The Quail Motorcycle Gathering convenes each May on the lawn of the Quail Lodge and Golf Club in Carmel, California, and has become one of the preeminent motorcycle events to see and be seen at on the West Coast. This Concours d’Elegance-style event is the equivalent of the exclusive automobile event at nearby Pebble Beach, but a little less hoity-toity because, well, motorcycle people are generally cooler. 

Oh don’t get us wrong, there are still the moneyed collector-types strutting around with hefty wristwatches and glasses of Champagne, but the quality and variety of bikes is not to be dismissed. You’ll see vintage Vespas and antique board-trackers, restored military motor-bikes, scramblers, flat-trackers, choppers & superbikes, all comingling together in peaceful harmony. 

Really, it’s sort of like the United Nations of motorcycles, with contingents representing American, Japanese, German, British, Spanish, and Italian marques, including restorations, original grand prix racing machines, and some names you’ve probably never heard of. We’ll gladly raise a glass of bubbly to salute this worldly gathering, and we’ll see you again next year comrades.