heaven - Ogawa Chise
16. Motomete Yamanai - Masao Sangatsu
16. Isshou Tsuzukerarenai Shigoto - Yamada Yugi
18. MODS - Natsuki Kazuki
19. Mouichido, nandodemo - Aniya Yuiji
19. Yuki no Shita no Qualia - Kii Kanna

Top 5 best seme

1. Kurose Riku - Ten Count
2. Kuze Akihito - Yuuutsu na Asa
3. Asami - View Finder
4. Qaltaqa - Mother’s spirit
5. Fukusuke - Color Recipe

Top 5 best uke

1. Katsuragi Tomoyuki - Yuuutsu na Asa
2. Shirotani Tadaomi - Ten Count
3. Yoshimune - Iberiko Buta to Koi to Tsubaki
4. Miyauchi - Kashikomarimashita, Destiny 
5. Onoe - Ameiro Paradox

The problem of Inverted Qualia is, as Dennett says: “ one of philosophy’s most virulent memes”. Although many philosophers have espoused variants on it, John Locke’s is perhaps the most popular and enduring example. Put simply it asks: “how can you every be sure that the colour I see is the same colour you see?”. When you see a strawberry as red, I might see it as blue, but by convention and by language, we both call it ‘red’. Most often the problem is phrased using visual examples, but it could be extended to any sensation we have.

Generally, this is a problem in epistemology because it means we can never know what the actual state of affairs are (this belief in ‘actual’ is called ‘realism’). This leads us to scepticism.

Furthermore, we can therefore never rightly attach a truth value to the claim ‘x is red’ without the caveat ‘x only appears red to me’ (this raises all sorts of complicated discussions regarding theories of truth which we cannot explore here).  This would then commit us to a Nietzschean perspectivism (tbc soon…)

In short, inverted qualia is a problem of scepticism - where we must admit we cannot know a whole raft of things - namely what is ever going on in someone else’s ‘mind’s eye’ (the experiences they are having - their qualia).

Finally, though, it is a problem too for physicalist theories of mind. These state that we can completely and sufficiently describe all mental events in physical terms. The problem of inverted qualia, though, maintains that if we posited two identical humans, with an identical physical make up, it is conceivable that they could still have different qualia. Therefore, physicalism cannot give a full account of the mind (see also Chalmer’s Zombies).

If nothing else, the problem is a great introduction to philosophy, and is often the first question budding philosophers ask on the road to deeper and thornier issues.