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The Lord of the Wedding Rings: The Return of the King - iguana’s 2017 HELLsinki Worlds recap

This is it guys, the last big competition before the Olympics. So much potential for great skates, great disasters and great distress; this competition did not fail to deliver. Nor did the announcers, who were screaming out names and scores as if it were a wrestling match. And it was, in one way or another. Albeit a sparklier one. For a brief couple of days, we thought Javier Fernandez was gonna win his 3rd consecutive World title and I almost had those memes ready but at the same time I knew coming from behind like a wrecking ball was Yuzuru Hanyu’s specialty. To nobody’s surprise Evgenia Medvedeva broke a record; to everyone’s surprise, she only broke it in the long program. Meanwhile, Wenjing Sui and Cong Han’s blues for koolk brought the pairs crown back to China and Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir purple rained on Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron’s parade. Let’s start the recap!

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anonymous asked:

I know this is probably a lil ignorant but why do the women typically score so much lower than the men? (at least in terms of the top 6 for mens and top 6 for womens) I know that the quad revolution is a little unreasonable for the ladies because of the immense upper body strength quads require (please call me out if thats wrong) but I was just wondering why the womens jump composition is so different

Well, while it’s true that the quad revolution over at the men’s side has definitely widened the gap between their score and the ladies’, jump BV alone does not tell you the whole story. For illustration, I’m going to break down the difference between our two current free skate world records: Yuzuru’s Hope and Legacy at World Championships 2017, 223.20 points and Evgenia’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close at World Team Trophy 2017: 160.46 points. Total difference is 62.74.

The most obvious: PCS coefficient: The ladies’ PCS has a coefficient of 1.6 for the free skate compared to the men’s 2.0, so by default their PCS is already lowered by 40%. If you take Janny’s PCS of 78.06 and scale it up using the same coefficient as the men’s, her score would be 97.58 and that’s actually 0.50 points higher than Yuzu’s. Overall, PCS coefficient by itself explains 19.52 out of the total 62.74 difference in their scores.  

Second, also obvious: ladies are only allowed 7 jumping passes in their free skates compared to the men’s 8. For the sake of argument I’m taking the least valuable of Yuzu’s jumps: the triple flip, BV 5.3 and GOE 1.5, so that’s another 6.80 in his favor.

Three, even before the quad revolution took place, the triple Axel by itself already created quite the divide (only 7 ladies thus far have managed to perform this jump in ISU competitions). A triple Axel is worth 5.2 points more than a double and its maximum GOE after SOV conversion is 3 compared to a 2A’s 1.5 points. This gap is widened even further when you consider the fact that the inclusion of 2 triple Axels is almost a mandatory feature in the men’s free skates. Yuzu’s 2 triple Axels plus their GOEs give him an extra 13.58 points over Janny’s 2 doubles. 

Four, yes, the quad elephants in the room. Aside from the Axels, the rest of Yuzu’s jump BV is 24.06 points more than Janny’s and that is, needless to say, largely because he does 4 quads and she 4 triples. Because quads’ SOV is higher than triples, Yuzu also has 1.30 more in GOE from these jumps (only 1.30, mind, Janny’s jump GOEs are absolutely through the roof *cough* WTT inflationary magic *cough*). 

There is virtually no difference in BV for the rest of their technical content, only a tiny 0.30 extra for Yuzu because he has a sit spin with one change of foot while she has a layback. Janny, however, got 2.32 more on GOE for these non-jump elements.

And that’s 19.52 (PCS coefficient) - 0.50 (raw PCS) + 6.80 (extra jumping pass) + 13.58 (Axels) + 25.36 (quads) + 0.30 (spin BV) - 2.32 (non-jump elements’ GOE) = total reason why Yuzu’s WR FS score is higher than Janny’s by 62.74 points.

