quading in the dark

  • Me: Wakes up early and is in a bad mood.
  • Me: *goes on tumblr*
  • Me: *sees Cassie's newsletter*
  • Me: *screams and dies of happiness*

Annabel Blackthorn to be happy and getting redemption from the Clave and apologizing to Alec and Julian because she doesn’t meant to harm anyone, she just want to live her life away from everyone because she’s traumatized by her past. Also Annabel helping the Blackthorns to end the Cold Peace and destroying The Cohort and aNNABEL BLACKTHORN SHOWING MERCY TO ZARA DEARBORN AND HER FAMILY BECAUSE SHES’S NOT EVIL, SHE’S GOOD

Zara Dearborn to be killed but not by Annabel, that would be cruel. I would like Zara’s death to be like Josiah Wayland’s from The Infernal Devices. I like those kind of deaths. (Also not to mention how much I hate Josiah ugh he’s the worst Consul.) Like if you want comparison, Zara is the Umbridge while Sebastian are Voldemort. We can understand why Voldy did such terrible things but we will never, ever forgive Umbridge.

And seriously, Cassie, I don’t want any redemption for this one.

Jia to become more active as the Consul and not letting the Cohort take control of anything. I know, she’s not passive, because they can do worse things to Aline and Helen, but Jia could’ve stop the Cohort from doing something terrible, or at least hold them until Julian and the gang destroys them once and for all. And Jia to help her family because Aline is now a Blackthorn too and please save these smol kids, Jia.

Diana (with the help of Catarina Loss) to open up to the Clave (or at least Jia) about her condition and possibly get support from the Council??? Like she can’t hide it forever. I’d like to think that the Cohort might get some information about this from Zara and they would be like ‘sHe is nOt a gIrL!!’ AND JIA FREAKING PENHALLOW, MAGNUS BANE, CATARINA LOSS, AND ALEXANDER LIGHTWOOD STANDING UP FOR HER AND “SHE’S A SHADOWHUNTER, YOU FOULSOME LITTLE COCKROACH” and I would cry out of joy if this really happened.

Also DianaxGwyn? This ship is sort of like Gabrily, seems forced but still cute but Gwyn is not so smooth at flirting and I like it. I personally think this ship would sink, but Cassie is not the person who sink ships, especially as it has sailed. The only sinking (canon) ship is Climon and we all know Clace is endgame, so…

Anyway, back to Diana, her romance with Gwyn would not be the first romance between a Shadowhunter and a Faerie(or a mythical leader) because there’s Sebby and the Queen, which led us to…

The Queen to be manipulated at least once by Julian Blackthorn because we all knew she deserves that. No explanation needed.

But compared to the Unseelie King, she’s less evil, so I don’t know how I feel towards her.

Kieran as the Unseelie King, as I explained on part one of this theory. He had changed so much and it’s just not fair if he returned to the Wild Hunt, like it would all be for nothing. He has a rightful place to the throne just as Adaon does. Kieran to end things with Mark and as much as I ship Kierark, I just don’t think it would work.

Also Adaon killing the Unseelie King, possibly because he’s hurting Kieran or try to use the Black Volume to kill Kieran. Adaon as a brother, eventhough he’s not that close to Kieran, I just want to see Adaon kill him and be killed, leading Kieran to become the Unseelie King.

Jem and Tessa moments, with Tessa being sick and all, all I want is a new Carstairs baby named William Carstairs. Emma hugging baby Will and finally not feeling alone anymore. Also more Jem-Emma bonding moment, and Emma opening about her feelings to Jem, and Jem telling us what exactly happened with Eloisa Ravenscar and Silas Pangborn.

Speaking of which…

In The Infernal Devices, Gabriel once accused Charlotte to tell the Clave about Silas, his uncle, which makes him killed. And something like that. Could Jem knew the real story and help Julian and Emma?

Also why can’t Jules and Emma remember they attended Jem and Tessa’s wedding?

Simon and Isabelle’s wedding and them running the Shadowhunter Academy and removing the dregs and the elites and making the Academy great again!!! But their wedding would probably be postponed because of Robert’s death.

But Julian and Emma dancing under the Idris sky on their wedding and Julian talking about how much he wanted to marry Emma and calling her “Emma, Emma Blackthorn” and kiss her (not in public of course) aND THIS WEDDING WOULD BE A FLUFF OF HAPPINESS BEFORE LE FINALE

Clary to not tell Jace about her visions because I had a bad feeling this book will end with Clary dying and Emma to console Jace and telling him about Clary’s vision and Jace helping Emma because ‘the Herondales always owes the Carstairs’ but if Clary was dying I would probably make another blog which consist of five-hundred words of describing how I sobbed in the corner of my room surrounded by tissues.

And Jace and Jem taught Kit about the demon pox song. Please.

