quail tattoo


Hello Tumblr World,

Megan here, and I wanted to personally write you all to let you know the extremely disappointing news that Bayside are being forced to change their logo. Many bands go through countless logo changes throughout their careers. Every album introduces a chance to redesign and perfect the icons that represent them as artists. Bayside never had to do that. The quail in my opinion was the perfect logo. It was sophisticated, simple, and iconic, which is why eight years ago, at age 22 I had it tattooed on my ribs. The quail was my first tattoo, and one I’ve never for a moment regretted. I meet more people with Bayside’s quail tattooed on them than any other band. We’re a cult, and nobody can change that! While I’m disappointed that things went this way to say the least, I’m excited that after 14 years the guys get to do a little reinvention. The new logo is pretty awesome and definitely represents the next phase for the band. I for one can’t wait to get out there and start seeing tattoos of the new logo on fans at shows!  We’re waiting for the final design, and you’ll be the first to see it. Thanks for supporting the band through this. It means so much to the Hopeless Records family, and everyone in the Bayside camp. 
The Cult will continue on!