Reasons you should vote for DiminutiveGhosties for Matespritstag ball:

So hey!! People going to the makesprit/valentine’s ball, there is a super cool lady called Caroline that seriously deserves some votes!!

  • she is insanely smart and has like a 9.3 GPA or something crazy like that
  • she has a black belt!! I literally don’t know anyone else with a black belt!!
  • what a quality cosplayer, I mean goddamn:

like i’m pretty sure she fucking hand sewed most of her fancy dreamer Rose holy shit and look what a qt she is in every situation

  • not only did she get into a prestigious university, they sent her a handwritten postcard based on her amazing application
  • she’s an amazing friend and nice to everyone she meets
  • and she is a really talented actress who somehow manages to juggle cosplay, grades, and a bunch of extracurricular stuff??

i think this decision is clear

(ps we were supposed to post a video for this, but me and Laura are both really sick, but we couldn’t be more proud of how Caroline has grown in the past year and a half– not only as a cosplayer, but as an individual. it’s really been a pleasure knowing her! Kn0ck ‘em dead Car0line 0u0!)

Hosted my first ever organized social event today, with the help of Jaycee, Bryony, Aubry, Reina, and Laura! I’m so entirely exhausted right now, we had a great turnout and made back all of our money! A big thank you to everyone who came to the ball today!

This event holds a lot of importance to me because I have for the past few years (quietly) been considering party/event planning as a career. I have so much fun seeing people have fun, I think I might have a future in it. Thank you everyone who came by and I look forward to seeing everyone again! Please continue to support QuadrantsYearly, and don’t forget to follow our tumblr!

Hello, all!

I’m the admin’s moirail, and I will be posting on this blog under the title of Mod L, or simply, Li.

I’d like to thank you all for following and I’d especially love to thank the 24 of you who took the time to fill out the April survey for Chapter #001, the HRVA area! ( • ∀•)っ~★

Unfortunately we didn’t have the opportunity to host an event for Chapter #001’s Auspitice Day. However! The next holiday we’re looking into celebrating is Kismeseve! Grab your hate-mates for this one!

PLEASE feel free to submit ideas for a Kismeseve meetup to our ask box! The holiday falls on August 14th of this year!!!!

Thanks for all of your support! We hope to expand more soon!

– Mod L

Survey time!!

I mentioned near the end of Matespritstag that there would be a sort of feedback survey, so here it is!! I’ll keep it open for a few weeks, so please give as much feedback as you can. If you don’t tell us what you didn’t like, we won’t know to change it. And if you have a suggestion, please let us know here! We’d love to make future events as fun as possible. The survey is completely anonymous, btw.

Thank you for your time and for attending!! <3 (Pictures should be up next weekend, possibly a little later.)

anonymous asked:

Who's in the top three right now for each, if I may ask?

For king: Catheridan/hugahomestuck, Cari/diminutiveghosties, and Rachel/clockworkzog

For queen: Bryony/mytholurgical, Erynn/redren, and Sara/theprincesswiththemagichair

Remember you guys have until midnight of January 19th, this Saturday!! I should be posting the top three that will be running/voted on by Monday.