“Your plumage is so nice. It’s bright and cheerful, unlike mine.”
And it wasn’t just our coloration.
He was my opposite, in every way.
He was earnest, and smart.
He didn’t mumble when he talked.
But despite all that… He understood me, more than anyone else in the world.

Hatoful Boyfriend Ship Week Day 4: Dark/Light

Quails!! Pretty self explanatory, I wanted to play with power shifts.

(If you wanna join in, check out the details at @hatofulshipweek!)

@hatofulshipweek Day 2: Family.

Featuring Quail boyfriends, and Nageki, who just wanted to go to the bookstore on his own.

on abusive ships, triggers, and the experiences of strangers (tw abuse, CSA)

lately, i’ve seen a lot of rhetoric on this website about the evils of shipping things which are in some way abusive- be this sexually, emotionally or physically- and producing fanworks which portray fictional relationships in an unhealthy manner. discussion of the distinction between fiction and reality aside, i’ve seen a habit persisting that really disturbs me.

below the cut this post will become potentially triggering. please proceed with caution.

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Quail boyfriend chronology

None of this is new info; I’m just pulling together all of the quaily (and some mourning dove) items from different sources. Some of them may therefore belong to inconsistent canons. Many Kazuaki dates are rough estimates that need to be cross-checked vs typical Japanese school ages. Corrections/suggestions are welcome.

Mobile widget doesn’t seem to have convenient cut insertion, so apologies for the dash-stretching.

2162, Sept 23: Uzune Hitori born [guidebook #1]
2163, March 3: Nanaki Kazuaki born [guidebook#2]
~2165: Hitori (~age 3) comes to Heartful House as a war orphan [G1]
~2169: Nageki (~age 2) comes to Heartful House as a war orphan and soon bonds to Hitori. [G1]
~2174: Nageki (~age 7) catches a relatively normal strain of flu that never completely clears from his body and mutates into the Charon Virus, [G1]
~2168-2175?: Sometime in elementary school, Kazuaki wins first prize in a haiku competition. His childhood is self-described as being on “easy mode”, with stable health and finances. [Kazuaki doujin] Both of his parents raised him, although their relationship was “not close”. [Moa tweet]
~2175-2181?: Kazuaki attends Crested Kingfisher Preparatory School, which has both a junior high division and a university exam dept. Hitori has a teaching job there, which is where they first meet. [Kd]
2180, Sept 2: The Heartful House incident. [G1]
2181-2182? kazuaki fails his university entrance exams so badly that he doesn’t even make his safety schools. He goes into hikikomori mode in Apartment 701, initially intending to study for the exams again, but instead ends up playing online games all day/night. He recovers in interest in life after a neighbor quail is found dead next door in apt 702, during hot weather. Kazuaki and Hitori run into each other shortly after that, and Hitori offers to tutor him. [Kd]
2181-2182 alternate?: Nanaki enrolls in classes somewhere but ends up in hikikomori mode. At first he tries to write every day, but is eventually overtaken by despair. [HoliStar]
2183, Jan 12: Nageki is invited to St Pigeonation’s. [G1]
2183, summer: Nageki stays at school during summer vacation, supposedly for intensive medical treatment. He sends letters home, but Hitori becomes increasingly worried by their tone. [G1 + BBL]
2183, Aug 29: Nageki kills himself. [G1 + BBL]
2183, early December: Kazuaki and Hitori meet again. [G1]
2183, Dec 8: Tragic Quail Boyfriend Day. Eventually, a dead quail is found with a suicide note claiming that Hitori killed himself because of being hounded by the Hawk Party; on that basis, the remains are identified and stored as Hitori in frozen lab storage. [G1 + BBL]
2186: Narcolepsy-sensei starts teaching at St Pigeonation’s. He passes the initial medical exam from Shuu. [G1]

Gentle Lie

Note: This might be a spoiler or not

I know nothing about Holistar, and that’s the good thing about doujin where we can expand imagination. When the time comes and I’m wrong, let’s all laugh about this :D

It’s started from this speculation

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