Connections (Jaehyun) Chapter 2

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Genre: Angst, Fluff, Maffia AU

Word Count : 3.1K+

Pairing: JaehyunxOC

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You grabbed your keys as you rushed out of the front door, you were craving chocolate; you thought about how it melts in your mouth and you couldn’t resist the temptation any longer. It was the second day of your period, and your period was accompanied by the need for sweets. You usually didn’t eat alot of candy in your usual day-to-day life, but chocolate was a must.

You sighed as you were greeted by the piercing cold winter air of Seoul, stuffing your small hands into your pockets. You thought it’d be good to walk and attempt to warm you body up on the way, rather than freezing while waiting for the bus, so you walked at a fast pace to the grocery store.

Arriving at the quait little convenience store; you wandered around, checking if you saw something that could be of good use. Though you were paid well with your job, you didn’t want to waste it on futile things.

As you turned the corner to walk down the chocolate aisle, your face met with a broad chest that belonged to a tall figure. You stumbled backwards as you gasped, holding onto one of the chocolate racks to regain your balance.

“Oh! I’m sorry! I didn’t see-“ You were cut off as a pair of strong hands grabbed you by your arms, setting you back to your feet. You looked up and your eyes were met with that of what you could only describe as soft, polite eyes. You blinked as you noticed the stern look on his face, quickly pulling away.

“I’m sorry. Have a nice day sir!” You smiled awkwardly as you took your chocolate bar and made a run for it; shrugging off the fact that he tried to hold you back. You quickly payed for your items and left the small store in a rush. You weren’t exactly in the mood to deal with him, or anyone for that matter, so you took the bus and relaxed as you entered the warm yet grimy interior of the bus.

Looking around, you didn’t notice anyone odd or ayone who looked suspicious; quickly relaxing as the man didn’t follow you. Who was he? He seemed strange, yet so familiar. He didn’t seem like he was just an average citizen, as he was wearing expensive motorcycle gear, with an oh-so-familiar logo on the arm. As you fell deeper into your thoughts, you didn’t notice the three motorcycles passing the bus you were in at full speed, only to be brought back from your train of thought by the bus driver, who had been swearing at the motorcyclists, claiming to have almost crashed the bus into another car because of them.

The 5 minute walk to your appartment seemed shorter as you stepped off the bus too find three mysterious men, leaning onto their motorcycles. You remembered one of them from the convenience store andyou felt your hands instictively ball into fists, not sure of whether you should be scared or furious at the fact that he followed you home with two other men.

You walked up to the strangers with the built statures, glaring at the one that you faced in the store. “Have you been following me around? I fucking said sorry! Why can’t you let it go?” You were cut off as the familiar man shoved a red envelope and a bouquet of beautiful red roses in your face.

“Please don’t question anything Miss. We’ll be leaving now. Have a nice day.” You looked at the roses weirdly as the mysterious men mounted their motorcylces and disappeared into the distance, leaving you flabbergasted as you walked inside fumbling with the envelope.


You took a deep breath as you placed the roses in a vase, tearing open the envelope. You took out a piece of paper which was a shimmering old on the back and a rich cream color on the front with gold detailing on the borders, it was almost too pretty to touch. You looked at the beautiful handwriting that graced elegant piece of paper the until you saw the name that was penned on end of the letter, your face turned sour as you sat down, quickly reading about what he had to say.

“Hello princess!

I hope you’re not too upset with me about last night. We had gotten off on the wrong foot and I’d like to fix that. Your beauty was too irresistable, I’m sure you know this.

How about we get to know eachother better? I’d like to take you out on a date tomorrow, and I don’t take no as an answer, so I expect you to be done and all made up for 8pm tomorrow, yeah? Yeah!

I’ll see you tomorrow then. Sleep early and rest well.

Yours truly,
Your prince charming, Jung Jaehyun”

You gagged as you read the last sentence, quickly tearing the letter apart and chucking it into the trash can. You groaned as you remembered how the man from before seemed so familiar, he was the one staying with Jaehyun on the night that you met him.

You rolled your eyes as you thought about the words that were written in the letter, a blush forming on your cheeks as you replayed the word “princess” in your mind. You were a shy girl at heart and of course you’d blush at compliments, especially as it came from a handsome man like Jaehyun.

