Light wave frequency gives me hot flashes,because of my sensitivity to energy

My memories are more clear, scrying is easy for me

Certain words trigger memory relapses

The moon, the planets and stars have been calling my name every time i go outside

Energy orbs, sparkles, my angels are here to guide me

I am haunted by numerology and symbols in everything anymore, there is no going back now

All the books that i bought in the summer all pertain to what i’m learning about now(talk about having an ‘aha!’ moment) 

I understand the mayan beliefs, the Hermetic Qabalah and how this all connects back to the prophecy with the Tree of life through the light body process into the seed and flower of life, transforming into the Aquarian age. Everything is a cycle.

I have to say Einstein, Tesla and Plato are the man or men

I’m excited for the lunar eclipse but i have a feeling it’s the gateway key to when things are going to start getting rocky because believe me they will sooner or later

It’s also two days until i see Tori Amos the piano goddess so i’m more than anxious lately

Also i find it highly ironic that i understand the basis of our existence of the universe but i’m having a problem passing my algebra class…lol 

Teachings of the Sacred Tree

The central quabalistic diagram on which are placed the ten sephiroth when it is called the world tree, it represents the psychic axis between this world and the other world, the bridge used by shamans and astral travelers to enter the Otherworld.

Our ancient ancestors knew that a seed must be buried in the earth in order for a plant to grow. If the seed were kept in a pouch it produced nothing. Therefore, to the primitive mind, the power to create a plant did not dwell in the seed but in the earth. There was seemingly something beneath the ground that generated life.

For our ancestors the underworld was a place of great mystery, life sprang forth from beneath the ground in a variety of forms. To the primitive mind it must have also appeared that something beneath the ground produced such creatures as the snake, weasel, badger and other animals that live in burrows.

The sun and moon appeared to arise from beneath the ground and return again each day/night. This perspective added to the belief that deep in the ground another world existed and so this mysterious realm came to be called the Underworld. Trees, with their massive roots extending deep into the ground, were thought to penetrate into the dark kingdom below, therefore the tree itself must know the mysteries hidden deep within the netherworld.

It is common knowledge that our European ancestor once worshipped or highly venerated trees. Some trees were believed to house various deities and spirits. Tales of holy trees abound in European lore. The oak, ash and hawthorn trees nature predominated in such lore. Other sacred trees include the rowan, birch, elder, willow, walnut and many others. Throughout Europe sacred groves were established and dedicated to various gods and goddesses.

Birds (messengers of the gods in ancient belief) descended and landed on tree branches. Some of the earliest carving of deities are bird figures and these later evolve into bird-headed humanoid figures. This prehistoric theme survived among the Egyptian deity forms, many of which possessed the head of a bird. Horus the hawk-headed and Thoth the ibis-headed are but two clear examples.

Just as the tree reached down into the Underworld and upward to touch the Overworld, It also stood firmly in the Middleworld of humankind. In this world was its trunk, and in many folktales a hollow at the base of the tree was a doorway into the faery realm or the Otherworld. In European lore trees stood as both doorways to hidden realms and as guardians to the entrance, their roots granted access to the underworld as a pathway, just as the branches allowed spiritual access to the Overworld. Traditionally the hawthorn tree was said to guard access to the portal pillar trees, which were the ash and oak. Together they formed the triple imagery symbolism of the woodland mysteries.

Tree branches were considered magical and were taken from the trees as staves. In later times wands were carved from the branches for ritual and magical service. Trees were once intimately connected specific deities represented by a sacred tree. To carry a scared branch was to declare oneself as intermediary of the deity or to be in some type of service to a specific god or goddess. The latter implied that one was also under the protection of his or her deity.

In Aegean/Mediterranean lore the “golden bough” allowed safe passage into the Underworld and in northern European lore the “silver bough allowed access to the Faery Realm. The mythical Odin hung on a tree and obtained enlightenment as well as the ability to foretell the future though the system of runic symbols. In European legend “slain-god” figures were bound to trees in a willing sacrifice. Even the sacrificial figure known as Jesus Christ technically died on a tree as well.

