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Hera Arms CQR Foregrip

Just got this in the mail today and I figured I’d do a quick write up with my initial thoughts on what some consider to be either one of the coolest or ugliest foregrips on the market.

Most people know about the Hera Arms CQR stock and foregrip. I didn’t order the stock yet mostly cause all of the non-California compliant versions are sold out. Anyway here’s the package and what’s inside.

It came with no paperwork or an Allen Wrench for the screws. Luckily I have hundreds of those in my tool box and found one that fit.

It’s smaller than I thought it would be but it’s also light, I don’t have a scale to measure how much it weighs. It has “Made in Germany” markings, a QD mount on either side for your slings, and a textured area where your fingers would wrap around. It seems to be removable because there are 2 screws holding it in place, so maybe different sizes, colors or textures will be available down the line. The texture itself is not very abrasive or harsh, which can be a good or bad thing depending on your preferences. 

That just leaves installing it onto a gun. Most images of the CRQ Foregrip are on an SBR (Short Barreled Rifle), where I think it looks the best.

I’ve seen some photos on Google and reddit with the CQR on an AUG and an AR-15 with a 16″ barrel. It didn’t look that good from the pics on full size rifles so I didn’t bother putting onto my AR-15 or AR-10 (yet).

Instead I installed the CQR onto my shotgun, the Origin 12. Given the futuristic looks of the Origin 12, the CQR doesn’t seem out of place as it would on a standard AR-15 with a quad rail. I’ve been trying to find a vertical or foregrip for this shotgun for a while, but none of them matched or felt right. With the CQR it feels a lot more balanced than when I used a standard Magpul vertical grip or AFG.

The CQR fits nice and snug on rails, with zero movement or play. It doesn’t interfere with magazine loading, in fact it kind of helps guide them in. So here’s pics of my Origin 12 with the CQR. It would probably look a lot better if I had the short-barrel assembly but I don’t.

Is the Hera Arms CQR worth it? In my case yes because it feels and looks great on my shotgun, however I can’t say you’ll have the same positive reaction or results with your AR-15. This is one of those parts you’ll love or hate, but because it looks so different, you may be underwhelmed or disappointed when it turns more into an aesthetic eyesore.

Just put the @sb.tactical SBM4 FDE pistol brace on my @aero_precision 556 pistol and absolutely love it! 👌🏻👌🏻.
@aero_precision M16A4 forged lower, assembled upper, 9" enhanced quad rail, BCG, flip up sights and ambi charging handle
@ballisticadvantage 8" Modern series 5.56x45 barrel, gas block and tube
@primaryweapons QCB muzzle device
@trigger.tech 5.5lb combat trigger
@magpul K2 grip and trigger guard
@holosunoptics HS510C circle red dot
@strikeindustries_si Enhanced mag release, bolt catch and flat wound buffer spring
@inforce01 WML Gen 2 FDE light
@freedommunitions 55gr reman 223 ammo 🎯

BCM Quad Rail. I actually like these, even though I feel like if I want to build an AR without a M-Lock or Keymod rail I’ll get my operator card revoked. 

pfcanimal  asked:

So, putting a vertical fore grip on an AR pistol without the paper work is a no no right? What about on a quad rail where it's horizontal? I mean, it's not a vertical fore grip anymore is it?

Just file the AOW paperwork. It’s 5 bucks.



The second version of the SOCOM 16, the SOCOM II simply added a quad rail for mounting more accessories. Sometimes called the Cheese Grater for the amount of rail space available, it seems like the original idea of added ergonomics becomes nullified by the added weight. The rifle becomes quite front heavy when you over-accessorize since all of the rails are forward of the action. (GRH)



Springfield Armory’s shortened M1A, the SOCOM II differs from the SOCOM 16 only because of a factory quad rail. The one in the photos has the Troy CQB chassis which adds an AR-15 grip and stock, as well as a full length rail for optics. It does increase the weight of the rifle quite a bit, something most people have complained about as the main flaw. (GRH)

Colt LE901-16S

A 7.62x51mm/.308 direct impingement AR from Colt. What makes it unique among the rest of the crowd is the conversion kit that allows you to use a 5.56x45mm/.223 AR-15 upper. The 901 has some proprietary parts such as the bolt carrier, trigger group pins and charging handle. It’s been out on the market for a few years but has been replaced by the more modular M.A.R.C 901-16SE series. The latter does away with the bulky quad rail and is 1 lb lighter. (GRH)


I’ve decided to upgrade one of my tactical .22’s. I purchased the Smith & Wesson 15-22 when it first came out a few years ago & fell in love it.

Some of the first runs were plagued with ejection issues but was an easy fix with the ejector. Once I bent it inward for it to catch the lip of the casing it was flawless.

Shooting it with pin point accuracy from its Thompson Center Barrel.

It had many great features:

AR similar take-down(unlike the Umarex Colt branded rimfires).
Very accurate
Lightweight polymer upper & lower
Removable fixed AR styled sights
Full quad picatinny rail
25 round mag with after market mags available(up to 50 rounds)
Standard AR buffer tube and pistol grip

With the newer model that is starting to become easier to find now, comes with Magpul furniture.

MOE pistol grip, stock, flip-up sights, threaded barrel with flash suppressor, QD sling attachment points, and the option of FDE or black Magpul furniture.

Detailed pictures to come when it arrives!

Stay tuned!



Customized short barreled (but not SBR status) variant of the M1A/M14. Owner/seller hydro dipped the stock and added a Scout Handguard from M14 Canada. The SOCOM II is the tactical version with the quad rail, while the newest variation, the CQB has the collapsible stock and pistol grip. (GRH)