Happy dirty thirty to my A1 from Day1, my true blue, confidant, white witch, QTpa2T, rid3 0r di3, presidential hopeful & perpetual burden, Ms. Michelle “I’m low” Nowacky! Can’t wait to start hanging out witcho ass again once you’re done being such a friggin nerd at UPenn and leave your house! Love ya kiddo❌⭕️❌
👑🌸🌙✨☄🍫🍾🍬🍹🏆🔮💉🎉 (at Austin, Texas)

Didn’t pick up an ading last night at AKA but officially picked up an unofficial @ayeantoeneyo Thank you @faith_loves_hope ! Also welcomed the new additions to our line and had a lot of fun with our new twin!! @nathmariedev 😊😄😛 #theoldTJcameback #thnapbacksandtatooths #thatpicture #QtPa2ts #shhhhhhh #QTQTQT #bestline #jointcustody

Happy Birthday to the bestest Twin ever!! I’m so proud to be called your twin and I feel like we’ve gotten so close this past year. I know you are always there for me and I will be there for you too. You are like a sister to me. Happy birthday again twin! @vmarie113 😄😊😛🎉🎁🎊🎂 #besttwinever #wehavethebestkuya #qtpa2ts #youshouldhavedoneIPagain #butiguessillseeyouatretreat #waitwhat