quad drums

  • Band Practice Day: *110 degrees out, tubas are screaming. The battery can't keep a steady beat and tripping over their drums. The color guard's flags are on fire. Clarinets are sacrificing saxophones to the sun god to please him. The saxophones are trying to get their instruments back to play careless whisper. Most of the trumpets are passed out, while the others are eating popsicles and not listening to the band director screaming at them*
  • Band's Day Off: *67 degrees, birds are chirping and a nice breeze*
  • Band: What the fuck

Hey Everyone!

This Fall I’m doing something a little different than things I have done in the past, I’m going to start interacting and helping the young music community!

Some things I’m going to do (upon request) are Video calls, Youtube videos, Tumblr Response videos, and much more!

My goal is to help and educated young marching musicians who are trying to get their foot in the door when it comes to Drum Corps and Indoor Percussion Ensembles.

You might be asking, why would I skype some stranger about band?

Well, here are some facts about this that might convince you to give it a go…

1. It’s FREE INFORMATION. The best things in life are free, am i right?

2. Get the inside scoop from someone who is currently on his 8th season of Front Ensemble, with 3 seasons of Battery percussion. I’ve marched 2 seasons of drum corps in both open and world class, and I’m on my 5th indoor season where I have marched both open and world class as well. I have also performed in both WGI World Class finals and DCI World Class finals. and I’m only 19!

3. I have great connections that can help me find the answer that is best for you. Do you want to be a Blue Star? My best friend is a Blue Star! Do you want to march Mellophone? My best friend also plays mellophone! There are many people I can turn to so you can get your section/corps/ensemble/etc. questions answered!

So please, if you are a young percussionist looking to find your place in your dream ensemble, sign up for my advice sessions!

To sign up, Please follow me on either Tumblr, or Instagram at “coolglasseskyle.” Once you have done that, please direct message me your tumblr URL or Instagram username so I can check that you follow me. From there, I will give you skype information or answer your question in a post.

Thank you, and Happy Practicing~

nct 127 as marching band stereotypes

taeil: quiet sousaphone player but is a secret class clown, very small and everyone wonders how he can lift such a big instrument (he’s secretly ripped but no one can tell under his uniform)

johnny: drumline captain, obnoxious snare player who does rim shots constantly in the band room, director loves to blame him when the band is out of time. blares “because i got high” during drumline sectionals 

taeyong: trumpet section leader who the director asks for favors all the time, takes good care of underclassmen, constantly stressed because he can never get everyone together at once for sectionals

yuta: lead quad drum, loves giving johnny a hard time and pranking the freshmen, wore WHITE SOCKS with the black marching uniform and everyone shamed him

doyoung: unanimously elected drum major, takes his job extremely seriously and is pressed that he cant do backflips and stuff that other drum majors do, the whole band loves messing with him for fun

jaehyun: first chair alto sax who came to band camp HOT after being a nerd for so long, plays yakity sax as a warm up until the director begs him to stop, freshmen try to leave love notes in his locker

winwin: the new kid who got stuck on bass drum even tho he’s secretly good at snare, the whole drumline dotes on him because he’s shy, the only person yuta doesn’t prank 

mark: the freshman that came in and somehow got first chair clarinet because he’s a prodigy, marches perfectly in step Every Time, memorizes drill in two seconds, wins director’s award

haechan: freshman cymbal player who has already been declared future drum captain, volunteers to lead dances and stand tunes during football games, all of the drum majors love him for his enthusiasm 

Drumline secionals
  • Snares: Playing loops for days of the same 2 bars, hacking every time the tech turns away, if left alone expect nothing to be done
  • Quads: Plays a few bars, doesn't play for the next 20 minutes because they are too busy doing acrobats and talking about other quad lines
  • Bass Drums: Playing the same feature for almost the whole time because there is that one person who always fucks it up. Makes sex jokes constantly with tech
  • Cymbals: Stretch, be a badass, stretch, see how many things you can do with the cymbal, fuck around basically the whole time
New Studyblr!

Hello! I’m new to the studyblr community and decided to make an introduction post. I created this blog two days ago (I think) and wanted to introduce myself even more before school starts (September 5).

My name is MJ/Maddie (either one’s fine), and my native language is English. I’m learning Japanese and Russian right now, so feel free to try and practice with me.


This school year I want to be more productive. It’s my last year in high school so I want to go out with a bang. I want to have a better GPA than I did last year and want to be more participative and be more open in class. Also, I want to become even more proficient and possibly fluent in Japanese and Russian.

Classes I’ll Be Taking:

AP Biology, AP English, AP Psychology, AP Statistics (b/c AP Calc would kill me), Symphony Band, and whatever my elective is (probably Organic Chemistry, 2D Art, or World Cultures).

About Me:

  • I’m 17 years old
  • I’ll be a senior in high school
  • I’m a Slytherin, Thunderbird, and INTJ
  • My favorite subjects will probably be AP Biology, AP English, and AP Psychology.
  • I’m self-taught in Russian and Japanese. (not fluent, but proficient enough depending on the day)
  • My first instrument was the clarinet, and then I became a percussionist. 
  • I am a percussionist at school and play the violin and cello outside of school (no orchestra program at school).
  • My favorite colors are black, red, and white.
  • I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my dominant hand.
  • My drumline instrument (the quads/tenors: four drums put together) weigh 75 pounds. 
  • I want to learn viola and string bass.
  • Anime is basically my (side) life.

Stuff I Love:

  • Tea (black, hibiscus, chai, white)
  • Coffee (iced, lattes)
  • Music (basically my life w/anime)
  • Cookies
  • Japanese Food
  • Drawing and painting
  • Pretty stationary, handwriting, PENS, etc
  • Anime and manga
  • TRANSFORMERS (I’m a geek, I know)
  • Marvel/DC stuff

Things I’ll Be Posting:

  • My class notes and some assignments
  • Bullet journal stuff
  • My progress on my self-taught languages
  • Most likely some book lover stuff
  • Possible pictures of my instruments (they’re my babies)

Some Studyblrs That Inspire Me (there’s so many, oops):

I lost my virginity to a quads guy in the locker room in our sophomore year band camp. We’re now “Don’t ask, don’t tell” friends with benefits in our senior year. He’s still quads and I’m drum major. Only our drum major alumni and our commanding officer in NJROTC know about it. Our “dirty talk” is just whispered band puns.
—  anonymous

ok so i’ve gotten quite a few messages lately asking me what kinda drums i play and so like i thought it would be kinda cool if i like made a lil drumming video for ya, so uh yeah here’s me drumming enjoyyy xx

the drums i play are called quads or tenors, whatever you wanna say but like this is just a practice pad and the actual drums weigh like 35-40 lbs so that’s cool 

but yeah you can scroll past this part if you want but like i’m in a 3A band that’s won state two years in a row and an open class drumline so that’s pretty cool i guess and last year was my first year as an 8th grader and now im a freshman so yeah i’m done bye