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Music has always been a way for me to catalog my life. About ten years ago I started creating a “best of” CD every four months, which soon became every three months. It’s been a way for me to preserve songs within the specific period in time when I discovered and listened to them most. Right now I’m compiling my 2011 Qtr III Top 20, so I thought it would be fun to post tunes from that list here over the next ten days.

“Follow the Leader” is the opening track from Sloan’s latest album, “The Double Cross”, or “XX”, a reference to the band’s 20 years together. 

Stand mp3
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Another song from my Top 20 of the past three months:

“Stand” has been one of my favorite songs of 2011. I’m not usually a lyrics person, but I’ve had enough shitty things happen this year that this song has really resonated with me. Plus it’s sorta damn catchy!