Kit re-admitting he’s a Shadowhunter and went “I am Christopher Herondale, prepare to die” and finding out who is her mother because I’m very confused, I actually had no idea who is Kit’s mother. Maybe Johnny never married her because she is not a Mundane, but a Faerie??? There are so many possibilities. And with Kit and Ty and Dru being the main protagonists in The Wicked Powers, his mother must have been pretty important.

The Seven Riders of Mannan recruiting a seventh rider.

Diego breaking his fake engagement with Zara and tries to get back to Cristina, but Mark stepped forward, but before Mark can say anything, kIERAN THREATENING DIEGO TO STAY AWAY FROM CRISTINA AND NEVER HURT HER AGAIN “bECAUSE SHE DOESN’T DESERVE YOU” and Zara, being an idiot, saying “yes, she doesn’t deserve a Shadowhunter, she deserves only the impure ones” and Cristina defending Mark and Zara continues to insult both Mark and Kieran and Cristina went rage and tries to kill her while Mark holds her off but Emma shouts from behind ‘let her kill that bastard’

Magnus to take a break from everything. Also who the hell is thst green warlock called Shade im 101% sure he is Ragnor Fell.

The book ending with a cliffhanger but not like Lord of Shadows, gosh, I haven’t been that devastated with a cliffhanger like that since Blood of Olympus. More like City of Glass, when we thought everything was perfect but there are still darkness lurking.

Yeah, I know, there are  a lot of things that I wanted, but this is Cassandra Clare we’re talking about. She would fulfill her reader’s desire in the most beautiful way as possible, even if it involves lots and lots of deaths. Please tell me what you think, and don’t forget to read the first part of the theory!

p.s.: i think julian is going to die

Medicine | Changkyun Oneshot

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Genre: College AU, fluff, romance.

Summary: “You opiate this hazy head of mine.”

Monsta X College AU Series: Wonho / Changkyun

     "There he goes again.“ You muttered to Shownu, your eyes following the boy running down the quad to the Medical School building in dark blue scrubs.

     "He’s got an big exam coming up, do you blame him?” Your best friend replied, shrugging and going back to his sandwich, becoming easily distracted by his hunger. Shownu had been working on his business administration project all day and he was finally able to have his first meal.

     Changkyun pushed the door open with his shoulder, his hands occupied with a stack of books, pens, and a lab coat gripped tightly in his palm. There were deep, tired bags under his eyes and his face was pale. It made you wonder how many hours of sleep he was getting these days or how many cups of coffee he had downed that morning to still be able to stay awake like that. You two didn’t know each other well; you only spoke to him when he and Shownu were hanging out, yet you worried about him greatly. Everyone knew Changkyun was a hard worker who poured his mind and soul into his studies and most people avoided him in fear of disturbing him, resulting in him not befriending anyone outside of his friend group.

     “No,” You tapped your pencil on your chin, lips between your teeth, “ Has he been eating? Sleeping?”

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Yuzuru Hanyu + Quad Battle (Quad Salchow) - Friends on Ice 2011

After he fell on his first try, they all encouraged him to try again and he landed it :) 
First Loves

Lams babies.

This is a trans Laurens fic. He is genderfluid and uses him/his pronouns. He still has body issues, but there is no self harm. 

I AM NOT PART OF THE TRANSGENDER COMMUNITY.  If I got anything wrong, or something is even the slightest bit offensive, I want need you to tell me, so I can change it as soon as possible!

Light smut


John looks down at his chest and his eyes begin to well up with tears. He hated his body. He looked up from his body and into the mirror. He grabbed a hair band from his wrist and wrapped it loosely around his hair before grabbing the scissors from the counter. Well, here goes, he thought, hacking at the hair. He pulled the hair band from what was left of his hair and shook it out. He smiled in the mirror at the shorter hair, long enough for a ponytail, but not too long to look feminine. He took the cut hair and threw it all in the garbage. Looking in the mirror, he wiped at the tears that were sliding down his face, laughing. This is me.

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“I need a place to stay” Becca Ending

(Read part 1 first here)

Request 6 Becca x MC Ending



…Sorry, but I need to find Becca and make sure she’s okay”

Zack cuts in “Don’t worry, I’ll take him off your hands” He gives Teddy a wide grin “–if that’s okay with you, that is”

Teddy smiles “That’ll be just fine”

Zack turns back to you and winks “Go get ‘em tiger” you glance unsurely between the two of them.

Teddy grins and gestures with his hands for you to get going. You oblige, turning and taking off toward the front door. From behind you, you hear him call after you, teasingly “Break a lot of hearts?”

“Occupational hazard!” you call back, sprinting out of earshot. You run out the door, and nearly trip over a crumpled Becca, seated on the bottom stair leading up to the front door.

Chris raises an eyebrow and stands “I think that’s my cue to leave” You nod to him graciously as he heads back into the house. Carefully, you lower yourself to the stoop next to Becca, leaving a good foot between as a buffer. You turn your head to look at her, eyeing her carefully.

