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I had SUCH a weird dream. For some reason the olympics was happening and I was catching up with the AA after 4 rotations (where I was before that who knows) and at that point the top 3 were Kohei, Dan Purvis, and Raj Bhavsar??? (Oleg was in like 10th somehow. I think David might’ve been 4th)

I watched David do a floor routine where he mounted with a quad twist, then did a bunch of easy passes where he kept landing OOB, and then dismounted with a FTDLO which he fell on?? And then Raj did a floor routine but fell on one of the passes and had to stop and be carried out. And Oleg did a terrible dragulescu which landed OOB but he got a 15.625 for it (it’s out of a 5.6 so I was very confused but everyone else was just rolling with it?) And Max fell off pommel horse twice. 

I don’t think I even got to the end of the meet so idk what happened but Kohei was leading by like 4 points so like, in my strange dream he’s probably a 3x olympic AA champion.


Pairs Skating Elements: Pair Spins & Twist Lifts

This post covers two entirely different elements, pair spins and twist lifts (aka. twists).

Pair spins (PSp or PCoSp for combinations) are spins where the two partners are in physical contact and spin together. Pair spins are almost always combination spins and must include at least two different basic spin positions (camel, sit, upright). Partners can do different positions at the same time. Depending on the season, one pair combination spin may be required in the short program. One pair combination spin with a change of foot is required in the free skate. Pair spins are leveled from 1 to 4 just like regular spins and level features include variations in position, number of revolutions, changes of foot and direction, difficult entries, etc.

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Total Body Workout 3

This routine will challenge you a little bit more and take approximately 15 minutes. You can repeat it once or twice, as needed. You will need a pair of dumbbells (4-10 lbs).

Side to Side Lunges

External image

Get into a sumo stance and shift your body to one side then the other. Go nice and slow and feel the stretch on the inside of the straight leg. Breathe out as you lean to one side, keep both feet flat on the ground at all times. WORKS GLUTES, QUADS

Sumo Squat Into Cross Punch

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Stand with feet wider than shoulder width, elbows bent and fists facing each other in front of your chest. Squat down as low as you can, making sure your knee does not extend beyond your toes. Return to standing position and rotate your body from the hips. At the same time, punch, extending your arm all the way out. Keep your feet flat on the ground throughout the exercise and do not bend forward when doing the squats. Do 20 alternating reps. WORKS ABS, CORE, CHEST, GLUTES, QUADS, OBLIQUES, SHOULDERS

Jog Into Back Lunge

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Start jogging in place. Once you’ve jogged 3 steps, lunge back and down, bringing your knee close to the ground without touching the ground. Return to jogging. Alternate and repeat 10 times on each side. Keep your posture in neutral position throughout the exercise and push off with your toes to get back off. WORKS ABS, CORE, ARMS, GLUTES, HIP FLEXORS, QUADS

Curtsy w/a Twist

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Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Do a curtsy. At the same time, extend your arms out and twist your body from the hips, towards your back leg. Alternate and repeat 10 times on each side. Good posture is very important, as well as making sure your knees do not extend beyond your toes. Your back knee should stay low but off the ground. WORKS ABS, CORE, GLUTES, OBLIQUES, QUADS, SHOULDERS

Jumping Lunges

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Lunge back, making sure your front knee is at 90 degrees and your back knee is not touching the floor. Jump up and land in lunging stance while switching legs. Repeat alternate jumps 15 times. WORKS ABS, ARMS, GLUTES, HIP FLEXORS, QUADS

Side Bend w/Dumbbell

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Stand with your legs shoulder width apart and reach your arms up into the sky. Breathe out and bend down toward one leg, inhale as you come up, then exhale as you bend down toward the other leg.  Repeat this back and forth for 15 reps on each side. WORKS ABS, CORE, ARMS, OBLIQUES, SHOULDERS

Upper Back Hyper-extension

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Lie face down on the mat with feet slightly less than shoulder width apart and arms extended fully in front of you, weights in hands with palms facing down. Raise yourself off the mat and swing your arms behind you as far as you can. Keep your neck in neutral position throughout this exercise. Do 15 reps. WORKS BACK, ARMS, REAR DELTS

