quail babies


Thorin German Shepherd watches over small baby quails

this killed me on so many levels


look how tiny!!!

King Quail (chick) ~ Zwergwachtel (Küken) ~Coturnix chinensis

You don’t see much? The reason is that the chick above (yes, there is one) is a King Quail, a pygmy quail, who at this age is not much larger than a bumblebee. Because of that amazing tinyness the picture is not entirely sharp but you can see fluff, a tiny beak, a beady eye and two large feet, can’t you? :-)  

2015 © Jesse Alveo ~ All rights reserved


As basic and simple as glass vial pendants are….. i flipping love making them.
Little jars of natural treasures on display for boh the wearer and the observer to appreciate and love.
Vials photographed contain
- dried baby quail chick foot ( courtesy of Jesse )
- rodent jaw bones from various owl pellets i dissected through.
- lovely black swallowtail (courtesy of trade)
- vial of cleaned and whitened rodent bones again from vaious owl pellets i sifted through.
- Vial of a snake molt ( courtesy of trade)

These will be strung up and placed into our vending batch <3