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Whatever Happened to H1?

If you’ve been following me for a while then you are aware that my husband was being filed for child support of twins to a woman that he didn’t communicate that he was even seeing (much less having sex with). Turns out that they were, without a doubt, his.
This gal volunteered under me at a convention that I used to assist. Went to the convention this year and found out a great more details of their relationship that countered things that husband said. Confronted, he admitted his lies.
Asked to view the messages between the two of them, he says that he deleted them. Ask him to message her for them then. He does.
Wait five days and I message her myself. More details that counter what husband has said. Confront husband, admits his lies.
Throughout all of this, he does not take ownership for what he has done.
It’s my fault because he was lonely and wasn’t getting enough attention.
It’s my fault because I had a sexual fling with a friend when we had a “no friends” rule so I’m on equal footing for this.
It’s my fault because I had unprotected sex with someone with a vasectomy after discussion between us.
That he has an undiagnosed disorder that has pushed him to making these choices.
But Meta and H2 were there for all of this to help me counter with how was that okay for the instance with her (that happened before we met them) but suddenly when you were talking with them, those rules came back in existence.
Finally did get the screenshots from the gal and she was very much lied to and manipulated throughout it all but she remained strong. He had even used my phone to send her a message okaying them to proceed into doing things. He had expressed to her in multiple messages my awareness when in reality there hadn’t been any.
I’m dealing with the realization that he’s hit on and tapped far more than he’s ever admitted to me. That I’ve excused and allowed myself to be disrespected by him as I did over the years is hurting.
And his behavior throughout this divorce process has been difficult. It’s clearly him, the him that I’ve blindly refused to admit to existing all of these years but absolutely him. He’s been breaking me down and without the support that I’ve been receiving, I’m not sure how I’d be holding up to this. I crumble easily to his threats even though I can identify them and call them out for what they are.

feltz4president submitted:

I’m giving it some thought.
It’s not setting right.
The years behind me - 29,
Quite eventfull life.
Right place, shiny suits.
A false sense of importance and overwhelming praise.
This let me feeling only confused and lonely
Why is this person crying when I feel so phoney.
Why do I feel like I’ve been sold a lie.
Hate to wear a golden tie.
Smiling on the outside but internally I fold and cry
Tom, why do you have two swollen eyes?
Desperate not to be stuck.
Please stop calling me a chicken when I’m clearly a duck.
Quack, quack

chorus x 2

Yes, I know my life has been a fortunate one
Still I feel fragile like a porcelain gun
And pointless like a torch in the sun
Boom-bang, like a porcelain gun.

We are just maniacs.
Don’t you think it’s crazy how we don’t ask
About how big your heart is.
Instead we ask, “how did you pay for that?”
And every time now I think it’s funny.
We ask what do you do like I care how you earn your money.
I want to know how you live your life: 
Goldspear, travel, netflix, anything but your 9 to 5,
Seriously tell me that you love your family,
Shakespeare, Spilberg, anyone
You tell me now that you need to check your instagram, ironic
I need to run

chorus x 2

I’m not the one to preach, friend, It’s not my style.
But this feeling I’ve been featuring for quite a while
The best way to get this stress out of my chest
Is to play with D.P.
I thought a song was the best.

chorus x 2

I know I’m blessed, mate, everyday with gratitude
Sometimes snappy, realize later: “ah, that was rude”.
29 years to say the least
…. turns out I found the beauty not the beast
I found love with the girl I was working with
A boy and the queen made quite a perfect fit
Sexy, sweetoh, oh what a girl
She  was like a diamond pearl
I confess, make teenagers less stress?

[don’t hear anything here because of the other guy’s guitar]

chorus x 2


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