quake n bake

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What are the bois favorite you tubers? Which like gaming? Which like makeup tutorials or hauls i need all of this thank

jared likes shane Dawson and rob/man vs pin sorry I don’t make the rules

he also only watches lps of games hed never play

like putt putt

JARED IS AN AVID FOLLOWER OF BOTH QUAKE N BAKE QND NERDYNUMMIES and will drag evan and connor to watch them and attempt to replicate their stuff

connor likes those grungy kibda makeuo tutorials probably.

evan likes diys and stuff bc it calms him down

he used to watch dan and phils sims videos but found it too stressful to keep up

also middle school jared was totakly a smosh kid fight me on this


Ground Control to Major Tom
    Your circuit’s dead, there’s something wrong -

Can you hear me Major Tom?

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Uhm… I’m tired of doing GIFs, so just go to 3:20 to watch the best part of this.