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I am always so sad when fics give Yuuri silver at Pyongyang. I almost never see him with gold. It's always Yuri or JJ. Do you think this is inevitable or does our cinnamon roll have a real chance at gold?


NO AND YES! I emphatically believe that Yuuri is capable of winning Olympic gold! 

As I said in an early post tonight, I think Victor created his worst competition by training Yuuri and then pitting him against Yuri Plisetsky. Remember, if Victor’s coming back this season, then he would be Olympic-eligible. 

Without knowing JJ’s quad line-up, Yuuri’s quad flip has a higher base value than JJ’s recently aquired quad loop AND if he puts in the second half of the program, earning him a jump bonus, Yuuri might be able to edge JJ out on base score alone. He certainly does on Program Component Scores, so if Yuuri skates cleanly, he could definitely beat JJ. 

Yurio’s a little tougher, but puberty is bound to hit Yurio soon. Even at his best, JJ has bested Yurio twice, and Yuuri only lost the GPF to Yurio by an insanely small point margin, so he’s definitely there, in the running.

I understand that the Olympics would be a lot of pressure for Yuuri. It’s his first, and maybe his only shot at the Olympic podium. That’s a lot for a skater with good self esteem, but our boy’s a bucket of nerves with anxiety on top of that. However, I think Victor’s learning to handle Yuuri’s anxiety better, and in a lot of ways, so is Yuuri. We’ve also seen that Yuuri can really put up a fight, both on the ice, and in his head, when he really wants to prove something mostly for Victor. And you’re not telling me that our sweet, sweet, cinnamon roll (of quality so good that he might have come from a gourmet patisserie) is not going to want to be on that podium to show the world that he’s worthy of marrying Victor Fucking Nikiforov, Golden Living Legend™. 

Get our cinnamon roll Yuuri a gold, then give him gold blades to match his fiances’ so they can have gold rings, gold blades, and matching Olympic Gold Medals (we’re assuming Victor won previously). 

Or, as I’ve been saying for weeks #GiveYuuriGold. 

Note: I don’t know if we’ll ever see the Olympics on the show, because it’s apparently a BFD to get the Olympics to agree to let you use their name etc.

Drumline secionals
  • Snares: Playing loops for days of the same 2 bars, hacking every time the tech turns away, if left alone expect nothing to be done
  • Quads: Plays a few bars, doesn't play for the next 20 minutes because they are too busy doing acrobats and talking about other quad lines
  • Bass Drums: Playing the same feature for almost the whole time because there is that one person who always fucks it up. Makes sex jokes constantly with tech
  • Cymbals: Stretch, be a badass, stretch, see how many things you can do with the cymbal, fuck around basically the whole time

Hey Everyone!

This Fall I’m doing something a little different than things I have done in the past, I’m going to start interacting and helping the young music community!

Some things I’m going to do (upon request) are Video calls, Youtube videos, Tumblr Response videos, and much more!

My goal is to help and educated young marching musicians who are trying to get their foot in the door when it comes to Drum Corps and Indoor Percussion Ensembles.

You might be asking, why would I skype some stranger about band?

Well, here are some facts about this that might convince you to give it a go…

1. It’s FREE INFORMATION. The best things in life are free, am i right?

2. Get the inside scoop from someone who is currently on his 8th season of Front Ensemble, with 3 seasons of Battery percussion. I’ve marched 2 seasons of drum corps in both open and world class, and I’m on my 5th indoor season where I have marched both open and world class as well. I have also performed in both WGI World Class finals and DCI World Class finals. and I’m only 19!

3. I have great connections that can help me find the answer that is best for you. Do you want to be a Blue Star? My best friend is a Blue Star! Do you want to march Mellophone? My best friend also plays mellophone! There are many people I can turn to so you can get your section/corps/ensemble/etc. questions answered!

So please, if you are a young percussionist looking to find your place in your dream ensemble, sign up for my advice sessions!

To sign up, Please follow me on either Tumblr, or Instagram at “coolglasseskyle.” Once you have done that, please direct message me your tumblr URL or Instagram username so I can check that you follow me. From there, I will give you skype information or answer your question in a post.

Thank you, and Happy Practicing~

Anonymous said: jack comforting bitty through a panic attack (maybe having to do with coming out (parents?)) and rubbing his back to help him calm down and holding him afterwards like bitty needs

This isn’t coming out drama cause that’s not my jam, but here’s Bitty with social anxiety. cw for panic attacks. 

The air is cold, enough that it bites the back of Jack’s throat with every breath. The trees that line River Quad have long since shed their leaves and the last traces of them have been trampled into the earth by thousands of boots. He’s glad to be back here, quietly walking next to Bittle like old times. Bittle’s last final is in 45 minutes, his French oral report, and then Jack will whisk him away to Montreal to spend Christmas with his family.

“Pretty nice out, eh?” Jack says with a grin, because it’s fun to listen to Bitty complain about the cold.

But Bitty is silent, and Jack looks over at him. Bitty’s teeth are biting into his lower lip, his hand is gripping themselves so tightly his chilly-red fingers are turning white.

Jack stops in his tracks and the girls behind him swerve to avoid crashing into him.


“I can’t,” Bitty mumbles. “The speech- I can’t-”

They’re only a few steps from the grand stone staircase leading to the language arts department. Jack leads Bitty to the side.

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Momentum Pt. 1 [M]

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Angst, Smut

Warnings: addiction, sexual content, language

Word Count: 4.9k

Originally posted by vminv

Part 1 Part 2

Your mother always said you were born to be a runner. One of her favorite anecdotes was about the day you were born. She would always tell the story at dinner parties. She would talk about how you it felt like you were running laps in her stomach. You hardly stopped moving. She would talk about the day she delivered you. That her water breaking was you crossing the finish line. She would talk about how her labor only last 20 minutes. You were impatient she would say. That even though you were just a baby you had somewhere important to be. She would talk about how the doctors and nurses came rushing out into the parking lot to deliver you. It was her favorite story. You were her favorite story.

You didn’t blame her for leaving. You probably would have too if you were in her position. Finding out your husband cheated on you for a third time would be enough motivation for someone to leave. You just wish she had taken you with her. But you were an adult. At least that’s what she told you. She said that it was time to take care of yourself.

But you couldn’t help but resent her. She left you in that town to rot. She had moved across the country. Gotten married to someone else. And had forgotten to come to your high school graduation. Even though she said she would be there. She told you that her work wouldn’t give her the days off. Only to find out that she had been tagged in photos vacationing at the beach.

Every phone call was on the surface. She would tell you about her job. Forgetting to tell you about her new boyfriend. You would tell her about JB. But not mention the mornings you spent trying to remember the nights before. She would tell you that she loved you. That she was proud of you. But if only she could see you know.

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