Now as to the reason why the quad has not taken over at the ladies’ event the same way it has in the men’s field, as you rightly pointed out, performing a quad does require considerable core strength, which is obviously not the ladies’ forte. As I mentioned earlier, even the triple Axel is a relatively rare phenomenon in the ladies’ event. Because of their disadvantage in physique, these more difficult jumps carry much more risk for the ladies. One, because the probability of success is low (throughout her career, Mao Asada’s success rate at the triple Axel is only 39.5% and her 3A is really already the best among all the ladies who have tried it so far). Two, because of the extreme rotational force as well as the incremental height and distance required, a fall on a 3A or a quad is a lot more damaging compared to a normal triple or double. Since the ladies generally have less stamina compared to the men, such a fall would be even more harmful for them especially in competition, where it would eat up the energy they need for the rest of their program. On the whole, such risk vastly outweighs the return on additional BV (extra GOE does not even come into play here, again because of the disadvantage in physique, a lady’s 3A or quad would be hard-pressed to hit any GOE bullet).

That is not to say I don’t look forward to more ladies trying out 3A and quads. Sasha, Elizabet, Rika, we believe in you! You can do it! Show the men what us girls are capable of, won’t you?     

[request] [scenario] downpour

21: “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”
30: “It’s not what it looks like…”

(ur welcome!!!! ya’ll, i cried various times writing this. inspired by jihoon’s lyrics for ioi!!! enjoy)

Title: downpour 

Member: jeonghan

Genre: angst - post-break up // good ending

Word Count: 1903

What exactly is ‘love’?

The definition varies for everyone, really; someone’s definition of ‘love’ could be a warm blanket and food, another’s a tub of ice cream and kitten cuddles.

Yours was…

Yoon Jeonghan.

He was sunshine and rainbows, the moon to your stars, the smile on your face.


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HC: Figure Skater!MC

Everyone loves a good mysme + yoi
Word count 2800!!


  • Seven! She’s been ignoring my texts all day T_T / did I do something wrong?!
  • Oh. don’t worry, she’s fine he answered.
  • Well you can track her phone right?? Where is she???
  • Saeyoung couldn’t give it to him. In fact, you had made him promise not to tell him where you were.
  • But, Yoosung had been spamming him all day and it was getting annoying.
  • Dude, chill! I’m sure she’s just busy. She’s a student too, remember? Actually she’s probably studying like a good one too! Unlike someone I know lololol
  • Fine >:( I get it. You guys are canoodling!
  • Hoemygod! And with that, seven left the chat and threw his phone across the room.
  • Yoosung flopped on his bed, tears peaking at the corner of his eyes.
  • By the time he got up, he noticed a text from MC.
  • Hey babe, look under the notepad on the table and come to this address! I’ve got a surprise for yoooou <3
  • Curiously, he saw a small slip of paper sticking out. He slipped on his shoes, grabbed the paper, and headed out to the address.
  • Inside the curious building, it was COLD COLD COLD omg and packed with people.
  • He handed the man the ticket and was escorted to a front row seat.
  • He was at an ice rink. Why didn’t she tell him to bring a jacket?? WHERE WAS SHE
  • The lights dimmed, and suddenly a spotlight was turned on.
  • MC, wearing a dark and black outfit came out, sparkling with a smile on her face. In her hands, she held Yoosung’s hoodie.
  • You skated towards him and handed it to him, giving a peck on his lips while the audience awwed.
  • You resumed her position in the middle of the rink, everyone in anticipation as the music started to play.
  • Yoosung couldn’t keep his eyes off of you, and before he knew it, your act was over.
  • As the other contestants went and finished, you changed out of her costume and snuck past her coach to surprise your boyfriend.
  • “MC! That was amazing! Why didn’t you tell me about it? Why couldn’t Seven tell me!”
  • Awe, were you thinking something was up with us? No, babe. I wouldn’t do that to you. I just wanted to surprise you!”
  • “I was definitely surprised. You looked so beautiful out there!” he blushed.


