Very interesting scientific and technological Qtopia software platform makes the standardized Linux cellular telephone for the waveguide

Very interesting scientific & technical corporation (Trolltech) of Norway In 2005 3GSM world conference (3GSM World Congress 2005) a few days ago On announce,China last their all software platform of Linux cell-phones already. Will release first intellectual mobile phones E899 based on Linux in 2005 in waveguide.
Very interesting scientific and technological chief executive officer Haavard Nord says: “ This is a spectacular victory of Qtopia. China is a market of wireless business of the global maximum, the waveguide is native mobile phone manufacturer and export merchant of China’s maximum too. Waveguide and other main mobile phone manufacturers such as Motorola, Datang in Asia move and support to Linux and Qtopia and commitment of Yu’s news report in China, have formed the powerful growth momentum in this area for Linux/Qtopia platform. Generally speaking, it determines the worldwide development process that Asia area moves technical development. ”
The award-winning products Qtopia software of very interesting science and technology are mobile phone and personal digital assistant (PDA) Intact, very made-to-order development environment and user interface designed. It makes manufacturers and the service supplier develop the apparatus based on Linux in a speedy and economical manner, can totally control brand and user interface to design at the same time. It has expanded flexibility and low-cost advantage of Linux to the mobile field, thus is regarded as “ Third kind of strength ” Become the strong replacement in the exclusive software platform at present. More general exclusive software platform includes Symbian on the market at present. And Windows Mobile.
Qtopia is the main driving force of market of Linux mobile equipment increased day by day. Already more than 50 leading manufacturers are designing, making and ship and direct against embedded Linux and apparatus based on that Qtopia and has been correlated with very interesting software so far.
Manager of Ningbo advertisement plan department of Limited Company of wave guide ShangGuan YanJun says: “ The ones that emerged rapidly in waveguide mainly in that emphasizes products innovation. Linux matches to make our innovation rise to a new aspect with the Application Platforms of Qtopia. There are Qtopia and Linux, we can revise user interface and function of the mobile phone easily, and develop the unique Linux cell-phone with strong character in a flexible way. We expect, Linux will become the major platform of the mobile equipment in China and even the world. ”
Relevant Qtopia more information, please land very interesting scientific and technological websites www.trolltech.com.

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