some quadrumvirate headcanons:
  • they don’t sleep all on the same bed all the time; when they do it’s usually very crowded and one of them (usually combeferre) wakes up with a very stiff neck
  • which means they take turns sleeping on the same bed
  • but enjolras and combeferre have kind of the same sleeping schedule, so they usually go for enj/ferre and courf/R
  • they are all very cuddly, so they’re always cuddling and touching each other and holding hands
  • they occasionally try walking holding hands all four, but it gets very messy and they don’t really fit on sidewalks, so they tend to take turns in pairs to hold hands
  • before getting together enj and R were dating and courf and ferre were dating, but they did everything together so one day they were cuddling at courferre’s when grantaire was struck by the realisation that he loved them all ??? courfeyrac was the second one to notice he loved the three of them
  • one of their favourite things to do is cooking together because they can make a huge mess and it’ll be easy to clean later because they’re four
  • grantaire cuts everyone’s hairs, courfeyrac plans their dates when they all go out together, combeferre manages their finances and enjolras is responsible for their pets (a dog and a cat)
  • they go out on dates in various combinations because sometimes it’s hard to find dates for the four of them to go out together

One day Grantaire is late in meeting his boyfriends at a bar.
He arrived to find Combferre and Enjolras yelling at some douchebag while Courfeyrac looks on laughing, his eyes shining with both amusement and adoration.
“What’s going on?” He asks.
“That guy hit on me. I told him I’m in a relationship.”
“He demanded proof. Asked who my boyfriend was. I point at those two dorks and say ‘well those two to start with.’ He called me a whore.”
“Holy shit.”
“Yeah. So Combferre jumps in to defend my honor and explain the concept of polyamory. Enj yells at the guy for using ‘whore’ as an insult and lectures him on respect for sex workers.”
“Damn. They didn’t leave anything for me.”
“That’s okay. You might get a chance later when he figures out that wearing a dress doesn’t mean I’m a girl.”

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Do you ship Enjoltaire, and if you do, and read fan fiction, could you recommend some? I am bored and it's late in the evening

OMg I love them so much!!! 

And yeah I have a FUCKTON of them to recommend!! 

 - How the Future’s Done by @barricadeur its really cute; it involves cats and fluffiness. 12K words

fire in my hands by @wittenberg shit fam this is one of my favourites by FAR! Its so funny to read but then suddenly everything becomes serious and oh no, shit became real. 5,5K words

Love in a Coffee Shop by @tell-themstories rock star!Grantaire and coffee shop owner!Enjolras that we all need in our lives. 23K words

I have more if you need but I guess this is enough for now (or is it? hehe) 


You’re Adoughrable  by @willowveild Its and Combeferre/Enjolras/Grantaire fic, but I just LOVE it SOOOOO much!!!! 13,5K words

A Lack of Wisdom (Teeth) by @themightychipmunk is a quadrumvirate fic and its my favorite fic of all times. im not joking. 10K words

Hope it helped you!! 

QUAD · RUM · VI · RATE | Mixes for the enterprising quartet.

“what are we, those who have come so far, as to rival suns and moons?
what are we, those so adrift, as to lose ourselves amongst the stars and debris?
what are we but constellations, concerned only with the harmonies entwined in our wake?”

{1·4} kirk.   {2·4} mccoy.   {3·4} spock.   {4·4} uhura.

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Benito Mussolini and the Quadrumvirate.

At the beginning of Italian Fascism, they were a group of four leaders that led Benito Mussolini’s March on Rome in October 1922. They were all actively involved in the Fascist party under Mussolini and had been actively involved in politics and/or war for many years leading up to the March on Rome.

The four men were leading Fascists of the time. They were:

Michele Bianchi, a revolutionary syndicalist leader.

Emilio De Bono, a leading Italian General who had fought in World War I.

Cesare Maria De Vecchi, a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, as well as a colonial administrator.

Italo Balbo, World War I veteran, a Blackshirt leader and leader of the Ferrara Fascist organisation and “heir apparent” to Mussolinis leadership.

     “ Come a long way, not to work it out as { cold comfort } wraps around you in the d a r k . . .

{ 2:4 } Acoustic strumming, synth’d out folk, and a whiff of good ol’ americana for hesitant wayfarers and nostalgic stargazing.
a mix for Lieutenant Commander Leonard H. ‘Bones’ McCoy, MD.

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