qtpoc problems

*Bonecrushing Insecurities show up*
  • Insecurity: Well hello there.
  • Me: {...}
  • Insecurity: So nobody's made your hotline bling in like...2 months huh? That a hell of a dry spell for a thirsty thotty. But, I mean, what do you expect when your not that cute anyway?
  • Me: {...}
  • Insecurity: You been on a date or 2 tho! But most of them cancelled on you right and the one's you went on aint gone no where.
  • Me: {...}
  • Insecurity: Also you've been loo....
  • Me: Ya well I'mma look real pretty tomorrow bish so shut the fuck up!
  • Insecurity: {...}
  • Me: That's what the fuck I thought!!!
  • Insecurity: So I'll just make myself at home then?
  • Me: You know how this goes...
  • Insecurity: Oh Ahsante Sankofa?
  • Me: Yes?
  • Insecurity: You're gender is 100% invalid and weird and made up.
  • Me: ...G'night insecurity
  • Insecurity: You know I never sleep...

RealTalk Time: 

I need your help (any help matters). I have a partner that I’m really into and I really want to tell them something and IDK how to say it.

This is basically what I want to say: 

“I know the last time we say eachother my mental health wasnt the best. While I was with you I had a pretty graphic dream about my childhood trauma that put me in full trauma brain. Now for me, I know that when I’m in trauma brain I get deep feelings of fear, terror, unworthiness, and deep insecurity. I also know that when read from the outside this can really come off as a clingyness and a neediness. I want to let you know that I am aware of this and also I am not my mental health. I’ll work expecially hard to not lean on you when my mental health does get bad but those times are rare and deep down I’m still the same person. I still have a good heart. I still treasure the fact that you don’t like feeling trapped in relationships and as long as you communicate with me what that is I’ll work my hardest to make sure I’m not doing things that make you feel that way. Being a part of your life and having you in mine is an honor, and a joy and I feel a lot of insecurity arround my mental health because it seems to be the most likely thing to push people in my life away” 

Can anyone help?