“..Hey” You begin. “I just wanted to see how–”

“Look, about today, I didn’t actually 100 percent mean everything I said, I mean I guess you could say that at the very least this has been an extended-pit stop, or maybe more, I don’t know.”

She pours onto you, barely taking a moment to gasp for air before starting up again.

“And I’m sorry if you took that the wrong way…No, I mean I’m sorry if that came out the wrong way..No, what I mean is that I’m sorry for the way I’ve treated you these past few months because you’ve honestly been the nicest person to me, not to mention the best sex I’ve ever had, to the point I can’t even believe I ever got you into bed and I’ve treated you worst of all and I think that’s because I care about you and I–”

Her sped-talked apology rant is cut short by your lips pressed into hers. After a what feels like forever (although likely only actually spanned about a hair of a second), she returns the kiss, her palm grabbing the back of your head, pulling you even closer still. Though agonizing, you pull away, a stupid grin crawling across your face. “You care about me?”

She looks away, sighing and rolling her eyes. “I knew you’d get hung up on that part” Try as she might, she can’t hide the grin sweeping across her face. You grin, taking her hands in yours, standing to lift her to her feet. She smiles at you, shyly, fluttering her eyelashes as though unsure of her next action. You slowly lean in, her eyes closing as she does the same. You bring your lips so close to hers that you can feel the breaths escaping them, bouncing off your own. Rather than close the gap, you whisper; your lips brushing against hers “best sex you’ve ever had, huh?”

Her eyes burst open to roll melodramatically around her sockets “You’re not going to let me live this down, are you?”

You glance around thoughtfully “Mm…I don’t think so” you wink “ Don’t worry, I can teach you a few things”

“Oh can you?”

“If you can handle it”

“Believe me, I can”

You smirk, wrapping an arm around her waist and drawing her towards you; your lips hovering by her ear as you whisper. “My place our yours?”

Her features soften; her eyes dropping to the ground, avoiding your stare.

“Let’s walk” you suggest, not prying further. She nods and accepts your hand, lacing her creamy smooth fingers between your own in a tender embrace. You watch as her burgundy manicured fingernails grip pensively into your skin.

Hand in hand, you walk along the path of the quad. Up ahead, the glow of the cafe lights permeates through the dark, midnight sky. Becca tugs you to stop, pulling you to face her.

“I just wanted to say..” she whispers “You look beautiful tonight, it’s–”

You cut her off, hugging her, clothed in a baggy ironic periwinkle sweatshirt and leggings and place your cheek to hers to whisper “So do you”

She blushes deeply, turning her eyes toward the ground “No, I..I look like a hermit”

“I mean if hermit’s another word for goddess, then you’re the sexiest hermit I’ve ever seen”

She smiles “You never stop, do you?”

“I certainly don’t intend to” You wink, playfully “Come on, let’s get a move on”

“But it’s so nice outsideeee” she whines. Your eyes roll, a heavy sigh escaping your lips.

“Fine” You agree, reluctance sounding through your voice. “Want to get a drink?”

She narrows your eyes at you “Are you trying to get me drunk, Ellen?” she winks “Because it’s working” You shrug with a smile, gesturing lazily to the imminent cafe lights “Actually, I meant something more along the lines of a milkshake..”

She gasps, taken aback, looking down to thoroughly examine herself “Do I look like I drink milkshakes?”

You shrug coolly “I dunno, but you kinda look like you could use one” Her head bobs, nodding sullenly, her features growing steadily downcast. Although you can’t be certain, you think you catch the reflection of the cafe lights in her eyes glimmering a little more unsteadily than before; tears welling.

“Maybe you’re right”

You smile. “It’s on me, we’ll split one” She smiles, the act of her cheek lifting forcing a reserved tear to slip out, rolling down her cheek’s edge You raise a hand to rub your thumb gently against her cheek, drying her tears. Your hand then slips around the back of her head, fingers entangling in the sandy blonde waves you’ve grown to love, to pull her towards you; your lips locking in a passionate embrace.

Her lips taste sweet; not like anything in particular, but incredibly pleasant. Your tongue flicks along the seam between your mouths, tasting her lip teasingly… She pulls away, plucking you from what seems like your own personal corner of heaven.

“I want strawberry!” She announces. You cock your head “Really? I was thinking something more along the lines of chocolate” She leans in, taunting you wickedly with her soft, sweet, pouting lips.. You close your eyes and lean in, reveling in anticipation when your lips meet the air where she just was. You lose your balance, tumbling to the ground face first. Ahead, you see her silhouette skipping toward the cafe “Last one there pays!”

You watch after her, befuddled “I’m already paying!” You relinquish to your growing smirk, hopping to your feet, and rolling into a steady gait. I’m certainly not going to make it easy for her. You dash ahead, catching up to her sheer moments before bursting through the doors, seemingly in unison.

Breathless, you sputter “Who..” gasp “..won?”

