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it cut off mid-sentence so whOOps but im too lazy to rerecord this sO !! here you go babes.

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i’m going to be cutting down my drafts && dropping some things, mainly a lot of the shorter threads. if our thread is dropped, please don’t think it’s because i don’t want to interact with you !! it’s not that at all (quite the contrary), i just want to clean up my blog && start focusing on more in-depth plots, as well as not lose my muse on account of any threads i’m not feeling. 

i’m going to be keeping threads with the following muses: antiquepatriot, speirem, soldatzimy, nachzehrerr, burzxm, toprctect (hate u), starscorched, && quakiings.

if you’re not listed there, but we have a thread you’re interested in continuing, then please let me know !! i honestly might have forgotten some threads, too. otherwise, i’m going to be posting a PLOTTING CALL later on, basically for the purpose of invading your guys’ inboxes / skypes && come up with something fun to thread out !! xx

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time & date: friday, july 31st, 10:55
average hours of sleep: do naps count? if not than like…. five. tbh.
birthday: december fifth
gender: female
sexuality: the fuck if i know
height: 5′5
favorite color: blue
one place that makes me happy: my room (is that sad?)
how many blankets do you sleep under: one
what are you wearing right now: tank top & pajama shorts
favorite beverage: cream soda
favorite food: pIZZA
last movie you watched: independence day
dream wedding: idk?? all i know is that i want a giant ass poofy gown. that’s my requirement for my wedding. if it touches to pews as i walk by, i’m winning.
dream pet: like twelve cats tbh.
dream job: not sure. ideally i think i’d like to work at a radio station, but i have no clue. 
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➹  a blind clint for quakiings  

     Bandaged fingers gripped purple walking cane with
RESENTMENT.  At least, they SAID it
     was purple. He had to trust them on that. There was
     so much
TRUSTING  he had to do these days,
     something he wasn’t keen on doing

                 Maybe if he hadn’t been persistent on ticking off the
                    russian mafia, he’d still have his
                      OH WELL.  Live and learn, right?

         ❝ First off — Skye you don’t have to grip so
              TIGHTLY.  They gave me this worthless
                                   stick for a reason. ❞

     He then proceeded to wave
        it around like a maniac.

                  ❝ And second —— is it SUNNY out?
                          Because I don’t want to look like a douche
               wearin’ sunglasses while it’s like below
                                   thirty degrees and

Going to see Skye after all that has happened is the only sensible
option, though not an EASY one. Fitz understands why she had to
leave, remembers the dangerous panic that lingered within almost
too many of the team. He still SHIVERS to remember how Jemma  
had acted, how all of them had been so afraid. He doesn’t want to
be afraid of Skye. She’s just a little DIFFERENT now. So is he.

        ❛  I came —- I came to see if you’re okay? I mean, after —- after —- ❜ 

Even before he was different, Fitz doesn’t think he could find the
right WORDS to handle this. He doesn’t believe that they exist.