You crawled into bed in a bid to ease the pain in your lower abdoman, but your thoughts wouldn’t leave you alone. How did he find out where you lived? How did his men know about you going to a convenience store? So many questions you were wondering about as the duting of pink you held on the apples of your cheeks started to fade, replaced with fear that plauged your mind. What if you did go to the date with him? Would he assault you in some way? Possibly even kill you if you denied him? He had enough money to cover it all up if he did.

You decided to try forget about him completely as you turned off your lights. You would ignore his proposal for a date, and go on with your life. He’d forget about it, right?



You were woken up by the sun as you adjusted your pillow, burrying your face into the soft fabric that smelt of your favourite scented shampoo. You checked the time, propping yourself up with your elbows, as you grabbed your phone.


A sigh escaped your lips as you got out of bed, tripping over some of your shoes that you left strayed around your room. You groaned as you remembered the fact that you had to clean up before you lost the motivation to do the daunting task; so that’s what you did for the next two hours, losing track of time in the process, only to he brought back to reality by a firm knock on your front door.

You were face to face again with the men from yesterday, as you tried to close the door. You felt the door being jammed by a foot, preventing you from closing the door. You gave in and opened the door again fully, glaring at the young men infront of you.

“I am not accepting the date. I have stuff to do, so tell your boss that he no longer needs to apologize. I forgive him. Have a nice day.” The tone of your voice was one mixed with fake sympathy and saracasm; pointing your finger to the stairs, letting them know that it was time for them to leave.

“Miss.. please don’t make this hard for us and yourself. We were given an order, we have to take you to our boss. We expect you to get ready by 7pm. The destination rather far. We’ll be waiting downstairs. If you’re not ready by then, then we’ll have to take you how you are now.” He gestured to your current state. Your eyes were wide open as they left without another word, not giving you the time to talk back.

You slammed the door shut as you stormed off to your room, quickly grabbing a simple flannel, keeping your well-worn shirt under it, with a pair of white converses. You took off your clothes, turning on the shower as you glared while looking into the mirror.

He was taking it too far, and you wanted to end this for once and for all. You did not want anything to do with him, and he had to understand that.

Quickly taking a shower, you started to do your make up. Just a simple look and you’d be done. You didn’t plan on trying to impress him.


As much as you hated his existence, he still made your heart rate increase rapidly whenever you saw or thought of him. You told yourself you didn’t like him, but then why would you react this way to him? You shook your head, too annoyed to even deal with your thoughts at the moment, and exited the appartment as you put on your converses, walking over to the three men waiting infront of a jetblack van.

You sighed as one of them opened the door and felt a rough hand slip in yours. You pulled back your hand as one of the men tried to help you get in the car, giving him a glare that most certainly could kill.

“I know how to get into a car. Thank you.” You spat as he backed away sighing and walked to his own seat in defeat. You slammed the door of the car shut as you took your seat, looking out of the window as you drove off.

The car smelled like vanilla, the scent making you sleepy as you watched the cars pass by. You grabbed your phone incase you did fall asleep and was taken advantage of, checking your unread messages and emails.

As you were about to shut off your phone, one specific email caught your attention. You thought about your schedule as you read the words thoroughly.

“Looking for a babysitter. 5 days a week. For more info call the number under.”

Your thoughts were interrupted as the car came to a halt. You looked up with a quizzical expression on your face as the man from before turned his head to speak to you.

“We’ve arrived miss. Mr Jung is waiting for you inside.” He smiled politely as you nodded, quickly saving the number of the potential babysitting gig in your notes and getting out of the car, not forgetting to say a simple thank you to the man in the process.

Once outside you looked around, amazed as you had never seen such a place before. A sleek and modern water feature stood tall, the stairs were made out of shining white and beige marble. It was as if you were infront of the gate to heaven, too scared to touch anything in case you’d ruin or destroy it.

For a moment you regretted your choice of clothes, the feeling only to be replaced quickly by confidence. You were here to end your contact with Jaehyun forever, not to have fun an impress him.

You put a strip chewing gum in your mouth, changing your attitude instantly, showing off a careless vibe. You stuffed your phone in your back pocket of your jeans as you walked over to the entrance, giving your biggest bitch face to the server as you popped a bubble gum.

