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I made this video because German is the cutest most adorable language ever and nobody can tell me otherwise

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30 Days of Doctor Who: Name a crossover that you’d love to see. 

Doctor Who / Lisbela and the Prisoner

This is probably going to sound extremely strange, especially since most of you have probably never even heard of the movie I’m referencing here, but I am already writing a fanfic for this AU anyway, and this prompt was a good a reason as any to talk about it! So let me outline why I think this crossover works so well.

The Doctor and Leléu

  • Leléu travels from town to town in his truck, always taking on new names and professions wherever he goes. Likewise the Doctor travels from planet to planet assuming new responsibilities depending on the situation where he has landed.
  • Leléu is not his real name, and in fact nobody knows his real name, not even Lisbela. He picks his name depending on what he thinks is most fitting for his current adventure. The Doctor does not change his name frequently, but he still picked his title to fit the character he perceives himself to be. Also almost nobody knows his real name.
  • Leléu, when offered the opportunity to kill one of his greatest enemies, responds by saying that he would rather keep his enemies alive. Likewise the Doctor only tries to kill his enemies as a last resort and gives them chances to redeem themselves. (Leléu backtracks on this offer only to discover the offerer and the enemy were in fact the same person- oops! but also the Doctor does not have a perfect moral track record either.)
  • When asked why he is a drifter, Leléu tells the story of when he was a small child and saw a zeppelin pass over his town. He ran after it until he got lost, saying, “So this is what my life has been like: Always running after what is most beautiful.” The Doctor, particularly the Tenth Doctor although this shows up in other incarnations, also travels to pursue beauty, new sights, experiences and adventures.
  • Selton Mello would play an awesome Doctor. Just sayin’.

Rose and Lisbela

  • They are both named after flowers. Shallow I know, but relevant :P
  • Rose and Lisbela are both romantically involved with other people before meeting the Doctor and Leléu. Mickey is much, much less of a douchebag than Douglas is, but neither of them is as adventurous as the new arrival, who makes Rose and Lisbela realize that they are not as fulfilled by their life as they could be.
  • They have different personalities, but they both crave adventure, excitement and new opportunities. Rose is amazed by the new monsters and aliens she encounters, and has fun even when she is in danger (the werewolf from Tooth and Claw comes to mind). Lisbela never faces real monsters of her own, but she watches old black and white adventure serials and dreams of being part of that excitement- her first meeting with Leléu, when he is dressed in a gorilla suit, shows this as she imagines he is a monster from the film she has just watched.

  • (Pictured: Lisbela smiling after Leléu breaks the cage and stops her from running away)
  • Rose does not allow anything to separate her from the Doctor, whether it’s because she loves him or he needs help or it’s just the right thing to do; she doesn’t allow people to talk her down from what she feels is right. Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways is an excellent example. When Lisbela realizes that she is throwing her life away by marrying Douglas, she calls off the wedding and exclaims: “Love called me this way and I ran after it. I thought that if I didn’t, my entire life would be this way: life of sadness, life of one who wanted with body and soul and even so did not do it. So then I went. I went and I will go, every time love calls me, you understand? Like a puppy, but crowned like a queen.”  Later when her father tries to dissuade her from running away with Leleu because he will just eventually abandon her like he does with every woman he meets, she says: “It doesn’t matter. I want to burn my entire life up all at once in a very hot fire.” Although the go about it differently and with different motivations, their strong determination and desire to take charge of their own lives makes a very compelling parallel.

Finally, another bit of imagery to mull over:

At anime expo 2009 I bought this really seriously cute acrylic keychain:

and it was my favorite keychain EVER. I was so happy with it. But then one day the chain snapped and I lost it somewhere on the beach at Carmel-by-the-Sea. I spent the entire day looking for it, but I couldn’t find it, and I was devastated. The worst part was that I had lost the business card that came with it, so I didn’t know who the artist was. At every subsequent AX (and other California cons), I looked for the booth in hopes that the artist was selling them again, but I never saw these keychains.

After three years of pointless searching, I FINALLY came across my first solid clue: a deviantartist who had pictures of several keychains like these in her gallery. Unfortunately, the DA account was inactive and the link on her page led to a dead website. But, as my detective work was not finished, I took a close look at the photos in the gallery: there were business cards inside some of the bags! I zoomed in as close as possible and was able to make out a Livejournal address. I went to that website… but the account had been renamed. It was easy enough to get around this though; by doing a quick google search of the old username I was able to find her new one.

Her last post was made sometime in 2011. Still, I was just so happy to have finally found this artist, I left her a message simply stating that I bought her keychain, loved it, lost it, but that I was just so happy to have finally located the original artist. This was in October 2012, and I had no hope of getting a reply.

Well, guess what? I did get a reply today!

She said she was very happy that I had liked her art so much, that that con had been the only time she had ever done Artist Alley and was unlikely to do it again in the future, but if I paid for shipping costs she’d be happy to send me a replacement, since she still had a ton of them left over.

And this, my friends, is a lesson in perseverance.

…I think.

It could just mean I am a humongous loser.

Mucking around on Google Trends...

I’m doing this as part of my History of Hetastuck research. I’ve made a lot of interesting finds, but I want to share this one.

Here’s a comparison of Homestuck (blue), Hetalia (red), Ace Attorney (yellow) and Phoenix Wright (green), ranging from January 2004 to present.

Notice anything interesting about it? If you were in the convention scene since 2006, you will know that Ace Attorney/Phoenix Wright burst into the cosplay circles around late 2007 and throughout 2008. Afterwards it was supplanted by Hetalia in 2009, which maintained the title of Convention Cosplay Bandwagon until 2011 when it was supplanted by Homestuck (although its search volume is still greater that year).

I find it interesting not only how you can see these patterns in the search volumes themselves, but also there’s an upwards trend in the graph. Could it be the general increase of nerdiness across all fandoms?

Of course this isn’t a particularly scientific approach, and when I added big-name fandoms such as Naruto, they completely dominated the graph to the point where you couldn’t see anything else. But, from a personal perspective, I knew these trends would appear. I know for a fact that the Hetalia Kink Meme on Livejournal piggy-backed off the Phoenix Wright Kink Meme and was instrumental in maintaining the popularity of the fandom; also, with so many Hetalians migrating to Homestuck it’s not surprising that the trend continues onto the next fandom.

Let’s see where it goes from here.