you know how lots of kids identify every furry quadruped as a dog?

when i was a little kid, i identified every furry animal with straight pointed ears as a cat

so when i saw a husky i thought it was a cat, and got really upset when i was told it wasn’t

i was like 4 years old at this time

i dont have many memories from this early in my life but I actually remember this

The Pronghorn - Antilocapra americana

The pronghorn is still colloquially known as the “prong-horned antelope”, even though it’s not actually related to the true Old World antelopes, which are native to Asia and Africa. It fills a similar ecological niche, and appears very similar, due to convergent evolution.

When humans first arrived in North America, there were five species of Antilocarpa extant, but the other four have since gone extinct. The other North American Artiodactyla were much larger than the pronghorns are. In fact, the fawns of these ruminants are so small at birth (only a few lbs) that they’re not uncommonly snatched by golden eagles, in smaller harems that cannot effectively defend their offspring while eating.

Quadrupeds of North America. John James Audubon, 1854.

Cat-squirrels. Used to refer to either red squirrel or the Easten gray squirrel, both shown here.

Squirrels are just fancy-dress rats. Trust me here…physiologically, they’re basically the same. Squirrels tend to be significantly larger than black rats, but some brown rats can get up to the size of even a grey squirrel. 

Quadrupeds of North America. John James Audubon, 1851.