  • It was date night, and he wanted to take his MC out somewhere special. He requested warmer clothes, you whining that it was quite muggy out.
  • “MC! Just trust me!”
  • “Fiinnne,” you groaned, gathering up a jacket and scarf.
  • First, he took you out to dinner, afterwards suggesting a walk.
  • You agreed, of course.
  • Zen was acting strange: stuffing his hand in his pocket every five minutes.
  • Like, it would be fine a couple of times, but this was like clockwork.
  • “Zen, wtf are you doing?” you reached for his hand.
  • “Upbupbupbup! MC, noooooo,” he grabbed you hand and pulling you into a kiss, “No peeking.”
  • “Ok?”
  • Soon, the both of you pulled up to a very familiar place.
  • He opened the door, a blast of cold wind hitting both of your faces.
  • “Surprise! I thought we could go ice skating!”
  • “Wow, Zen, this lovely! Thank you!!” she pecked him on the cheek as he went off to get some skates for the both of you.
  • You were standing to the side when someone called your name.
  • “MC? Is that you? Oh my gosh, it is you! I love love love your skating! Can you please sign this for me?!”
  • “Oh, uhm sure! Can I get your name?”
  • “Yeah, it’s Lisa!”
  • You scribbled your name on her phone. “Here you go! Thank you so much for being a fan! I hope you’ll continue to support me as my next tournament is coming up, haha!”
  • “You bet I will!” She squealed, running off.
  • There were quite a few more people surrounding you, so you signed some things and posed for pictures.
  • “MC! I got our skates!” Zen called, as the crowd fizzled out. “Who were those guys?”
  • “Oh, just some friends. C’mon! Let’s go have some fun!” you grabbed the skates and laced them up. You looked over at your boyfriend struggling. “Uh, you need some help there?”
  • “No no. I got it, babe. “
  • Here, just let me,” you untied the whole thing, retying it in few seconds.
  • “Thanks, MC,” he blushed.
  • You and him held hands, Zen insisting you stay on the wall side, while he was falling all over the place.
  • As you both finished a lap, he told you he wanted to take a quick break.
  • “Go on, MC, I’ll just watch okay?”
  • “Mhm! Okay then.” You took off your scarf and handed it to him. “I’m gettin a little hot here,” you laughed.
  • With that, you were off, doing flips and quads and spins all over the goddamn place.
  • “Look! MC’s actually skating now!” some people shouted, rushing to get close to the veiwing area.
  • Curious, Zen also stepped up, amazed at you.
  • “Hey, who is she?” Zen asked the guy next to him.
  • “What!? You don’t know? That’s MC! Yes he knows, dip. She’s one of South Korea’s most prominent figure skaters! She’s won gold consecutively 5 times in a row!” he responded.
  • “MC! You didn’t tell me you were famous!”
  • “Oh, yeah. Nothing came up about it. By the way, these skates really hurt.”
  • “You wanna go home?”
  • “Don’t you wanna do a couples skate?” MC winked.


  • She was watching one of Zen’s musicals of course. Somehow, the movie centered around him being a mentor to a skating protagonist.
  • “Wow, Soo Mi is so good! I don’t know if I can beat her!” the protagonist whined.
  • “Sure she’s good. But you’re better. Because she doesn’t have the spirit like you do!” Zen shouted.
  • The camera panned to a young girl skating for a few minutes before switching to Zen.
  • “WAIT. HOLD ON.” Jaehee shouted, grabbing the remote and rewinding. She got up close to the TV, staring down the girl skating. “Is that? MC?”
  • Jaehee pulled out her phone and googled the movie’s cast.
  • Taemin / Oh Sangwoo, Jin Soo / ZEN, Soo Mi / Mi Sun + MC
  • Sure enough, it was her MC.
  • Jaehee clicked on her wikia entry.
  • The first trivia entry read: For the movie Taemin on Ice, MC, an actual figure skater was recruited for this stunt for accuracy.
  • “MC!!!”
  • “WHAT IS IT JAEHEE,” You yelled, running into the room with a frying pan. “Where’s the bug?!”
  • “No no. No bug. YOU WERE IN A MOVIE! WITH ZEN???”
  • “Oh, that,” you relaxed. “Yeah. Taemin on Ice.”
  • “Why didn’t you tell me!”
  • “Well, I wasn’t the actual person. It was another girl. And besides, I never actually met Zen at the time.”
  • “I must call him!” she said excitedly, her glasses glinting. She dialed his number, putting it on speaker.
  • “ZEN!”
  • Jaehee?
  • Uh, no?
  • “See, he doesn’t even remember!” you shouted.
  • What? Guys, what is this all about?
  • “Jaehee was watching one of your musicals and she just found out I figure skated in it,” MC explained.
  • “MC! You never told me you figure skate either!” Jaehee laughed.
  • “Mhm. I do.”
  • I’ll just leave you guys to it then… Zen said, hanging up.


