qts :3333


hogwarts class of 2021

❝ true friends are ones that know you as you are, understand where you have been, accept what you have become, and still gently allow you to grow. ❞

charlot for a qt bab alex <3333!!!

now let me tell you a thing about my bro alex.. we’ve been online friends for 7+ years!!! like holy dang!! like we can just not talk for 81273981273 months and then BAM we bros again!! alex makes the funniest and cutest stories and ocs and always know how to put a smile on my face <33 WE HAVE YET TO MEET and that day would be so worth it holy moly ilu alex!! ;-; you have always been so good to me.. god like i dont think there was ever a time you made me feel left out or tense YOU JUST KNOW HOW TO SOOTHE THE PAIN AWAYyyy cries i miss our goat babies i need to draw them more once this DANG semester is over ok ilu ttyl kekekeke <3 (i am making a mini comic of them soon for school.. so you’ll see soon ohohoho)