My little tribute to the casters and staff on the EU LCS

The players get a lot of attention, and they should, because they’re sort of the hub on which the whole “sports”-thing revolves, but I know for myself, I wouldn’t be watching the LCS at all if not for the casters.

I like League of Legends, and I like watching people who are really good at League of Legends play League of Legends. But I am not good at League of Legends.
No I’m not a complete n00b. I can hold my own in a teamfight and I’ve picked up a pentakill before, but I’ll probably never rise above Bronze and I’m happy to stay there. When I see pros playing, 90% of the time I have no idea what’s going on. They’re too fast and use strategies that are so different from what I play with and against that I have no frame of reference–I can’t understand what they’re doing just by watching. There’s too much going on that I don’t know.

So a best of five Gambit vs Fnatic is an incredible matchup for sure, but without Deman screaming his lungs out and Qu1ksh0t explaining the builds and recapping the strategies, without Joe and Jason breaking down the action post-game, pointing out key plays and showing me what to look for, and without Sjokz to talk to the players and put a human face on all that action, almost all of that incredible game is closed to me.

This is not forgetting the camera-men who take my eyes where they need to go, the editor and director who have to put it all together, and the gaffers and script-supervisors and technicians and admins and lighting-people and make-up artists and I don’t even know how many people who make it possible for us to watch this whole thing in the first place.

So this is my congratulations to the casters and staff. You open up the games to me, you’re my gateway into the beauty of this game and you bring me out on the other end with a deeper understanding of everything you showed me.

Also, you’re like super fun to draw comics about.


This is never going to be not-funny.


Wow Sjokz 3 second fear please nerf

I should point out that Qu1ksh0t also did an absolutely outstanding job of casting this game. I think they were actively trying murder Deman, though, because HOLY HELL THIS GAME.

If you don’t know which game I’m talking about it’s [THIS] game, which you should really watch because it was quite a game.

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Fnatic vs Gambit LCS Final game 4/5.

Casted by Deman and Qu1ksh0t