bond fic idea

Drarry Bond fic but more like Harry and Draco sneeze whenever the other mentions the other’s name and just for a whole year everyone thinks they’re both respectively dying of the plague and they both realize it’s only the two of them dealing with this ‘sickness’ and they just get really mad at each other because of course somehow the other person is totally at fault for this damn sickness and then they complain even more to their friends about each other and just more sneezing and I just like the image of Harry and Draco with red stuffy noses, glaring at each other across the great hall, turning away to their friends to mutter an insult and simultaneously sneezing again.

Let Me Love You

Pairing: Y/N/Ashton

Rating: NC-17

Request: No

Words: 2.750+

Summary: Y/N and Ashton went from being best friends to friends with benefits, but when Ashton wants more and Y/N gets scared he needs to prove to her that she’s more worth it than just a simple drunk fuck

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sweettalkinghellhound  asked:

I'm really feeling a possessive!Stiles right now. Like, not unhealthy possessive, but like, "You're mine, but I'm also yours. But if you need me to back off its cool." That kind of healthy relationship stuff. Maybe add an a/b/o theme to it? If you're cool with that. All the good relationship stuff is my jam, broski. It's the best. Thank you for taking prompts. :3

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Stiles had always felt like an Alpha. Even though he didn’t have the traditional bulk or demeanor of an Alpha, and especially didn’t while growing up, he could always tell that that was just the role he knew he was going to play. And he liked it. Not to say that being a Beta or an Omega would have disappointed him, but he was one of the few that were born, just, knowing who they were going to be.

Stiles officially presented when he was twelve, surprising all but his parents and his best friend (and his mom). Anybody close to him could tell he just carried an Alpha-vibe. He wasn’t afraid to run his mouth, he had more confidence than he knew what to do with (which usually put him in trouble), and he was immensely caring towards everyone he held dear. 

When his mother got sick, right before he presented, his instincts kicked in. All he wanted to do was provide support for his mother and help her in every way that he could. It was really hard on him, as an Alpha, losing the Omega of the family. His father, a Beta, also heavily felt the loss, but there was just some instinctual bond between familial Omegas and Betas that induced anxiety and depression when the bond was broken.

Going into his last year of middle school and entering high school was tough, really tough, But with the support of his father and his best friend, Scott, another Beta, and Scott’s mother, Melissa, who was an Alpha, he was able to recover from the severed bond and move past it. He forever would feel the hole in his heart, but he found ways to surround himself with enough love so that the hole didn’t feel quite so deep.

The way he did this was to become even more protective of those he kept close. Even acquaintances of his soon found themselves sucked into conversation with Stiles, him asking how their day was going and if they ever needed anything they could come to him, he was willing to help. That was how Stiles soon gained friends in Allison, Lydia, Isaac, Erica, Boyd, and even Jackson. But he especially gained the friendship of Derek Hale.

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