quail's egg


串かつセルエクション // Fried Skewer Night
Featuring potato, quail egg, cheese sticks, pork-wrapped garlic, and plum-stuffed chicken, plus some autumn favorites: miso dengaku, oyster, and gingko nuts! Skewers always come with special sauce and all the cabbage you could want, but remember: the sauce is in communal bowls, so double dipping is strictly prohibited. 

Jonghyun/Taemin; a good egg; PG

“What’s wrong?” Taemin asks quietly. Jonghyun makes another noise, a quiet groan, an unintelligible mumble, and curls himself up even tighter in Taemin’s arms. Taemin curls with him, squeezing him just as much as he likes. “Tell me,” he whispers.

but like tw for super self-esteem problems

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So, for royal wedding feasts, would extravagance, or cost effectiveness be better? (Like, obvs there’s going to be some extravagance, but you know, ultimately mostly inexpensive, more veggies cut into flowers than turduckens with quail eggs inside them.) 

Like, both Fiona and Maric are fairly aware that it’s going to be a much smaller wedding feast than Maric and Rowan’s (they think maybe seventy-five people will come, it’ll probably be more like sixteen to twenty, including Leah, Wade, and Herren, who are mostly there to help Fiona with her dress and armor.) 

I feel like an extravagant meal would say ‘This queen will shop you into a deficit’, but a humble meal might say ‘this woman thinks too low of our people’.