“I’m here for Jung Jaehyun?” You lifted your head a little, acting like you were thinking about his name, “Or whatever his name is. Can you hurry up though because I’m hungry.” You stated nonchalantly as he skimmed through the guest book.

“Mr Jung has reserved a special spot for you, Miss, follow me.” You rolled your eyes as you followed him through the place, noticing everyone eyeing you and your poor choice of outfit.

As you neared the reserved table, you saw a pair of familiar dark eyes staring at you, the smirk pulling at the corner of his mouth grabbing your attention. Your heart started to beat faster as you moved closer to him, and your hands started to become clammy. Although his smirk killed you, you were reminded of how much he had been invading your privacy. You sat down in front of him when you reached the table, dismissing his out stretched hand; the expression on his face instantly turning from one of confidence to a sour one.

“I at least expected you to dress like you did at the party, princess. I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to walk around like that here, kinda expected you to do this though.” he scrunched his nose as you lifted an eyebrow, popping your gum.

“I’m here, isn’t that what you wanted?” You sighed as you looked around uninterested; your attitude clearly getting on his nerves.

“Ah yes of course it is!” He faked a smile as the waiter came to your table, placing a fancy menu in front of you. “So what are you having princess?” Jaehyun asked you as he opened the book looking through the fancy dishes listed.

“Do you have hamburgers?” You asked the waiter playing with the chewing gum in your mouth. Jaehyun took a deep breath as he leaned backwards in his chair, trying to hold back his anger that was quickly growing. He looked up at you and grabbed your menu and handed it over to the waiter.

“I’ll have the usual please, and so will she.” He said politely, not breaking eye contact with you. He grabbed your hand as he put his chin in his other hand, resting his head as he looked at you smugly.

“Maybe I don’t want the usual.” You let venom seep into your words as you leaned back in your chair. He was quickly losing his patience with you and you hoped he’d tell you to fuck off right there.

“I don’t want your attitude either but look what I’m getting instead.” He smirked as you looked away, proud of himself.

The night continued with him making flirty remarks, and you reacting like a bitch, however whatever you did in retaliation didn’t’ stop him from trying to flirt with you, and you were getting impatient. He did not back away and eventually started to make inappropriate remarks; a foreign sensation building up within you, something you didn’t want him to achieve.

“So y/n,” He leaned forward as he grabbed your petite hand in his large one again. “How long have you been an artist?” His interest in your occupation took you by surprise. He didn’t seem like the type that’d be interested in art, and certainly not the type that’d be interested in whatever you were doing, however you kept your attitude and leaned forward, popping a balloon close to his face with your chewing gum.

You were about to reply only to feel a strong hand intensely caressing your jaw, pulling you forward. His whole hand wrapped around your neck as his thumb and index finger grabbed your jaw tightly.

“Swallow it… That is, unless you wish to swallow something else. Something more succulent?” He whispered harshly, his lips brushing against your lower lip lightly. You gulped, the chewing gum sliding down your throat harshly, along with your saliva. Your mouth quickly became dry as you looked into his eyes, fear evident in yours.

He let you go as you choked for air, grabbing your neck quickly trying to hold back your tears, as he pulled back with a smug grin his face.

“Why can’t you just leave me alone? We got over our first meeting. I forgive you, why can’t you just fucking stop stalking me?” You spat as you looked up and glared at him. Tears were threatening to fall but you didn’t care. You just wanted him to leave you alone.

“Because I like you. You’re well off; not like the others that are only after money. You have a cute badass attitude, and you’re gorgeous. Do you want to hear more?”

You blushed as he smiled politely, taking your hand in his. “And we don’t have to move so fast, we can take our time to actually do something together.” You smiled slightly at his words as you looked at your hands.

“Like what?” You asked him as you looked back up at him, his undeniably sweet smile with his beautiful dimples threatening your current stance with him.

He kissed the back your hand as you blushed, only to make you frown as the next words fell from his beautiful lips.

“Sex of course! I promise I won’t rush it.” he whispered as he held your hand tighter. You frowned as you took you hand back.

“I’m sorry but I don’t think I was clear enough last night. I don’t fuck with random people-“

“It’s not random. We’re gonna get to know each other first!” Jaehyun interrupted, a glare replacing his smile.