  • “JUMIN. Please! Let me out of here! I have to go!”
  • “What? MC, aren’t you happy here?”
  • “I am, but not now! I need to go!”
  • Jumin was blocking the door while you were trying to leave for your competition. While he was as stoic as ever, you were close to tears.
  • “MC, you know I can’t let you leave.”
  • “You don’t understand! I just need to leave until nine tonight and then I’m coming straight back here!”
  • “It doesn’t look like it,” he said, eyeing your duffle bag. “Just tell me what you need and I’ll get it for you.”
  • “Well that’s not possible,” you huffed. Lightbulb. “Actually. You can get driver Kim and you can come with! Perfect!”
  • “What?”
  • “You asked what you could get me, and that’s what I want! Please hurry!”
  • “Fine. I’ll allow it,” he pulled out his phone.
  • “Great!” You rushed to his room to grab a scarf and a jacket for him.
  • “Driver Kim’s here now.”
  • “Great! Let’s go!” You shoved his clothes in his arms and pulled him out the door. Finally!
  • “C’mon Jumin! Hurry up!”
  • “MC. Where in the world are we going? I hope you understand that I must be with you at all times during this…endeavor.”
  • “Yeah, yeah. Of course. You jumped in the back seat and told the driver the address.
  • It took less than 30 minutes to get down to the rink, and it was staring in another hour. You would have prefereed more time to get ready, but this was good enough.
  • “Thanks Driver Kim!”
  • You pulled Jumin towards the side entrance.
  • “Oh, MC. you’re here. We thought you bailed,” The security guard laughed.
  • “Not in a million years. Oh, and he’s my plus one.”
  • “Go ahead.”
  • “Who was that?”
  • By now, Jumin was even more puzzled than before.
  • “Okay. You see that area over there? That’s where we’ll be sitting. I’ll meet you there in a bit. Just need to use the bathroom, okay”
  • “Do you want me to come with you?”
  • No no, it’s fine. I’ll be right back!”
  • Jumin nervously let you leave his side as he went to go sit where you pointed.
  • He was glad you grabbed a jacket for him, at least. He looked around, finally noticing he was in the bleachers of an ice rink. Thirty minutes passed, and by now, he was worrying because you hadn’t returned.
  • You promised you would return. And he trusted you. But if you didn’t come back soon, you were never leaving his sight goddammit.
  • He was so deep in thought, he hadn’t noticed the cheering and darkness in the rink.
  • “Next up, we have MC!”
  • “MC?”
  • You were dressed in a beautiful blue dress with white, forming a wave pattern with many sparkling rhinestones.
  • The music started, and you flew across the rink.
  • You were pouring so many emotions into your dance; flexibility, love, trust, and hope.
  • You wanted to get the point across to Jumin the most.
  • As the music quieted down, the whole area lit up in cheers, flowers falling all around you.
  • “MC!”
  • “Jumin!”
  • Jumin frantically looked for an opening, running towards it.
  • You finally turned around to see him with open arms.
  • “Jumin! I did great, right?”
  • Jumin smiled softly and nodded. You skated towards him, he rushing to get to you first.
  • He lunged forward, pressing you into a kiss. He cradled your head as you both hit the ice.
  • He pulled away, looking adoringly at you. This was the only thing I could think of to surprise you more than you surprised me.”
  • “Really?”
  • “Mhm.”
  • So this is what you wanted to show me, MC.


  • He knew of course. Silly background check.
  • Once he freed Saeran of Mint Eye, he decided to take you out to skate.
  • “Oh my gosh! Really? How sweet! You sure it won’t get in the way of work?”
  • “Yeah. I’m sure. Let’s go!”
  • You were bubbling with excitement, you could barely contain yourself.
  • “MC, why couldn’t you just use their skates?”
  • “They’re not comfortable!”
  • You laced up his skates, him whining that he wanted a cool pattern. You laughed, tightening them.
  • “MC! You’re going to cut off the circulation!”
  • “Don’t worry about that! Let’s just go!”
  • You pulled him up, running to the opening.
  • After a few laps, Saeyoung called you over to see his “freeskate”
  • “OK MC, this one’s for you!”
  • He just spun in circles and pulled a few silly poses.
  • “I loved it!” You laughed, hugging him, “10/10!!”
  • “You go now!”
  • “Haha, okay.” You decided to do your skate from “In Regards to Love: Eros”
  • A crowd even began forming around the outside.
  • After you finished, the crowd cheered as you made your way back to your boyfriend.
  • He pulled you into a tight hug.
  • “MC, why’d you get all those people to look at you?! Now I’m all jealous!” he laughed.
  • “Well,,,”
  • “I’m not gonna smooch all of them!” you smiled, rubbing your nose against his.