“Obviously..I did, I always do” You turn to her, perplexed. She throws an arm over your shoulder “I mean you’re with me so..”

Behind the counter, Zig interrupts “Actually–” Becca shoots him a glare. He holds his hands up defensively “Whoa whoa, just trying to mediate, looked like the situation needed it”.

You stroll up to him, fishing your wallet out “No no Zig, don’t worry, Becca here is just a sore loser” she follows after you, aggressively shoving her hand into yours; eyeing the crowd of onlookers threateningly “Fortunately enough for her, I’m a humble winner..” She turns to eye you with amusement. “So humble..” she muses.

“We’ll take one strawberry milkshake, please” Her eyes widen, her smile even more so. She plants her lips against your cheek, thanking you..passionately.  Your cheeks burn overwhelmingly as you notice the watchful crowd growing “I told you I always win..”

You roll your eyes, but fail to conceal your blissful grin “And I’m the ‘humble’ one?”

She smirks, “Hey, don’t get too beaten up about it, we can both win tonight when we–” She’s interrupted by Zig thrusting a cookie into gaping mouth, his entire body stretched dramatically over the counter. “Free with the milkshake!” announces “Alright ladies, let’s keep this PG” His face softens. Becca blinks at him. Twice. Cautiously, he lowers his hand.

She continues “I was gonna say ‘have sex tonight’ before this heathen here interrupted me” Zig drops his head into his hands. All the room’s eyes widened and on her “What? They all know what it means” A smile cracks along your lips, giving way to a toothy grin.

Continuing unabashedly, you fish a 20 out of your wallet “What’s the damage, Zigmund?” Without lifting his head from his splayed palms, he extends the milkshake out to you. “Just take it. Have a great night you two”

Awww, you’re kicking us out?” You tease. He again lifts his hands in front of him in defense “I’ was just reading the room, and I think what it was saying is it’s about time you two get your own”

You turn to Becca, surprised to find her face coolly collected. Her eyebrows raise as she notices all the eyes in the cafe are on you. You lean in to whisper to her “Maybe he’s right” She shrugs, “It might be nice to get out of this stuffy place..and get you out of that dress..” You hear a quiet thud and turn to see Zig lightly bumping his head against the counter, repeating the words “PG ladies..PG..” under his breath rhythmically.

You chuckle and follow after Becca, quickly shuffling behind her confident strutting to the door. As you exit, you’re relieved to find Zig revitalized, returning to his usual smirk. “Don’t have too much fun tonight!”


After strolling through the quad for several minutes, hand in hand, you find yourself huddled against the base of an elm tree; Becca’s head leaning heavily against your shoulder.



“I need a place to stay”

“No more sorority house?” She shakes her head “No, I can’t stay there anymore…at least not for awhile. It’s too hard..”

“With Madison?”

“With all the girls, they’ve all..turned on me”

You sigh, your fingers methodically twirling curls of silky gold hair. “We have a spare room, you can stay as long as you need” She lifts her head from your shoulder to face you, her viridian eyes shining as they stare into yours.

“I…thank you” Her head returns to nuzzle comfortably again into your shoulder. You kiss her nose and she blushes, shooing you away; playfully, like she doesn’t really mean it. You press your lips to where her forehead meets her hairline, lingering for a few extra seconds. Though she isn’t facing you, you sense her smiling.

“I don’t want to be alone tonight”

You smile, biting your lip “You don’t have to”

Yuck! In a twin bed?”

“Hey, I you weren’t complaining from all the winning you did last time…” she snorts “You’re gonna let the bed take credit for that?”

“And besides,” you continue “I’ve since upgraded to a queen, fit for a queen”

“Good, looks like I’ll be staying awhile” You smile, resting your chin atop of her head.


Later, you find yourself in a similar position on the bus back to your place.

“Wait, does this mean we’re living together?“

“Don’t push it”


Later that night, you find yourself hopelessly entangled in a mess of bed sheets and limbs; Becca vaguely the big spoon, you her smaller counter-part. The room is pitch black, aside from the eerie light of the moon. You break the silence.

“Does this make you my girlfriend?”

“Oi vey..” she huffs “I’m going to regret this, aren’t I?”

“I didn’t hear a ‘no’”

She disentangles herself from her current spooning position, turning to face away from you.

“Come baccckkkk” you whine, scootching over to her, wrapping your arms and legs around her; trapping her in your snuggling embrace.

She turns her head back to face you, smiling tiredly and plants a delicate kiss atop your nose.


“Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere”

Prompt by anonymous: “I was driving past a pet store today, and couldn’t help but wonder how cute a pet would be like in our home.”

Ship: kitty

Here you go! Hope you like it!!



No response.

“Kit. Take off your headphones.”

Kit took them off, looked at Ty and asked, “What, Ty?”

“So, I was driving past a pet store today, and couldn’t help but wonder how cute a pet would be like in our home. Most specifically, a cat or a dog.”

