quade being quade

genderfluidpansexual1997  asked:

What level of affection are comfortable with from people who are not your boyfriend?

affection is on a scale of how well i know a person 0^: like, a complete stranger … 0 level of affection. one of my bestiez? id prolly crawl up their anus if they asked me to.

So my mom roped me into standing on a corner with her this morning, to count the people who go by. It’s because they want to get bike lanes for the city. Anyway, what if Harry was a part of a campus organization doing that same thing, and he was stationed on a corner from 2-3pm everyday for a week or two. And it just so happens to be on Louis’s route to the library. And every time Louis goes by on his skateboard Harry gets so flustered and distracted by how good looking Louis is that he loses count of the other pedestrians and cyclists and feels like an embarrassing failure, so he accidentally starts glaring at Louis because of it. And Louis notices and finally confronts him about it in dramatic Louis fashion like, “what exactly are you doing with that clipboard??? If I don’t want to donate to your cause I don’t have to! You don’t have to frown at me!!” And then he ends up staying and helping Harry once Harry sheepishly explains about his people counting. and later Harry tells him the truth about the staring and there is a lot of kissing.