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My Monday

Spurs won the NBA finals, and Kawhi Leonard is a 22 year old guy but already the 2014 season’s MVP. Realizing that feels like an insult, I’m like 19 now but still going to school every goddamn day, tweeting, and watching him play with Lebron. I’m not famous not even rich. Is that how fair life is? Lol jk. But that’s what life is all about, we’re meant to be on the situation we have right now. We have diff kinds of blessings ok. We have diff forms of opportunities and paths. What I’m thankful for is I’m Pauline. Nobody could ever live the life I have right now. I was truly inspired by Kawhi, that I found myself wanting to join the WNBA. Jk. I love you Kawhi, you’re young but definitely having a remarkable walk. Like srsly kawhi, As far as I know, greatness takes time but for me it’s like you took a shortcut. Wth

But for the meantime, before I join the WNBA, I would pass first this boring subject which is engineering management, that I tend to eat in class and take random pictures.. like my fave quakies that I tried to hide in my bag, and my oh so clean favorite white sneakers.

Thanks Bry for the loombands. Cute. And finally, I got my new ID! 😁

I semi hate mondays. Okbye.