quad spin

  • yoi creators: ok let's just make yuuri try and do the quad spin so it shows character development or something
  • fans: OMG the spin at the end shows how yuuri's life ends with viktor!!!
  • yoi creators: oh yeah that's exactly how we planned it

And here’s Pauline Schaefer slaying my life with a beautiful DLO and quad spin. I completely forgot she was a reserve for floor finals but this is stunning

anonymous asked:

i tried scoring nathan and yuzuru's freeskates again and had hanyu at 202 and nathan at 191. i'm surprised myself at how big the margin of victory i had. hanyu had mostly same GOE but lower PCS and nathan had way lower both, some of nathan's elements were really sloppy like quad toes, spins, axels, but didn't get low execution marks. fan cams show the difference in speed and skating skills and ice coverage. but i think there's american bias in twitter/tumblr/social media..have you tried scoring?

I guess your way of judging may be quite similar to my own. My scoring for FP would have been just below 190 for Nathan and 202+ for Yuzu (explanation for the great part of my GOE and PCS can be found in previous posts):

Same for you, the difference on GOE is huge, even more than the difference on PCS.

As for American bias, I guess it’s unavoidable, sadly. Many people think that FS needs american markets to survive and the way through the market is creating buzz.

Personally, I couldn’t care less about it. A sport is strong if it can stay up on its own, without bending like a weeping willow to external factors.

1. Quad Toe Loop + Double Toe Loop
2. Flying sit spin
3. Quad Salchow
4. Change foot camel spin
5. Triple Loop
6. Choreographic Sequence
7. Triple Axel
8. Triple Flip
9. Triple Axel + Single Loop + Triple Salchow
10. Triple Lutz + Triple Toe loop
11. Triple Lutz turned into a Quad Toe loop
12. Combination spin with change of foot

Just thought it’d be fun to look up the terms and write out the whole program Victor was working on for Yuuri. I know nothing about actual figure skating.