“Leave me alone, Jaehyun. I’m not gonna have sex with you and I certainly do not want to get to know you better. Now if you’ll excuse me. Have a nice evening.” You grabbed your purse and took a leave as you called a cab, not caring about whoever was whispering about you.

Once you were at the exit you turned to the waiter from before and handed him a $50 bill.

“It’s not much but I hope it’ll make up for my behaviour from before. I’m sorry.” You sighed as he smiled and bowed as you left him behind, quickly getting into the cab and driving off.

Jaehyun followed you to the exit and looked around for his right hand man, who ran up to him quickly.

“Get the car, Taeil. We’re leaving.” He ordered as he took out his phone, checking his emails and missed calls.

“Yes sir” Taeil ran to the parking lot, quickly getting the car and opened Jaehyun’s door, bowing as he entered the car, and drove off back to home.

Back at his home, he was seated in the chair of his wooden paneled office; thoughts wandering through his mind. Not forgetting your hateful gaze, actually feeling guilty for what he was planning next.

“y/n… Who are you? Why am I so attracted to you to the point where I can’t even let you go? Why do I have to have you? You’re a nobody, yet you already are so much more than just a nobody.” His thoughts were interrupted as his servant came in bowing, handing him his tumbler glass half filled with whiskey.

“Sir, young master is here.” Jaehyun’s face instantly lit up as the words exited her mouth and nodded; putting his drink on the table next to him.

“Let him in.” He ordered; smilling at the servant, quickly putting on a front and hiding his worries; replacing his confusion with happiness and delight.

A Bar And A Babe p.4


Pairing// Jefferson x Fem!Reader

Warnings?// cussing what did you expect and brief basically nonexistent smut

Words// 922

“I love you?” You asked turning over so your back was facing the wall and you were looking him in the eyes.

“Did I say that out loud? I ment I love food especially Macaroni and cheese it’s the bes-” You kissed him too shut him up, it worked.

“Thomas” you said breaking away from his lips. He whined slightly at the loss of contact before responding


“Love is a very strong word” You said.

“I understand that” Thomas replied

“Well when someone tells me that they love me it’s rare and not normally given without wanting something in return” You said

“I expect nothing but your love Y/N”

“Oh really?”

“Yes and maybe like your opinions on some things”

“Huh because I wanted too show you how much I really love you” You said pulling your hair up into a ponytail.

Lets just say that afternoon you both showed each other how much you really loved each other.

Later that day

After your little love fest you and Thomas wandered downstairs looking for something too eat. Much too your surprise  you found Angelica and Aaron relaxing reading a book.

“Angel, A A Ron how are things going?” You asked the happy couple

“Y/N is that a hickey?” Angelica asked looking up from her book too see the purplish hickey on your neck

“Not just a single hickey a trail of hickeys that lead- nevermind Angel you a Aaron can experiment with hickeys in your own time.” You said.

Aaron chuckled slightly

“Your phones on the table it’s been going off for the last hour” Aaron said

“Were we really up there for an hour?” Thomas asked a smirk appearing on his face.

“I think it was two” You mumbled back. As you walked over to your phone it looked the same as yesterday, a million notifications. However this time they were from Lafayette mostly just missed calls and a couple of texts.

“Can I borrow Angelica for a moment?” You asked walking over to Aaron.

“No not right now we’re having couple time” Aaron responded

“Can you wait a little bit Y/N?” Angelica asked. You sighed,

“I’m sorry it has to come too this but” You opened your camera app and snapped a picture of the couple

“Now one of two things can happen I can send this to everyone in my contact list. Or you can let me borrow Angie for a moment and we can delete this picture” You said

“God you’re hot when you blackmail people” Thomas said smirking

“Not right now Tommy I’ve got to do something” You muttered giving him a kiss on the cheek as you pulled Angelica up the stairs and into Thomas’s room.

“Eliza and Alex they still date right?” You asked Angelica.

“As far as I know yes. Now delete the picture.” Angelica said flatly

“No I still need it. Now what if I were to tell you something’
“What something and can you just delete the picture?”

“Keep asking and what if I told you that I think one of them is being unloyal”

“Who’s being unloyal Y/N”

You paused for a moment “You know Angie I’ve got to go” You said

“Y/N if this concerns my sister you will tell me” Angelica said as you ran back downstairs almost running into James.