  • “MC, I don’t want to go with you,” Saeran growled. “Drop it.”
  • “Oh. Uhm, alright then,” You said sadly. “I’ll just take my leave then. See you guys.” You picked up your bag and left.
  • “Damn! I thought she’d never stop pestering me,” he grumbled. “Hey. Where are you going?”
  • “Oh I gotta get a seat before it gets too crowded. You know, crowds,” Saeyoung shrugged.
  • “But where are you going?”
  • “Just out. Byyyeee! Don’t destroy the house while I’m gone!” Saeyoung yelled, running out the door. On his way out, he dropped a slip of paper.
  • Curious, Saeran picked it up. ADMIT ONE
  • “That idiot. He forgot this!”
  • Saeran sighed, pulling on his sweater and locking up the house. Luckily, the address was on the ticket.
  • “Where the fuck am I?”
  • “Ticket please?”
  • “Ah. Uh, no. My brother dropped this and I’m here to give it to him,” he handed the ticket to the vendor.
  • “No….says Saeyoung Choi is already here. This ticket is for the seat next to him. Go in. Next!”
  • ????
  • ok.
  • “Oh! Saeran! You made it! Didn’t think you were coming!” his brother called.
  • “No, you dropped your ticket.”
  • “Huh. I gave my ticket at the door. Oh! Maybe it was yours?”
  • “Why would I have a ticket?”
  • “MC bought them for us. While you’re here, let’s at least go sit down!”
  • “Fine.”
  • “What is this place anyway?”
  • “Ice Rink.”
  • “I know that! But why are we here?”
  • “The show, of course!”
  • “SHHHH! It’s starting!” Saeyoung whispered, turning to face the rink.
  • The spotlight flickered on, MC standing right in the center.
  • “What’s MC doing here? What is this?”
  • “This is what MC wanted to take you to, of course. It’s her tournament day. She really wanted to bring you here, you know? Well! Glad you’re here! Lololol”
  • Saeran squinted. “How did you manage to say that out loud?” But his brother paid him no mind.
  • Saeran rolled his eyes, turning his attention to MC.
  • It finished in the blink of an eye, Saeran amazed and wanting more.
  • MC curtsied, turning so the whole audience could see her face.
  • She and Saeran locked eyes.
  • You came, she mouthed, smiling tenderly.
  • “Saran, babe, close your mouth before you catch flies!” his brother laughed.
  • “Shut up!” he blushed, looking down.


  • V could barely see, but he wanted to come with you to your tournament anyway.
  • It was the final one of the season, naturally.
  • Your song of choice was “In Regards to Love: Agape”
  • Everyone held their breath in anticipation as you started.
  • “And she’s done it! She’s beaten both her top score AND she has risen to first place!” The announcer shouted.
  • The other competitors placed high, but yours stayed up at number one.
  • “The judges have judged and boy howdy was it difficult. There only can be one winner, and tonight, that is MC LN!!!
  • The crowd erupted into cheers as your metal was placed around your neck. You stood high on your podium, staring straight at V.
  • You and the others went back to unwind, many people congratulating you.
  • You met V outside and you both walked out holding hands.
  • “MC!” That was so passionate. Obviously, there was a lot of love behind it. Was it directed at anyone particular?” An interviewer asked.
  • “Of course there was!”
  • “And who would that be?”
  • Suddenly, V let go of your hand, pushing one into his coat pocket and pulling out a small box.
  • “V?”
  • V knelt down on the ground, holding up the small box and opening it.
  • Tears started to form at the corners of your eyes, hands covering your mouth in shock.
  • He opened the box to reveal a crown shaped ring, with diamonds glistening in each tip and crevice.
  • “MC. You have loved me through thick and thin and I couldn’t thank you enough. But if you would spend the rest of your life with me, That would make me even happier than I am now. MC, will you marry me?”
  • “Oh my gosh, V!”
  • “Oh my gosh is right. Hey are you getting this?” the interviewer whispered.
  • Tears were streaming down your face and you flung into him.
  • “Of course I will, V! I love you so much! Oh my gosh,” you wept.
  • “And I love you, MC,” V smiled, hugging you back.
  • “Well, that answered your question,” MC laughed, looking towards the interviewer.
  • “It certainly did,” he smiled, taking his leave.