Slain-gods are intimately connected to the earth and the underworld. Slain-gods are typically buried in the soil or in a cave so as to return their power and fertility back to the land. In this sense they enter the Underworld and bring a renewed spirit back into the world of the living with the approach of spring. Standing stones or rings of stones frequently mark the sacred grounds associated with the slain-god Mythos. Such things as ancient standing stones, stone altars, decorated cave entrances and the sacredness of fire indicate older connections between this world and the next. As such they form a unified symbolism as the meeting point between the worlds. ~ Witchcraft (A Mystery tradition) by Raven Grimassi

‎”I will do this for you even though you are quite aware that this path was not trod upon except for “two or three berries in the top of the uppermost bough” (Isaiah 17:6) — these are the ancient elders, the scholars of Spain who delved in the palace of Samael. It is a long and deep path and it eludes all masters of wisdom of the hidden emanation, the “depth of good and the depth of evil.” (Sefer Yetzirah 1:4) It is known only to those few solitary individuals”
—  Rabbi Isaac Ha Kohen, Treatise on the Left Emanation
A Lesson On Waves From Another Effect All Around Us

“Within science, a vibration is known to effect and affect things around them in non-random ways. A single tone can be known to shatter concrete, heal a sick child or move an object. But what is just being known is how vibrations change objects, people and the surroundings. A tone played long enough that reflects happiness will build that sense within someone, a will the opposite apply. Now expand upon this with a person. Each person has a multitude of vibrational tones each emitting what they are feeling and what is within their personal energy. How would this person be if placed in a room full of others? Some pick up upon the vibrations of others, others might simply emit and never receive while others can do both.. Now imagine this as your life from now on. Each person sending and receiving the vibrational waves from others while ending out their personal waves. This is why we call them vibes, why we get “feelings” off of someone or something. Good, bad or indifferent. The human body and mind is a machine that can translate these vibrational waves and put an emotion, thought or action within us to make us do what they are sending forth. Primitive man knew of this eons before we ever rediscovered it, yet our bodies now are so bombarded with man-made vibrations that we have become “blind” to what natural vibrations and what is self-made. To relearn is to retrain our own bodies and our selves to feel and un-feel these waves. Once we do, and once we are truly open again the world that is hidden from our eyes will be shown through our bodies once more. From the past till now we are waves.”

A Lesson On Creation And Who Truly Creates Our Worlds

 In many ways our belief of creation is somewhat wrong for the justified reasons. We as man, have come to pass with the pompous and self-absorbed idea that we have become the masters of the creation of life, the servitors of  justice and the lordly hands of fate and death. With such brashness within our hearts and minds, how can one become anything more then a simple harlot to their own perverse ideas?  How can a creation themselves become “ A God” when in fact we are the lowly, single atom within the universe of creation? We sit upon the pedestal of the foot of the world of worlds, we are not upon the throne of highness, we are not resting atop the Pillar Of  Balance though our seat is most surely at the foothold of it. How can one “Play God” when we do not even have the power or knowledge to play our own selves let alone the role of a Divine being who is a universe of consciousness that we reside within ? Yes our own mind is a universe, and it is contained within our bodies, but to see that we are simply a atoms atom to the view of the Great One and we think we can sit up His throne and rule as such and yet we do not even begin to contemplate the single atom of atoms that we are in the picture of the universe we reside in. What is created is but what has already been, the molds have been since this universes time began, creation is a guided blueprint not a mistake. What can never be will never be because of this, we simply can not create what is not suppose to be let be created under the guidance of the powers  under the Creator Himself. If we think we are making what can not be, we are simply feeding our own narcissism, and showing our own folly and ignorance. What we create not only in form relates to works, actions and emotions as well. As to the atoms, energy is always used, pushed, molded and sent forth. Each thought passes through the mind, sent with intention and given life by yourself. With the purest of words and intentions you forge the powers of healing, with the same as if you cast forth the negative, hurtful and pain. The Divine spark resides in all things created, even us. We are all parts of the Divine, regardless of how you choose to look and accept we are all created from the divine and without this spark we could not pass from the world of spirits and energy to this world of form and matter. So for one to say we are “Playing God” I say we are all His creations, but we are never that wise, nor that powerful. Man can “play” all he wants but when we finally learn that all we are doing is simply playing “make believe” we will learn that creation is within all around us ad through us but only He who is our creator can create, we are simply his tools in this universe. -rtf

