From De Writer’s Front Porch!

The quail were both watering at the mutt dish this morning.  When I opened up, the mutts’ normal morning stampede frightened the birds.

I did get these two pics though.

The curved thing that one perched on for a moment is the upright for my weather vane.

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~


Brunch , quail eggs, bacon and onions on s stick @brunchstreet #smorgasburg #brooklyn (at Smorgasburg)

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Currently available as a French terry raglan pullover for the ladies, “Quail in the Succulent Garden” by Leroy_Hornblower is one of this week’s new designs!

We asked this week’s artists where the most inspirational place they’ve ever been is, and here’s what Leroy_Hornblower had to say:

“Toy stores and botanical gardens are where I like to go to find inspiration. It might seem strange to be seeking inspiration at Toys “R” Us, but a majority of my art is both innocent and whimsical, and I find that immersing myself in an environment aimed at children really helps me come up with new ideas for my work. Disneyland would probably accomplish the same thing. Unfortunately, I haven’t been there in a very long time.”

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