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My Monday

Spurs won the NBA finals, and Kawhi Leonard is a 22 year old guy but already the 2014 season’s MVP. Realizing that feels like an insult, I’m like 19 now but still going to school every goddamn day, tweeting, and watching him play with Lebron. I’m not famous not even rich. Is that how fair life is? Lol jk. But that’s what life is all about, we’re meant to be on the situation we have right now. We have diff kinds of blessings ok. We have diff forms of opportunities and paths. What I’m thankful for is I’m Pauline. Nobody could ever live the life I have right now. I was truly inspired by Kawhi, that I found myself wanting to join the WNBA. Jk. I love you Kawhi, you’re young but definitely having a remarkable walk. Like srsly kawhi, As far as I know, greatness takes time but for me it’s like you took a shortcut. Wth

But for the meantime, before I join the WNBA, I would pass first this boring subject which is engineering management, that I tend to eat in class and take random pictures.. like my fave quakies that I tried to hide in my bag, and my oh so clean favorite white sneakers.

Thanks Bry for the loombands. Cute. And finally, I got my new ID! 😁

I semi hate mondays. Okbye.

anonymous asked:

are there any blogs you would recommend people to follow?

i am lucky enough to be following some extraordinary people, people who have follower counts to reflect how awesome they are, so lets talk about those that maybe you haven’t heard from, hmm ? 

elcmentary is honestly such a fantastic sherlock
theapxche inglorious basterds are coming for ya
donnnowitz con dos!
magentamutant every needs some x-men in their life
mutantproblem people need more x-men in their life
dominumxmortem frankly a fantastic death blog
quakiings SKYE !!!
thcriddler amazing grasp of character here
gluttcny i stalk this blog h-core
feralminded why are you following me and not them
lovedharder always

☓ || ; quakiings.

[ text | siri lover ] QUESTION. to which all reasoning will be soon revealed i assure you
[ text | siri lover ] what state did you say you were in again???
[ text | siri lover ] please respond it’s for science :^)


20 beautiful people meme

guys i don’t take near enough good selfies for this. hi, my name’s liz and i like lipstick. literally everyone else doing this meme looks so hella i’m just like ??? SO MANY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. I AM SO JEALOUS. but yes this is a fab thing and i’m v happy it’s going around. i’m just going to stare at y’alls faces for awhile.

i barely even follow 20 people yet jfc. 
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tagging: onlylovedherself, raptorlovin, fangedbarbie, quakiings, fuckyourmansplaining, ultiionem, xantiheros, brightestbiochemist, forethinking, nxtanurse, and uh, anyone else who wants to do it??? obviously no one has to if they don’t want to.

okay, everybody’s gotten back to me about the sense8 au now, so eggsy’s official cluster’s gonna consist of the following nerds: 

OZZY WICKS - ofignorance 
LARA CROFT - tofindadventure 
TOOTHIANA - priiyasmara 
SKYE - quakiings 
RUIHA BROSCA - bythestone 
EVELIN VOLYNSKY -  ultiionem 
& obviously eggsy makes for eight 

y’all can either all stick with this for your au clusters, which i think would be super cool tbh, or you can go find some people for your own aus i guess, but it’d be neat if we were all one group and all that, yeah. anyway, y’all are also welcome to add me on skype if you wanna - just shoot me a message and either you can give me ur skype name or i’ll give you mine. 

i was gonna be like “so the age we can default to is [enter average age here]” but tooth’s age was gonna make everybody like 600 years old (i’ve been laughing about this since i figured it out and am still laughing about it now), so i figured we could go for something like 25 if y’all are all cool w/ that (i’d, y’know, ask this in a group chat but we don’t have one yet rip). 

but, yeah!! let me know if there are any problems for y’all. 

quakiings asked:

;okay, i started reading the hawkeye series (i think i'm on #14?) after following you & i am absolutely in love with clint, you portray him so wonderfully!

i hope you don’t mind that i posted this, it’s just wow! and
i really wanted to be able to save it on my blog and come
back to it when i need a little up lifting. because like i super
adore you and your portrayal of skye and i’m too afraid to
ever say hi and just wOW THANK YOU SO MUCH. <3
you’re too kind!