What I really want to know is how Yurio managed to keep those sunglasses on his face while skating and spinning and quad flipping all over the place.

Seriously, I’ll simply lean down to pick up my purse and my sunglasses fall off my face, bounce across the floor, down three flights of stairs, out the door, across a busy intersection and then burst into a million pieces after bouncing off a tree.

anonymous asked:

i tried scoring nathan and yuzuru's freeskates again and had hanyu at 202 and nathan at 191. i'm surprised myself at how big the margin of victory i had. hanyu had mostly same GOE but lower PCS and nathan had way lower both, some of nathan's elements were really sloppy like quad toes, spins, axels, but didn't get low execution marks. fan cams show the difference in speed and skating skills and ice coverage. but i think there's american bias in twitter/tumblr/social media..have you tried scoring?

I guess your way of judging may be quite similar to my own. My scoring for FP would have been just below 190 for Nathan and 202+ for Yuzu (explanation for the great part of my GOE and PCS can be found in previous posts):

Same for you, the difference on GOE is huge, even more than the difference on PCS.

As for American bias, I guess it’s unavoidable, sadly. Many people think that FS needs american markets to survive and the way through the market is creating buzz.

Personally, I couldn’t care less about it. A sport is strong if it can stay up on its own, without bending like a weeping willow to external factors.

Ice Jewels Vol.5 (Feb 2017) Special Interview: The Formula of Evolution

Translated by gladiolusc, proofread by fishheadanon

About the interview: I love that he’s a huge nerd about jumps, specifically axels. He also talked at length about how he added hand movements to LGC during the spins. Also people who were hoping for a more pronounced H&L, I don’t think that’s what he is going for. But who exactly knows what a program that envelops the arena looks like? He may yet show us in Helsinki :D 


Ice Jewels Vol.5 (Feb 2017) Special Interview: The Formula of Evolution.

This season, Yuzuru Hanyu successfully landed the first 4L in ISU history and showed us a great performance at his first competition, the Autumn Classic. However, bringing 6 quads together and building spins, steps and transitions upon them increases the difficulty considerably, and it’s not that easy honing both programs to perfection. Let’s review the first half of the season for a look into Hanyu’s evolution. (Ice Jewels)

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And here’s Pauline Schaefer slaying my life with a beautiful DLO and quad spin. I completely forgot she was a reserve for floor finals but this is stunning

The Kiss and Cry (an elsanna fluff)

