Quad Jacks of April ‘14

Every April starts with fools day, but this April continued with gentlemen of great looks to inspire us. Light coloured t-shirts and the first beach selfies with swimsuits appeared on our timelines. We (in the north hemisphere) are getting ready for summer fun.

Here is the Quad Jacks of April as you clicked on your timelines, here on Tumblr!

#1 @jorparfer - April’s Mistergram! - student pilot and dancer from Valencia, Spain hit the top of Quad Jacks!

#2 @calculatorxtwo - the Canadian engineer train spotting in his black and red plaid shirt.

#3 @mmasmad - matching eye colour with trousers and hair colour with stair steps makes a great pose and mad looks from mr Mmasmad.

#4 @ocelillo - the second entry from Spain is mr Ocelillo with the intense gaze and the floral pattern on living room’s couch!

Well done sirs!

Share with #mistergram your best style and face angle!

Keep taking pictures of you!

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F*@k You Video by SrslySirius & Marco QuadJacks (by QuadJacksdotcom)


Quad Jacks of February ‘14

February, although is the smallest month as for days, had a huge interaction with you and Mistergrammers. Winter is over, spring is here and your fingers can sting like little bees the like-buttons!

Here is the Quad Jacks of February as you wanted!

#1 @jordanring - February’s Mistergram! - beard, piercing and StarWars in the kitchen were the keys to success for this month!

#2 @justinnreedd - better than a selfie is a double selfie combined with big muscles and a gentleman’s look.

#3 @rafaribeirao - Don’t worry Rafael, you are in the top 4 of Mistergramers - if your facial expression is a worry.

#4 @paolostella - people are divided to cat-people and dog-people according to a theory. Paolostella has a cat posture on his armchair and a backlit - Don’t bite your nails!

Well done sirs!

Keep taking pictures of you!


Quad Jacks of March ‘14

We could say March is a male oriented month, simply because it’s name comes from the Roman god of war, Mars. Our first four Quad Jacks are march-ing on our desktops, looking at the camera lens with sweet puppy eyes, rather than the deadly warriors’ sight.

Here is the Quad Jacks of March, you brought to top4!

#1 @brandon_mercer - March’s Mistergram! - Mr Brandon Mercer studies advertising photography, so yes he can make a big deal with a toilet selfie.

#2 @theo___t - an executive’s chin pose and a simple t-shirt under the correct light is a win.

#3 @djbotts - The lad from Sydney who likes ice cream over a valley of wild life. He survived from all those dangerous animals!

#4 @_rodoaltieri - Some people, when they wake up, wear a hat and they simply look that good!

Thank you sirs!

Keep taking pictures of you!