A Lesson On Being Initiated And Casting Off The Former You

 Step forth from where you once were to where you are today? Do you feel any different?  Do you look any different? Do you understand now? But the question should be, do you know what you have become? Stepping forth from the blinding darkness of ignorance of yourself and of life forces you to shed the facades of what you once thought you were. The veil of ignorant bliss is ripped quietly away but yet forceful enough to make you see that where you now stand is far from where you once closed your eyes and walked away from. You are now more and less, you are now enlightened and more ignorant, you are now stronger but you are still weaker. You are no longer the lessor but are still the lesser of the enlightened. Truth, these paradoxes stand firm in the birthing of your new self and the loss of a shell that was once too small for even a Neophyte to wear. From the Lessons you have grown, out growing even your own knowledge and surpassing what was once your core beliefs. You stand before the altar, naked an new. Cast down your broken shell upon it, let the light of your new self set fire to this and let it be a part of your life, mind and spirit no more. Forever lost now, no longer is it of you or from you, but a pile of ash to be swept away by the keepers of Time and Air. Be proud, not sad, be wise not worried, be humble not bold. For now is a time to reflect and regain, because you know within any moments time you new Lessons will begin and your knew self will be put to the charge of using and then teaching what you have just become. Are you ready to take this next step? It is not your last, but it is the last step you will take in the presence of the shell you once were. -rtf

A Lesson Of Acknowledging And Accepting Your Mistakes

 Within mistakes we learn, even if a little. Lessons from the error of our ways, regardless of how many hours, days or years within this lesson we will come to terms with them. Some do not accept the lessons given to them, blaming others and not themselves for what they refuse to learn. While others simply bow their heads in respect to the lessons and promise to work harder and correct whatever it is that they have been shown. With grace and honor they step forth from the lessons changed and wiser not scored and bitter. For they have accepted the error is from them only and there is only them to correct and learn from. Can you look at yourselves and your own mistakes? Can many accept the responsibility of their actions and see that the lessons that they themselves have missed and can now retrace where they left off from their path of learning to rekindle the flames of knowledge from the forgotten lessons and rebuild their connection not just to their Spiritual path but their personal. Spirit is patient, to a point. Lessons can and will be re-shown to those who need to learn them but sometimes Deity will make exceptions and will “make” a lesson become more if there is a reason behind it. Never forget, it is us who is under a watchful eye of Those who have our lives already seen, sometimes They simply need to give us more of a “push” to move us forwards and not backwards. Cruel at times, Yes.. But mistakes are never easy to mend if they are deep enough, sometimes it takes more then just man to mend what one simple mistake was made to become. -rtf

A Lesson On Actions, Reactions And Outcomes

 Within each action, there is a equal and opposite reaction, we are told.. But what about what comes before the reaction? This is knows as the decision. We choose to act or react within this way, we decided that this is the best, but not always, way to be within this time. From there the action becomes the reaction then leading towards another decision and so forth and so on. So within this tale, yes it is true, but we are forced to not see what we do before the action to become the reaction. We often miss what we do because we are more caught up in the moments of actions and reactions. We simply act without the decision part even being brought forth into our minds. We have simply become a machine of action and reaction, the thinking part has been simply removed and made us inept to even the basis of contemplating, simply doing.  Without this vital step we loose all connection to the chain of command that holds our standards true. How can one become more, if they do not think before we react? How can one understand if we simply accept what is given and not question the why or how’s but to simply accept what  is as fact? If we react to quickly we can damage what is already fragile, too late and everything that has been done is simply a waste. A reaction of healing can be of good timing and mend more then a single drop of medicine, but a reaction of hate can kill faster then any poison man has yet known. We speak with power and cure with words, but yet can kill with just the same, it is not simply the words but the actions and reactions that come with the words that we sometimes choose or do not choose to think of and the outcome falls where it may. Simply remember this: Think before you act because each action has a reaction and the outcome can never be changed once the action is put into the world. -rtf

A Lesson Of Peering Into Your Own Depths of Emotions

Depths= below = 73 = Gimel = כאבן =

Psalm 119

New Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (NRSVCE)


 We each have felt that place where we are empty within ourselves. We seek to fill it but the more we do, the more we simply form walls around us and under us. We feel we have moved forwards but in reality it is simply moving away from it. Disassociation and walking away from the true issues within and around us makes us feel like we have accomplished much even if all we did was leave it for someone else to fall into when the time comes. Some live their lives blocked into rooms that no one can enter or leave, others simply float above the waves on rafts, ignoring what is below and only focusing on what is within their sight. To look down is to deep into themselves and into the faces of the past emotions that they have long forgotten and can not live with the memories of who or what they were back then. In the depths of us all, the fragments are still there, floating round, still shattered. When the time comes to piece them back together will you be able to reach down into the waters and retrieve them or will you forever float up on your raft and never cast your eyes within the depths of you.? You can never learn to walk upon your own waters if you can not first look within the depths of who you are. -rtf