Anna wanders through the castle, looking up at the walls, adorned with the paintings she became all too familiar with as a younger girl. She had been trying to find her older sister for hours.
“I wonder where she got to.” Anna says aloud as she steps outside. She looks over and sees Olaf pushing at his flurry, and leaning in the opposite direction as if reaching for something. The redhead’s brow comes together as she walks in his direction. “Olaf,” she addresses him as she approaches, “What are you doing?”
“Oh!” Olaf shouts, whipping his head to face her, his tone pleasantly surprised, “Hi, Anna! See, I was walking around out here, and I saw this flower, and it looks like it might be really thirsty, so I figured, you know, I’m MADE of solid water, so….”
“Oh, Olaf…” Anna smiles a little. It warms her heart when he does things like this, “Do you even know how much water that flower really needs?” His entire brain devotes itself to the task of trying to find the information for a few seconds, leaving his expression blank. “Nope.” He looks up to Anna, stating the results, “But I figure I’ll see it get better, right?”
“That’s not quite how it works.” Anna says, bending her knees to bring herself to almost a sitting position at the snowman’s height, and gently lowers his arm so his flurry could rush to it’s place over the center of his head. He looks up at her in confusion, silently asking her to tell him how it does work.
She would never tell Elsa, but Anna sometimes considers Olaf to be their child, in a weird, magicy way. So when Olaf gives her that face, all she can think of is him saying Why, Mommy? How does it work? She smiles warmly at the thought.
“It’s great that you have good intentions, Olaf. I’m sure that flower is very grateful of the gift you gave it. But sometimes, you can’t tell until later. Be careful not to give too much of yourself away, sometimes people just need some time to let your kindness sink in.”
“….. I thought we were talking about flowers.” Olaf says, staring at her. Anna’s gaze seems a little distant, but snaps back in an instant.
“We are.” She replies.
“You said people.” He points out.
“I…” she stops and laughs a little, “I did, didn’t I.”
“It works with people like that too?” Olaf asks.
“Yes,” Anna answers, “Sometimes it does.”
“Elsa’s like that, isn’t she?” Olaf observes. Anna is almost taken aback by his insight.
“Yes,” she answers slowly, “She is. But that’s because she… hasn’t seen kindness in a long time.”
“She’s not comfortable around a lot of people like you are.” Olaf prods, “Why is that?” Anna sighs a bit pensively.
“I think she gets scared.” Anna offers.
“Scared?” Olaf continues, “Why?”
“Because she spent most of her life without them. When you go without something for a long time, it takes a while to get used to having it. She’s still working out being around so many people at once, she doesn’t know how to really handle it yet.” Anna pauses thoughtfully, “I suppose you could say, having spending most of her life in her room, having a lot of people in one space is hard to adjust to.”
“Ohhh… So that’s why she wanted me to keep her skating rink a secret….” Olaf mutters.
“What? Is that where she is now?” Anna asks.
“Oh, no! No you don’t, that’s a secret!” Olaf says sternly turning his head, then adding, “She is an amazing skater though.”
“Oh yeah?” Anna asks, standing up, looking to the sky and shuffling her feet a little, “I wish I could see….”
“You do?” Olaf asks excitedly, “She’s probably skating right now! Come on, this way!” he reaches up and grabs her finger, pulling her along as he runs out the gates and into the surrounding woods. He finally slows his pace as Anna sees a glint of light shimmer and dance in the distance though the trees.
“Over there, but be quiet okay?” Olaf says, pointing to the light, “Elsa might get mad if she knows we’re here.” Anna nods and moves silently through the trees, stopping a little farther away than she would have liked, but she doesn’t want to alarm the queen. She peeks around a tree as she watches Elsa glide across the frozen pond (which should not be frozen this time of year,) with a grace that was almost beyond Anna’s comprehension. She could have been watching for minutes, or hours, or even years, as the considerable shorter but no less flattering ice garment her sister was wearing shimmered as she moved across the ice like a snow fairy, light and fluid in every motion. A voice begins wafting into her ear as her other senses begin to come back.
“Counter turn,” it says from her feet as Elsa skates, “Ina Bauer, I spin position….” Anna looks down and sees that Olaf is the one speaking, “Ooo~ Nice toe step, I love toe steps… Abaresque, camel spin… not bad…. Pretty standard stuff today….”
“This…” Anna’s words slip from her mouth in awe, “this is standard?”
“Oh yeah! You should see when she gets serious! It’s amazing!” Olaf shouts, then covers his mouth.
“This already is amazing….” Anna comments, her eyes on the ice queen once more. Olaf goes back to naming the moves he can recognize.
“Cute little three turn… double axel, not bad…. she’s going really fast…” After he said double axel, Anna gathered that one was a spin jump of so many rotations and one half, because Elsa had started front and landed going backwards.
“I’m surprised at how much of this is backwards….” Anna says, just as her sister leaps into the air, spinning really really fast and landing backwards again, and immediately after jumping and spinning again, but a little slower.
“Anna… do you know what we just witnessed?” Anna looks down to see him staring at Elsa in absolute awe, “That was the legendary quad spin jump, followed by a triple toe! That was seven rotations!”
They both turned back to the ice, and Elsa had built up speed. She is still backwards, and leaps high, performing a midair backwards somersault, and landing perfectly.
“A backflip! Right after a quad? AMAZING!” Olaf shouts, running out to the ice as Elsa slows and bring herself to the middle of the rink. “That was so good, Elsa! I wish I could skate like that!” She looks out to him, and Anna quickly ducks behind the tree.
“Olaf! I haven’t seen you all day!” Elsa calls to him. “Having a good one though, I hope?”
“Of course! Anna taught me about flower people today!” he says, stopping at her feet, grinning ear to ear.
“Flower… people?” Elsa asks, slightly entertained.
“Yeah! She said you’re one Mo-” he stops himself. Anna blinks, still hiding behind the tree.
“Did he really almost call her…?” Anna whispers to herself.
“What’s wrong? You know it’s okay when we’re alone.” Elsa inquires. Anna blushes.
“This is so cute it feels like an invasion of privacy.”Anna whispers aloud again.
“Yeah… well… about that….” Olaf sounds like he’s looking around and holding his hands in front of him, “We’re… not really alone right now.”
“What?” Elsa blurts, “Who else is here then?”

