The signs of the zodiac

Each sign is defined by a polarity, a “quality” and an element.

The polarity divides the zodiac into two parts

First, starting with Aries, there are six positive signs, also called male signs, alternating with six negative signs or feminine signs. Some people prefer the terms of Yin and Yang to be less sexist. 

  • The Yang signs, or “positive” signs, are extroverted, objective and assured.
  • The Yin signs, or “negative,” are more introverted, subjective and receptive.

Next come the modes which divide the zodiac into three parts

It is the quadricity of the zodiac. The three “modes” are: cardinal signs, fixed signs and mutable signs.

  • The cardinal signs are enterprising, they initiate change, move things forward.
  • The fixed signs consolidate, they preserve and reinforce change, they are tenacious, focused and determined.
  • The mutable signs are flexible and changing, they adapt and adjust.

The elements

We speak of triplicity of the zodiac. They are fire, earth, air, water.

  • Fire signs: vitality, excitement, intensity
  • Earth signs: stability, common sense, ability to move things forward
  • Air signs: intellect and sociability
  • Water signs: emotions and intuition

List of the signs following what is said above

  • Aries: positive, cardinal, fire
  • Taurus: negative, fixed, earth
  • Gemini: positive, mutable, air
  • Cancer: negative, cardinal, water
  • Leo: positive, fixed, fire
  • Virgo: negative, mutable, earth
  • Libra: positive, cardinal, air
  • Scorpio: negative, fixed, water
  • Sagittarius: positive, mutable, fire
  • Capricorn: negative, cardinal, earth
  • Aquarius: positive, fixed, air
  • Pisces: negative, mutable, water

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