Kit sighed. They’d been over this a thousand times already.

“Ty..” he looked into his eyes. Ty’s expression changed, to one of annoyance and then one of hopefulness.

He looked so cute, it hurt Kit.

“Please, Kit? I’ll get you cookies.”

That made a laugh come out of Kit. He was still hesitant.

“Ty, we already have Church in the Institute.”

“But Church never lives here. He goes off to Jem all the time”

Kit looked down, and back up to Ty again. Ty was starting intensely at him, which those gray, gray eyes.

He remembered looking into them for the first time, and thinking, “how beautiful.”

They still were. He still was.

“Fine. only if you get me cookies for the rest of your life.”

Ty’s eyes lit up, and so did his features. He looked so happy, and his thanks showed that.

To Kit, he was beautiful. The most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

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Hello! Thank you for being so gracious with the tech talk, I've learned soooo much about figure skating from your blog. Reading your reply about the flip, I thought of something that I don't know if you can actually answer or not. But if Yuzu is more prone to go on outside edge, why doesn't he just do a lutz instead of a flip? Is it just because he's so extra?? If it was worth more points I could see why but my understanding was the lutz had a higher base value so why does he go for the flip???

Well, earlier in Yuzu’s career, the flip was a necessity. Back in those halcyon days when a one- or two-quad free skate was the norm, after 2 quads, 2 triple Axels, and 2 Lutzes, he needed 2 more triple jumps to make up the required 8 jumping passes, and that’s where the flip came in. When Yuzu first switched to a 3-quad layout with Seimei 1.0, he didn’t add a new quad type so the additional quad must be in combination. With that sort of layout, 2 solo quads, 1 quad combo, 2 Axel combos, he still needed 3 more triples of 3 different types to complete the content, so the flip was again necessary. 

And… that’s me running out of cold, hard logic to explain the continued existence of the 3F. Once Yuzu went over to the dark side 4 quads, he could totally get rid of the 3F and replace it with a 3Lo for virtually no difference in BV or SOV. So the only conceivable reasons for insisting on 3F as the third jumping pass are: (1) in accordance with the spirit of the “well-balanced program” as favored by the ISU, you do want to show the judges that you can do all 6 types of jump (2) Yuzu has worked too hard on fixing that flip edge it’s a waste not to put it to use (3) he and his team have figured out a marvelously beautiful entry to that flip so again it’s a waste not to utilize and (4) yes, he’s Yuzuru Extra™ Hanyu.

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First kiss scenario with jimin & namjoon?

I was wondering when someone would ask for these so that I could complete the first kiss category!

Namjoon: You stood against the wall of the frat house while looking at the suspicious untouched punch in your red solo cup and watching the bodies of college aged kids gyrating back and forth and on each other. You weren’t sure how you let your roommate convince you into going to this event. You were both freshmen, and while you normally tried to stay away from parties with the fear of what went on in them, your roommate was far more outgoing than you, and after trying to get you to go to them for the entire semester she’d finally got you out of the dorm.

“Hey!” Her voice chimed over the music and voices as she stumbled into your vision. But the drink spilled on the top of her romper and the lazy smile on her lips colored red from her favorite Mac lipstick, you knew she was drunk. Plenty of times you’d had to take care of her while she threw up in the bathroom and complained of a massive headache after a night of drinking. You smiled.

“You’re drunk,” you said. Even though trying to be lighthearted, you were worried about her. She laughed harder than she should have.

“Yeah! And you’re not! The punch is delicious!”

“I don’t know what’s in it.” You said, looking at the red liquid. You brought the cup to your nose and sniffed it, and immediately recoiled as the smell that reached your nose was definitely not fruit punch. She sighed.

“We’re not leaving until that cup is empty! Drink up! Next time I see you, I want you to be dancing with or on someone.” She said before winking at you and disappearing back into the crowd. You sighed as she left, and headed out through the back patio. You weren’t leaving—just hoping to get some fresh air.

The patio smelled of cigarette smoke, and people stood in scattered groups. You took a seat on the torn couch sitting in the corner overlooking the yard. You exhaled your breath, releasing all of the anxiety and nervousness that being in the party put you in.

“Here,” you heard someone’s voice say after you’d been sitting for a while. You looked up as a tall boy stood over you wearing a letterman jacket sporting the fraternity he was in. You noticed him holding an unopened bottle of flavored alcohol to you, and you swallowed roughly.

“I already have drink,” you said, lifting the cup in your hand.

He smirked. “A drink that you haven’t touched. You don’t trust it—which is good. They put all kinds of shit in that punch. Here. This is unopened.”

You took it hesitantly. He sat next to you and sighed as he opened his beer easily. For a quick moment, you tried to pry open the top to yours, but decided to stop once you realized how difficult it was to take off beer tops.

He smiled and took it from you, opened it easily, and handed it back.

