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Cycles de marche et trot avec bug de fin !
Gobelins CRFA2019 - Exercice de 3e année
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Quadruped Assignement at The Animation Workshop with Sabor from Tarzan

Aku vs. his Daughters

Inspired on memime’s post about the season 5 equivalent of paladin au, particularly the part where Paladin has to kill 6 of his daughters to save a village, but decides to spare Ashi. Enjoy!

By the time he recovered enough energy to regain consciousness, he realized he was completely lost. He didn’t really mind it, but a sharp burning sensation on his side reminded him there was no time to go sightseeing. Aku grit his teeth and tried to press his hand against his side, only to quickly retreat it when the burning multiplied tenfold. With great effort, he managed to sit up, and when his vision got adjusted to the light, he realized the river had carried him downstream, faraway from that temple… or rather, its ruins, if his idea had worked.

Curiously, deep down he hoped it hadn’t worked. He couldn’t bear the idea of taking the lives of his own daughters, even if they had nearly taken his. Those glowing white weapons they wielded were undoubtedly crafted with the Samurai’s magic, coated and blessed in white magic, which explained why they could deal this damage to him.  

He couldn’t stay here. It wasn’t safe, he was in no condition to fight his daughters again, and he didn’t have the heart to. Despite everything, they were his children, made from his essence, his blood ran through their veins, and he didn’t want the same thing with…. Kuni to repeat all over.

He wondered what she would have said if she had seen him in this state, injured and running from his offspring.

Aku pushed these thoughts aside for the time being as he went back to his feet, this time pressing his hand against the wound to keep his black blood inside his body, where it belonged, lest he unknowingly made more kids indirectly. He had to look for someplace to hide while the wound healed, but it would take longer both because he had little energy left, and the wounds inflicted by blessed weapons took longer to heal.

Every step was an agony as he made his way through the woods, trying to make as little noise as possible, just in case his daughters were around. After all, he wouldn’t be surprised if they got his keen senses.

Finally, he spotted a cave a few steps away. Aku slowly made his way into it, not even minding not having night vision at that moment, all he wanted was someplace to hide, and the darkness would blend in with his dark coloration. When he was certain he was deep enough, he collapsed on his rear, panting heavily at the pain in his side. He took his cape and pressed it against the wound, again wincing at the burning sensation. If he were human, he would have certainly died in the river.

Damn it.

Aku closed his eyes shut, listening to his own breath as he tried to relax and let his body and healing capability do their job. And while he was on it, he might as well think on how to get away from his daughters.

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wennbergbabe  asked:

Okay I haven't watched all of Fantastic Beasts and where to find them yet but the actor who plays Newt is adorable! Could you do a prompt with Newt. "Don't be afraid love they won't hurt you"

I agree, Newt is a cutie! Btw, you’re requesting so much stuff lately, thanks a ton, sweetie! :) 

Originally posted by xoxoeddie

I was quite excited once I realized Newt was finally going to share his secret with me. To let me see his wonderful creatures, those that he cared so much for. 

He was willing to share his passion with me. 

So as we climbed inside his suitcase -which was quite odd, since I was never a wizard like him. I was a ‘muggle’ instead, as he had called me -a feeling of curiosity and thrill overcame me. 

Despite it all, I was quite frightened too. Those creatures, while calm and apparently docile were a tad intimidating as well. I knew I was not in danger, especially with Newt standing right there next to me, but I couldn’t help but to feel overwhelmed. 

When a quadruped creature walked closer to me and started to sniff my legs, I let out an involuntary squeak as I clung onto Newt’s arm.

“Don’t be afraid, love” He rushed to reassure me. “They won’t hurt you” 

I heed his words and reached out with my hand to touch it. The creature didn’t flinch with my touch, in fact it sought it. So I smiled and petted their head. 

Newt chuckled happily at the sight of me caring for his creatures. Surelly, it must be endearing to see how someone you are so fond of shares an interest in your biggest passion.

He then took my hand and guided me along as we reached another area, in which an enormous eagle looking creature flew. 

“This is Frank” The  wizard introduced me to the creature. 

I glanced at Newt’s expression and saw the same look of awe and adoration he sometimes used for me to look at Frank. It made me slightly jealous, but it was adorable nonetheless. 

I grinned and admired the beauty and majesty of that creature. 

“It’s beautiful, Newt, all of this” I said as I cautiously rested my head on his shoulder. 

Instead of shrinking away, he embraced the gesture and moved closer to me as he excitedly started talking about Frank and about his beloved creatures.