We can’t shame women who get work done on their bodies but won’t appreciate actual thick girls or women with imperfections.

Over the years the standard for thick girls became so extreme because of fatphobia, that women tried to conform to it. Thick women couldn’t have cellulite or chunky thighs anymore, they had to have thigh gaps and quads like track runners, couldn’t have chubby tummies that weren’t flat, but needed a six pack instead, wasn’t allowed to have chubby arms and wide waists but had to have the upper body of a Barbie doll.

They want real life video game characters:

Aka the Slim/thick obsession. It allows the mainstream America to be able to accept thick on high fashion bodies.

Sorry but we don’t look like this, and men don’t look like video game characters either.

Bottom line is, we can’t force beauty perfection, something that’s never existed, on women and get mad when they don’t perform it in the way we wanted them to.

Maybe if we learned to respect women as they are and not by how they look, things wouldn’t be this way.


I coach girls on the run twice a week. I absolutely love it! I love this age, still so young but so smart!

Afterwards a fellow coach and I ran 3 miles around town. She spontaneously registered for her first half marathon (🎉🎉🎉) so I went out on her first training run with her!

I run alone most of the time so it’s nice to have company from time to time!

Loving this heat, at least for now! I’ll have to remember this in the middle of summer when the heat is killing me!

I rocked out my new “ oh my quad” tank😝 as well as some new shorts that I am happy to announce do not ride up and are super comfy!