“Thanks,” you said quietly.

“What’s your name?” He asked you.

You told him your name, and he held out a hand. You shook his, and were immediately shocked at the warmth that rested in his long fingers.

“I’m Namjoon.” He said as he pulled his hand away from the brief handshake. You sipped the drink he gave you. It tasted fruity, and you questioned if there was any alcohol in it at all. “I’ve never seen you at any of these parties.” He noted.

You were slightly caught off guard by his sentence. “Yeah, my roommate dragged me along.”

“Ah,” he said, and for a few moments, there was complete silence.

“You’re not missing anything at these parties,” he said abruptly. “Nothing really happens. I’m obliged to go since they’re hosted by my fraternity, but they lost their appeal years ago.”

“Years ago? Are you a senior?”

“Junior,” he corrected, “but I’ve been going to parties on campus since I was in high school. I stopped caring last year. It’s just the same people doing the same thing and regretting it in the morning.”

You nodded, sighing. You wondered if parties would lose appeal to your roommate in a few years as well.

“I’ve never really thought about going to them,” you told him. “They seem like they’re only fun if you’re really drunk.”

“That’s true,” he laughed. After a moment, he sighed. “Do you wanna go for a walk? It’s a little stiff out here.”

Immediate red flags went up. This stranger—an upperclassmen in a sketchy frat house—offers you liquor and then wants you to go walking with him?

You considered your options. It did feel nice talking to him, even if you both said very little. You liked the company since the only friend that you had here was drunk inside. And he was undeniably cute. You weren’t drunk or even tipsy, so if he did try to attack you, at least you’d be coherent enough to fight back. Plus, you had your pepper spray, and the knowledge you’d taken with you from a self-defense class the past summer.

“Can we walk in the quad?” You asked. You knew that campus police was all over the quad on a Saturday night, and if he tried anything, a single cry for help would guarantee you safety.

He raised an eyebrow. “You’ll have to leave your drink here since campus police is everywhere, and you haven’t even touched it.”

You shrugged. “I’m not much of a drinker, anyway.”

He nodded, and you both headed towards the quad, which even in the darkness of the sky, remained lit up by street lights and beams of moonlight.

You and Namjoon talked about nothing and everything. You learned that his major was Creative Writing, which surprised and intrigued you. You also learned that he was a city boy, which shocked you, considering that he was going to a school closer to the suburbs.

“I like it here,” he explained. It’s busy, but not as busy. It’s like a town of its own. It’s interesting.”

You found him far more interesting than the school’s whereabouts, however. He seemed to like isolation and peace from what you gathered, so why was he in the busiest and most recognizable fraternity on this campus?

You looked up at him (he was shockingly tall), and prepared to ask him, but for the briefest moment, you were breathless. He looked magnificent as a small beam of moonlight illuminated his hair and half of his face. He noticed you staring and raised a brow at you, making you immediately look away in embarrassment.

“Sorry,” you said, clearing your throat.

“Did you have something you wanted to say?” He asked. You shook your head, too embarrassed to let the words slip out.

On your way back to the frat house, you sighed. “I’m tired,” you said.

“Do you want me to walk you back to the dorms instead?”

“I can’t leave my roommate. I’m worried she’s too drunk for her own good.”

He smiled. “You’re a good roommate. I’m sure she’s thankful to have you.”

As the words left his mouth, your roommate burst through the front door, stumbling over herself as she yelped out.

“______! There you are! I thought you—you died or something!” She slurred out, and then noticed Namjoon. She stood up straight and fixed her romper. “Ahh! Hey, Joonie!” Joonie? “You know _______?”

“I just met her,” he said, a small smile on his face.

“You two know each other?” You asked him, feeling a pit of nervousness build in your stomach. Were they dating?

“Yeah! This is my cousin!” She said happily, and you released the breath you’d been holding in. You remembered her mentioning that she had family that went here, but Namjoon? It was almost funny to you how utterly different they were.

“Are you ready to go back?” You asked her. She nodded.

“Yes. My feet hurt like hell, and I don’t know whose drink this is spilled on me. Let’s go! See you, Joonie!” She grabbed your arm rather roughly as she led you back to the dorm. You turned to look at Namjoon for a moment as he stood, watching you two trot off. You stopped in your steps and released your roommate’s grip.

“One second, okay? I have to ask Namjoon something.”

You left her in her place as you approached him, a faint smile still on his lips.

“C-Can I have your number?” You asked nervously. You never asked a boy for his number before… where did this new boldness come from?

He smiled at you warmly, almost as if he was expecting you to come up to him and ask him that exact question.

You pulled out your phone and handed it to him, trying not to seem too excited as he pressed the digits into your phone. As he handed it back, he asked, “Anything else?”

You wanted to tell him how frustratingly attractive and interesting he was and how you were dying to know more about him, but instead, you smiled.