“…Me.” Anna calls out, stepping out from behind the tree, “Please don’t get mad, I promise I’ll never come here again, but… I tricked Olaf into showing me, and I saw you skating and it was amazing, Elsa!”

“…Really?” Elsa blushes lightly at seeing her sister gushing. Elsa and Anna meet at the edge of the pond.
“YES!” Anna answers, “Elsa, it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!”
Elsa isn’t sure what to say, or how to react, so she just stands there, staring at Anna, her face growing redder by the second.
“And this is where we wait for it to sink in, right?” Olaf asks Anna, looking up at her cutely.
“Yes. That’s exactly right.” Anna says, smiling at Elsa.
“Oh! I get it now!” Olaf exclaims, flailing excitedly.
“Is this about you telling him that I’m a…” Elsa squints and smirks a little, “flower person?”
“Well, that wasn’t what I said, exactly….” Anna replies, “But more or less… yeah. That’s exactly what this is.”
“Oh really?” Elsa questions Anna, “Then what DID you say to him?”
“I told him that flowers are like people, in that sometimes when you do something for them, you have to wait to see the results.” Anna says, gently, her eyes locked on her sister’s. Elsa’s heart races in her chest, as a warmth begins to grow. The older girl smiles a little.
“How long are you willing to wait?” Elsa asks, not totally sure why she needed to know.
“Forever, if I have to,” Anna answers without hesitation, taking Elsa’s hands in her own without breaking the gaze, “I love you.”
Elsa’s heart skips a beat on top of it’s already fast rate, and she wonders if she might be about to swoon. She doesn’t, which is good. For Elsa, mostly. A lump is caught in her throat as she smiles lovingly, trying to think of anything she could say. When she fails to, she simply throws her arms around the redhead, squeezing her as tightly as possible.
Maybe one day, she’ll realize…. Anna thinks to herself. The thought is accompanied by a small pang of guilt, of shame, which she brushes to the side.
For now, she lets Elsa crush her spine, grinning widely.
This is okay too.
“In the kiss and cry, waiting for the score….” Olaf mutters to himself from a small distance away, smiling knowingly at the two of them. He turns and begins to walk in the other direction, when he stops and looks back for a moment, and then turns again and continues on his way, chuckling to himself. “My mommies are so cute~”

That’s the end, but if you’re interested, I have more~

  • yoi creators: ok let's just make yuuri try and do the quad spin so it shows character development or something
  • fans: OMG the spin at the end shows how yuuri's life ends with viktor!!!
  • yoi creators: oh yeah that's exactly how we planned it

1. Quad Toe Loop + Double Toe Loop
2. Flying sit spin
3. Quad Salchow
4. Change foot camel spin
5. Triple Loop
6. Choreographic Sequence
7. Triple Axel
8. Triple Flip
9. Triple Axel + Single Loop + Triple Salchow
10. Triple Lutz + Triple Toe loop
11. Triple Lutz turned into a Quad Toe loop
12. Combination spin with change of foot

Just thought it’d be fun to look up the terms and write out the whole program Victor was working on for Yuuri. I know nothing about actual figure skating.

AU: In which they are both figure skaters, and John is Sherlock Holmes’ new coach.

‘I know you,’ Sherlock says. 'John Watson. First to land a salchow in competition. 1998.’ He’s right, of course. John remembers the exhilarating rush that comes with a quad, spinning in the air and landing on the blade just a smidge too far to the right, swinging his leg around for balance. He’s suddenly acutely aware of his own tubby form next to Sherlock’s. There’s nothing sadder than an ex-champion gone to seed, he’s been told, and a flood of embarrassment washes over him. Perhaps Mike was mistaken to recommend him as Sherlock’s new coach. John is startled out of his thoughts when Sherlock studies him intently and speaks. 'I greatly admired your skill, even then.’