Plank w/Leg Side Steps

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Get into plank position with feet and hands shoulder width apart. Lock your knees and lift a leg up and around your opposite leg from the hips, lightly tapping your toes on the ground each time. Do 15 reps on each side. Keep your elbows locked throughout and make sure your back is straight. WORKS ABS, CORE, ARMS, ABDUCTORS, ADDUCTORS, GLUTES, SHOULDERS

Turkish Get Up

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Lie flat on your back with knees bent, shoulder width apart. Hold the weight in your left hand with arm straightened out and palms facing the sky. Your right arm should be rested at your side with palms down. Sit up, lifting your body off the ground while resting on your right elbow and raising your left arm as high as you can. Return to starting position. Repeat 10 times on each side. To make this exercise more challenging, raise yourself up off your hand instead of resting on your elbow. WORKS ABS, CORE, ARMS, GLUTES, OBLIQUES, SHOULDERS

Knee Highs

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Stand with elbows bent 90 degrees, palms facing down. Bring your knee high toward the hand while jumping. Alternate. Continue for 15-25 reps or 30 seconds. CARDIO

Mountain Climbers

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Get on all fours, feet shoulder width apart. Raise your tush and alternate bringing your knee toward your arm pit. Continue for 15-25 reps or 30 seconds. CARDIO

Jumping Jacks

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Stand with hands on your side, feet more than shoulder-width apart. Step forward about 2.5 feet, stand on the ball of your back feet. Lower arms between your thighs and bend your front knee to make your thighs parallel with the floor. Return to starting position. See chart at beginning of this workout day for number of reps. CARDIO

Rock n Roll Abs

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Position yourself on your elbows and toes. Your shoulders should be directly over your elbows and your weight on your toes. Keep your body in a perfect line. Proceed to twist your hips from one side to the other. Contracting your abs, breathe out with each twist. Go as fast as you can but maintain perfect control. WORKS ABS, CORE, OBLIQUES, SHOULDERS

Cocoon Crunches

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Legs and arms crossed, begin to crunch. Keeping the legs crossed at 90 degrees will contract the abs from the lower part upward. While maintaining that, crunch up as high as you can with your arms crossed. Focus on breathing out on the way up and firm up the abs on the way down. After 15 reps, switch your legs and arms, wrap your hands together, legs at 90 degrees at the hips. Throughout this exercise, keep your neck in neutral position. Do not strain. If it gets too difficult for you, point your chin towards your chest. Do 30 reps. WORKS ABS, HIP FLEXORS

Side Bridge w/Leg Extension

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Start in a side bridge. With your bottom leg, bring the knee up, hold and extend your leg out. Focus on keeping the balance. Go as fast as you can but maintain perfect control. Keep your body in a straight line from your shoulders down to your hips to knee to your ankle. Position yourself on your side so that your shoulders are over the bottom arm, reach the upper arm straight to the sky. Put all your weight on the outside leg, bring the lower leg up to 90 degrees and extend your leg up as far as you can to the front, then pull all the way back. Breathe out when you extend your leg forward. Do 10 reps on each side. WORKS ABS, OBLIQUES, HIP FLEXORS, QUADS



Talking about gymnasts training crazy skills… here’s Flavia Saraiva playing around with quad twists


annnd Jake Dalton is working a quad twist!

2016 World Figure Skating Championships Drinking Game

Since alcohol is the most efficient way to dull the pain of being a skating fan, here is a drinking game for the 2016 World Figure Skating Championships.

Note: Drink responsibly. Don’t actually do this game, as it’s hella dangerous. Obey alcohol consumption laws, please! I am not responsible for your stupidity!

Recommended Cocktail: Moscow mule. Because we all know which lady is winning this thing. Also it’s light, refreshing, and delicious!

I’ll be at the event, and thus live tweeting less than usual, but you can follow along with my tweets @team_pdd. You can also follow #Worlds2016 for more extensive coverage.

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Scimeca/Knierim hit the quad twist at practice in Greensboro