“I’ll text you,” you said in a final and very cool farewell, only to your surprise, he pulled you closer to him, and in the quickest, sweetest manor, he kissed your lips, and whatever attraction you were feeling for him escalated to an extreme level. When he pulled away, you could only stare at his lips, desperately wanting to kiss them again.

“I’ll be waiting on that text,” he said, waving bye to you and his cousin (who had begun to dance to the music still blaring from the inside) as he walked back to the frat house, leaving you warm and extremely happy.

Jimin: You and Jimin weren’t official—hell, you weren’t even sure if he really felt the way you did—but for some reason, seeing him talking so closely with another girl in your class was doing nothing but pissing you off.

You sat on your desk near the back of the room, looking at him leaning in closely to talk to Minah while she giggled appropriately to whatever nerdy crap he’d whispered to her.

“Ugh,” you groaned, folding your arms.

“Hey,” Your friend Soyou said before noticing the disgust on your face. She followed your eyes over to Jimin, and sighed. “Why are you upset?”

“Why is he leaning in so damn close? And why is she laughing so hard? Whatever he’s saying can’t be that funny.”

“You are so bitter,” Soyou laughed. You scowled at her. “Oh, come on! You two are barely talking.”

“But he told me he likes me.”

“Nothing is official.”

“But he took me on a date!”

“Going to the movies with two of his friends is hardly a date.”

“Yeah, but…”  You could only huff. Soyou had always been the voice of reason between you two, and even though you knew you had no reason to be upset, you couldn’t help but feel cheated. He liked you, didn’t he? And you confessed to him, too. Why hadn’t he asked you out? And why was he still flirting with other girls?

“Listen, if you have a problem with him talking to someone else, you should tell him. He probably sees nothing with it since you two aren’t official.”

You sighed, looking over at Jimin once more. He nudged Minah lightly as she tucked a strand of her long brown hair behind her ear, and left to his seat. You stood off of yours and sat in it properly as Soyou took her seat next to you.

“What if he decided that he doesn’t like me anymore?”

“Then he doesn’t like you, and you’ll get over and move on and find someone amazing.”

You smiled at your best friend quickly as the teacher entered the room, ending all conversation and commencing the lesson for the day.

At the end of the school day, you headed to the field to sit on the stands with Soyou while you two talked. Although Soyou went on about some escapade that happened at lunch, you could only pay attention to Jimin running a soccer ball across the field with his teammates. Like usual, your heart felt warm seeing him do something he was so passionate about. You remembered him texting you about a previous game he had, relaying all of his plays to you while you read them carefully and apologized about not being able to attend. Those conversations, although completely digital, still meant so much to you. You felt so close to him then. What happened? You were sure in those days that he would ask you out. What changed?

“…And then Hansol threw a piece of bread at him but it landed on—are you even listening to me?” Soyou asked, punching your arm lightly. You were pulled out of your thoughts just as Jimin moved some of his hair out of his face and exhaled, looking devilishly handsome as sweat began to glisten on his skin.

“Hmm? Sorry, I was distracted. What were you saying? What about Hansol?”

“Yeah, what about me?” You two heard a familiar voice approaching as your friend Hansol walked up the metallic stands. He plopped down next to you and immediately wrapped an arm around your shoulder. Hansol, while entirely handsome and a perfectly sweet person, was like a brother you’d never had. Besides the time that you dated him for two days in the seventh grade, you didn’t see him as anything more than the perfect friend. That didn’t stop people at school from shipping you two together.

“I told her about lunch.” Soyou chimed. He sighed.

“Ah, yes. I didn’t get in trouble for it, though. I charmed the principal with my good looks, and she decided that a young man like me is way too magnificent to be stuck in detention for two hours after school.”

You snorted at his reply and looked over at Jimin again as Hansol and Soyou began to carry on a conversation.

You closed your eyes and sighed, and as you did, you could imagine Jimin standing in front of you the day that he confessed to you, a small and nervous smile on his lips.

“I think I really like you, ______.” He’d told you as he reached for your hand lightly. You were completely stiff, and your lips pressed tightly together as you stood there. “You’re really kind, and sweet, and… I love being around you.” He’d confessed more, and you could hear the enthusiasm and admiration in his voice, like this was something that he’d held in for a long time.

“I like you, too, Jimin. I don’t think I’ve ever liked someone this much,” you whispered back. He leaned in closer to you, and all breath left your body as you planned for him to kiss you. You were pleasantly surprised to feel him wrap his arms around you and pull you into a hug. While it wasn’t the embraced you thought it would be, it was warm, delightful, and you felt the strangest sense of protection, as if Jimin wouldn’t let any harm come your way in that very moment.

“Wake up, nerd.” Hansol said, snapping his fingers in front of your face. Your eyes popped open, and you looked at him in shock for a split second before slapping his arm.

“You scared me!”

“You shouldn’t be taking naps while we’re having a conversation.”