“Watch where you’re going Y/N” James said as you ran down to the main floor.

“Thomas” You called “I need you to call me an Uber right now” You said once you got to the main floor.

“Why?” He asked  as you whizzed past him.

“I need to go somewhere just call the Uber please.” You said as you ran back upstairs to his room. When you got up their you changed into the clothes from yesterday, incidentally they were a tight fitting lavender dress and a pair of heels. Wow way to turn the walk of shame into the Uber ride of shame you said to yourself as you slipped the dress on. You ran downstairs without your heels on.

“Where are you going Y/N?” Aaron asked as you sat down next to him pulling your heels on.

“Yea where are you going?’ Thomas asked

“I have some things to do I can’t just lounge around here all the time now can I?” You asked

“I’ll walk you out Y/N your Uber is here” Thomas said. You nodded and bid a farewell to Aaron and Angelica.

“Am I going to see you again Y/N?” Thomas asked as he walked down his driveway you in toe

“I don’t know Mr.Jefferson that is all up to you” You said walking. Thomas stopped and opened the car dooe for you.

“I bid you a farewell Mrs. Y/N” Thomas said

“Bye Tommy” You said giving him a kiss on the cheek as you slide into the car, but in typical Thomas fashion he gave you a not so light smack on the ass.

“Bye darling see you soon” he said closing the door behind you. The ride was not very long to his house, you tipped the driver and e thanked you for the money. As you got out of the car you pulled down you dress walking up to his quait little steps and knocked on the door, a response came imeditly

“Coming!” The door opened.


anonymous asked:

Hi! :D If it's not too spoilery, could you maybe tell us about the LIs parents & siblings and their relationships with them? Also, how would, uhm, kisses with the boys feel like *faints*? And lastly, how would they make a scared MC feel secure (e.g. if she's being hunted by her brother's death, if she is terrified with the suspect of being future queen, or smt. else?) Sorry for all the questions;; But keep up the great work, you're awesome!!<3

Hm, I think the family/parents question won’t be too spoilery…

Noah - Noah has a smattering of younger half-siblings he’s not particularly close to. His father died when he was fairly young, and that was the only parent they all shared in common. He’s actually VERY close to his mother, though. You won’t meet her in-game, but in my head, she’s heavily inspired by Hippolyta from the Wonder Woman comics.

Emry - Emry is an only child and his mother passed away when he was very young (possibly trying to give birth to a sibling that also died; he isn’t sure because his father doesn’t discuss it). Emry’s father, Lord Embrandt, threw himself into his work shortly after her death, sending Emry away to be schooled by the Scholars Faithful. Embrandt’s a kind man, but also somewhat emotionally closed off like his son is.

Teiran - I’ve already mentioned his relationship to his family quite a bit, so I’ll just describe the Lord and Lady Quait instead: both are alive and well. Lord Maurice Quait is a cunning man with a keen mind for military tactics. He’s currently serving the kingdom as Lord Admiral of the Royal Fleet on the Sapphire Sea. Teiran’s mother is a somewhat petty, vain woman who has always disliked him - according to Teiran himself. It’s debatable how true this is, but most nobles who are longtime friends of the Quaits note that Lady Quait’s temperament hardened around the time her daughter came of age and her chronic illness took a turn for the worse. She had much less patience for her two young sons after that… The only family member Teiran was particularly close to growing up was his brother, Chiron.

Desmond - I really can’t go too far into his family life and backstory, since it plays a large part in his route, but I CAN say that Desmond has an older sister who lives in a village on the outskirts of the capital. Her name is Camilla and her legs are lame due to an old injury that never healed properly. Every month, Desmond sends most of his money to an elderly couple who run an inn together, and they in turn help take care of his sister so that he can continue working. Despite her disability, Camilla is fiercely protective of her little brother and hates the fact that he lives so far away. 

And I’m really the one who should apologize, since I can’t really answer your other two questions without spoiling anything! Trust me though… When the time comes for those kiss scenes, they’re gonna be very descriptive. ;)

Thank you!

كم يكون الليل كئيباً حين تفتقد فيه شيئاً تعودت عليه