“I was daydreaming.” You huffed and looked back out to the soccer players. To your surprise, Jimin was no longer there. How long had your eyes been closed?

“He left to go do something a few minutes ago,” Soyou said, noticing you scan the field.

“Is she still crushing on Jimin?” Hansol asked as he prepared to tease you.

“Shut up.”

“Don’t tell me to shut up,” he said, nudging you and causing your phone to fall between the stands.

“Hansol!” Both you and Soyou gasped as you looked through to the ground that you were elevated up from. It was only about a twelve-foot drop onto soft grass, but you still wanted to hit him for it. He laughed.

“I didn’t mean to!” He claimed.

“Asshole,” you grunted as you got up to go retrieve your phone. As you walked away, he blew you a sarcastic kiss. You sighed, stomping down the steps and circling around underneath the stands and looking for your phone in the shaded grass speckled with litter. You would have to make sure to hit Hansol for such a douchebag thing. You looked until you could see your case sticking out amongst the grass, and retrieved it, wiping the dew off of the screen and thankful that it didn’t crack.

You prepared to leave when you heard shuffling on the other side. You turned around, and standing about thirty feet away from you his was Jimin. And even in the shade, you knew it was him immediately.

“J-Jimin?” You asked, walking closer to him. He looked at you in shock, like he was just as shocked as you that he was down there.

“What are you doing down here? Did you follow me?” He asked. You frowned.

“No, my phone dropped. Thanks for thinking so highly of yourself.” You retorted, and he immediately grew quiet. Jimin wasn’t one for rebuttal, and you knew that. Immediately, you felt bad.

“I-I’m sorry-”

“No, it’s fine. You’re right, I shouldn’t have assumed that you came down here to follow me.” There was silence for a moment before you spoke up again.

“Why are you down here, anyway?” You asked him. He sighed.

“I come down here for fresh air during practices sometimes.”

“You come down here for fresh air?” You asked, pointing at all of the trash in the grass. He laughed lightly, a laugh that you loved to hear.

“Yeah, I know it’s strange.”

You both were now closer, close enough for you to see the details of his face, but not in arm’s reach. While looking at his face, you could feel the emotion and hurt from earlier building up inside of you. And while you wanted to ignore it, part of you wanted to just yell at him because you were so frustrated.

“Jimin, why were you flirting with Minah?” You asked him, noticing the annoyance in your voice. He looked a little caught off guard by your question, but he remained silent, which angered you. “Are you just gonna stand there and stare at me? You told me you liked me, right? And I liked you… I thought that maybe we could have something, but I come to school and see you flirting with Minah. Do you know how that makes me feel? Why did you confess to me if you had no plans to act on those feelings?”

“Aren’t you dating Hansol?” Jimin asked innocently. You almost choked on air.

You? And Hansol?

“Wh—no!” You said in disbelief. You couldn’t believe that this imaginary relationship had struck once again and managed to snake its way into your life.

Jimin shrugged. “Someone told me that you and Hansol were seeing each other. I’ve been meaning to talk to you about it, but you’re always with him… and I saw him come up the stands and wrap his arm around you, and… I don’t know. I just thought it was true.”

You sighed. You weren’t necessarily shocked that this was the reason he didn’t ask you out. Instead, you folded your arms.

“So, do you like Minah?” You asked him lightly.

“Not really… I heard that she liked me and figured I’d try to date her if I couldn’t date you, but… I don’t know. I feel too strongly about you to try and date someone else.” He admitted. You felt your heart warm at his sentence.

“Do you want to be my boyfriend, Jimin?”

His eyes lit up. “You’re asking me out?”

“You took too long to ask me out, so now I’m doing it. Will you go out with me?” You asked him again. He smiled.

“Yes, I’ll be your boyfriend, ________.”

You smiled and went to hug him as he’d hugged you the night that he confessed, only to your surprise, his lips met yours.

In seconds, you were engulfed in warmth and butterflies as his soft lips pressed against yours in the sweetest, kindest way. Only the innocence of the kiss soon subsided, and he slipped his tongue in your mouth quickly as he pulled you closer causing you to whimper in shock.

He pulled away, eyeing you carefully. “Sorry,” he apologized. “I shouldn’t have done that without asking first.”

You sighed. What a polite angel. “No, it’s fine, it just… caught me off guard. Let’s go somewhere besides under the stands, okay? When does practice end?”

“In about two hours… I should get back on the field, now that you mention it. Meet me afterwards, okay?”

You nodded, a smile on your face. “Okay.” He pulled you in for another quick kiss before scurrying back off to the field, and once alone, you could only exhale, now entirely thankful to Hansol to pushing you in the right direction.

So, hello, everyone. There’s not really much that I can say for my hiatus except for I deeply apologize and college sucks. I’m finding more time lately and I’ve been writing multiple scenarios at once (which is never a good thing), but I finally finished one out of the like four that I’m trying to complete. I hope you all liked it! Thanks for the submission!

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